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Imagine being able to look back at the very first moment you saw your child…and your child saw you.

Many argue that the day of the moment of their child’s birth was one of the joy-filled experiences of their life. byDesign Films has created a way to capture and relive your child’s birth so that it can be remembered and cherished forever. Additionally, imagine the gift it would be, to be able to capture exactly who they are, and what they are like at each turning year.

Comprised of truly professional grade filming and editing, each moment is re-told with an overlaid soliloquy from both or either parent, while interviews with family members supplement the story, while giving words of encouragement to your child, for your child to look back and delight in when they get older.

These are byDesign Birthdays.

The Process

Interview / Survey

The first step in telling the story of your Birthday is a brief phone call, and 10 question survey that simply helps us get to know you, what your expectations are, as well as answer any questions you may have so that we can best serve you.

Story Development

Typically within 2 to 4 weeks before the day, we correspond with you and walk through some practicals together such as; the general flow of the day, unique ways we can tell your story, location, and any other logistics our team will need to know.

Filming Your Birthday

All byDesign Birthday packages include all day coverage. So as long as you are there, we are there. We also like to discuss how discrete or overt you prefer us to be. In unique circumstances we are also willing to film preparatory events previous to the actual day (i.e. interviews, etc), and can be arranged per request.


By far, the majority of work occurs after the actual filming. Piecing your video together into a comprehensive whole that is both visually beautiful, and inspiring to hear, is byDesign’s hallmark. And doing so can take 30-60 hours. Typical delivery of your film is within 3-6 weeks.


Call us for a consultation on your personalized birthday package.

We are so blessed with your talent, your work, and this master piece.
-The Carters


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