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When the pages of your life come to a close, what will you be remembered for? As importantly, how will people remember you? A byDesign Legacy film tells the story of a life waning.  A  byDesign Legacy Film seeks to capture not only what a person did in their life, but also who they were and what they stood for.  Your life’s film will consist of interviews with close friends and family, old photographs, footage on location of major life events, and cinematic reenactments.  Your personalized legacy film will now be left behind for those who knew and loved you, to cherish forever.

The Process

Interview / Survey

The first step in telling the story of a Legacy is an initial consultation over the phone, and a short online questionnaire to get an understanding what your story is, so we can begin to conceptualize how to tell it.

Story Development

The byDesign team then storyboards and scripts a rough draft of the script. A storyline is then finalized, and final arrangements are made in preparation to shooting.

Filming Your Legacy

The filming of your Legacy video usually consists of an interview with you and/or any close friends and family, and a montage of the places where major life events have taken place, or any visual that might aid in the telling of your story.


By far, the majority of work occurs after the Legacy is filmed. Anywhere between 30-90 hours is spent editing your story together. Depending on current demand, typical delivery is within 3-6 weeks.


Please contact us for a consultation on your personalized legacy package.

As Seen On

As Seen On
What words can we say? byDesign Films blew us away with their great personalities and quality of work.
-The Lenox’s


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