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Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other.
– Feliz Adler

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We Have Over 400 Professional Videographers Operating in 47 States

When we started byDesign Films, we asked ourselves, what are some of the most memorable moments of peoples lifes, and how can we most beautifully capture them. One of the first ideas that came to our mind was when we proposed marriage to the one we love. We looked back with regret that we could not see that look of joy and amazement ever again, neither could we share it with any one else…

Imagine when we are old, our grandchildren will be able to see the look on their grandmother’s face when their grandfather asked her to marry him. Having your story captured for you, family and friends, to share and enjoy for the rest of your life, is a gift hard to find the limit of its value.

These are byDesign Proposals.

The Process

Interview / Survey

The first step in telling the story of your Proposal, is meeting together either in person on corresponding via email/phone so we can hear how you plan to propose.

Story Development

After we have an our initial meeting to discuss the plan and direction of the proposal, the byDesign team conceptualizes the best way to capture your proposal.

Filming Your Proposal

The filming of your proposal will be strategically planned out down to the very shot. Depending on your proposal concept, we most often work while remaining completely unnoticed. After the proposal has taken place, you have the option to reveal us, or keep the video a secret until it’s completed to sweeten the engagement experience.


By far, the majority of work occurs after the Proposal is filmed. Piecing your proposal video together is done meticulously, combing through every shot to ensure the best edit possible. Typical delivery of your video is within 3-6 weeks.


Call us for a consultation on your personalized proposal package.

What words can we say…byDesign Films blew us away with their great personalities and quality of work.
– The Lenox’s


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