Give Back this Holiday Season with Charitable Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding? Of course, there’s a lot on your plate and to think about the long route to the wedding day can be exhausting. But as someone said it right, it takes very little to be kind. As one of the raging wedding trends of recent times, we are seeing how more and more couples are coming forward to make conscious wedding decisions as they plan the biggest day of their lives. Whether it’s for a social cause or a way of giving back to the community, conscious wedding planning is a rising wedding trend. As per a wedding report, two third of recently engaged couples have vouched to support a charity as part of their wedding. From hiring black-owned wedding businesses for planning the wedding or making food donations as part of the reception, in this article we will learn about certain ways you can give back to the community.

Charitable Wedding Ideas That We Love: 


Do your research

Planning and creating a wedding timeline needs an extensive level of research. You should conduct research before planning everything for your wedding day. Look within when deciding which charities to support. It’s likely that you and your partner share some causes that are dear to you, whether they have to do with current events, your health, happiness, or even a particular passion. Spend some time researching each one. When a charity catches your attention, consider checking out Charity Watch to learn more about them. The website provides comprehensive data and details on how each charity uses the donations it receives. If you are deciding between a few different options, this information might come in very handy!

Go for green-certified vendors 

Use wedding vendors that have eco-friendly policies or come with certain certifications. Many businesses in the wedding industry are taking steps to lessen their environmental impact. Eco-friendly wedding businesses are booming around the world and this is especially true for caterers and rental businesses since they frequently generate waste and contribute to water wastage. Make sure they are made from recyclable materials and that your green-certified wedding vendors have a recycling strategy if you are considering using disposable utensils or plates.

Communicate with vendors 

Make sure your team of wedding vendors works together and is aware that you want to make sure your wedding has a positive impact. Ask them for advice on how they can assist you in doing this. While planning a charitable wedding, ask your wedding vendors what they intend to do with the waste when it comes to reducing wedding waste. For instance, make sure there is a plan to minimize, reuse, and recycle the wedding surplus.

Go for a charitable wedding shower or engagement party

Thinking of hosting an out-of-the-box engagement party or a wedding shower? Invite guests to your wedding shower or engagement party to bring canned goods to donate to your neighborhood food bank. Unsure of the location of the nearest food bank? Visit to search. Make sure to inform your guests of the food items that food banks use the most.

Give back from your wedding shopping

Want to be mindful while shopping for colorful wedding dresses? One way to give back while wedding shopping is through GoodShop. There are a ton of discount coupons, and it serves as a gateway to thousands of retailers. Choose a charity, then shop wildly with the knowledge that a portion of your wedding purchases will benefit a worthwhile cause. By registering for AmazonSmile, Amazon customers can accomplish the same thing. Choose a charity, then just go shopping. If you want to spread the good and are looking for charitable wedding ideas, you can switch your charity as often as you like on both of these websites.

Go for a non-profit wedding venue 

Always loved museum and art gallery wedding venues? Or wanted to go for an exotic European-inspired wedding venue? Why not go for something that supports a cause? Think about holding your ceremony or reception at a non-profit wedding venue. Imagine how special and lovely your reception would be if it were held in a museum, landmark, or botanical garden. Even better, you will be aware that your site fee is contributing to a worthy cause. The majority of historical sites and museums also run charities, so a portion of your rental fee will go to help them out. You can be sure that your money is supporting a worthwhile cause because some of these charity wedding venues operate on donations and volunteer work. Even catering services are offered by many businesses. Your entire purchase will benefit a worthwhile cause. While you are at it, think about hiring local cultural performers to wow your guests with entertainment at your reception.

Consider your wedding guests 

Before we put this post to bed, we did want to draw attention to whether or not your wedding guests supported your decision to donate money to a particular charity. Giving is an individual decision. The most crucial thing you can do is pick a charity that shares your values and is close to your heart. Your passion will be able to come across because you will be confident in your decision to support the wedding charity of your choice. If any of your guests disagree with your decision, it may be crucial to lean on this. The important thing to keep in mind is that you are in control of this, just like almost all other wedding decisions. Always act in a way that feels right to you and your partner.

Get creative with your wedding invitation cards 

Want mesmerizing wedding invite ideas that support a cause? Cards for Causes will donate 20% of the price of your thank-you notes orders to one of the more than 500 participating charities. The choices range from organizations that aid military veterans to those that rescue animals. Additionally, you can alter the fonts, colors, and text on the cards to better fit the theme of your wedding. You are also free to add a line mentioning the charitable donation. It is one of the easiest wedding charity ideas that require no difficult effort.

Go for a charity wedding registry 

Couples have a variety of options when it comes to asking for wedding gifts. Have you heard of the charity wedding registry that gives back? Everyone is aware of traditional wedding registries, and the majority of people are also familiar with honeymoon registries and asking for cash. Wedding charity registries are here to change the game. A charity wedding registry is a type of registry where couples request donations to a particular charity rather than material gifts from their guests. A charity wedding registry is a wonderful way to start your marriage as well as the ideal gift-giving option for couples who already own essential wedding essentials. It’s a fantastic resource to take into consideration if the couple feels they have everything they need but knows their guests will still want to give a gift in some way. It’s also a great way to make a bigger impact than the couple could do on their own by combining the resources of their guests.

Plan for a charitable bachelor or bachelorette for a cause 

Looking for a luxurious bachelorette trip with your gang of women? What if you can cover the best locations for your BFF travel list with a cause? Instead of hosting a pre-wedding event for guests or bridesmaids, organize a group volunteer project in the destination you have planned for. Include a charitable endeavor like helping a shelter for animals, constructing a home for a deserving family, or assembling food packages for the needy. This will foster a sense of camaraderie and reveal more of your heart to your group. You could clean up trash at your local public beach, serve a meal at the Salvation Army, or assist Habitat for Humanity in building a house. Visit for more suggestions than you can possibly use.

Go for charitable wedding favors 

Looking for luxe wedding favor ideas to give your guests that will be remembered? Why not think about donating that money to a worthwhile cause instead of buying 200 personalized toothpick holders if you are completely over Jordan almonds and can’t justify spending that much money? With an average wedding guest count of 125 in the US and wedding favor prices of $3, that amounts to a sizable donation, especially for local charities. Instead of purchasing wedding favors these days, some couples choose to donate the money to a cause that is dear to their hearts. A rising wedding trend that reflects a general desire to change the world by giving back to the community is wedding favor donations in lieu of gifts. It is a heartfelt way to express gratitude to your visitors for coming as well as to share the spirit of generosity and helping others with them. Make one or two lovely wedding signs that announce the donations made in the guests’ honor by the reception exits. It’s a fantastic way to cap off your party on a high note! If you must give out favors, pick one that benefits a good cause. Buy everyone a Save the Rhino bracelet, for instance. Everyone will receive a gift in this way, and your mindful wedding purchase will still give back.

Donate your wedding gown 

Select a charity that specializes in donating gowns to couples who are less fortunate than you. That decision will make excellent use of your gown rather than leaving it gathering dust in your closet. Consider donating your wedding gown to a charity like Brides Across America or Brides Against Breast Cancer if you don’t intend to keep it. Brides Against Breast Cancer resells dresses to raise money to support breast cancer early detection, and Brides Across America supports essential workers and military personnel who are celebrating their wedding days. Bridesmaids can donate their gowns so that someone else can wear them to prom. Search your neighborhood for organizations that accept dresses, or use the online directory DonationTown to find a location close by.

Donate your wedding flowers 

What will you do with your flowers after your wedding is over? If you want to attempt a DIY project yourself, consider turning them into miniature arrangements for nursing homes and hospitals rather than throwing them away. If not, look into regional organizations that will do the job on your behalf for a nominal fee. One such company that does this for event flowers in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas is Forget Me Knot Flowers.

Donate your wedding food 

Ask your catering services to see if they will accept leftover wedding food donations for a nearby shelter or food-related organization. Please be aware that many organizations have strict requirements for the packaging of leftover food delivered to them. The key is to discuss your motive to donate with your caterer and come up with a strategy together that will fulfill everyone’s needs. For instance, healthcare professionals are loved and respected by Frontline Foods as well as us! They are providing restaurant meals to the heroes caring for patients on the front lines thanks to their team of volunteers and restaurants in the cities where they work. Through World Central Kitchen, Chef Jose Andres provides food wherever there is a need. Throughout the pandemic, Chef Andres and his team have been delivering meals, and they will keep doing so. Their enthusiasm makes it simple to support their efforts! Families ought never to have to deal with hunger, and Feeding America is working to do so. They give food to families all over the nation. Any amount of funding is helpful in ensuring that those in need receive complete meals. Check to see what your local hospital may need, whether they are accepting monetary donations or donations of supplies.

Let your guests choose 

Giving to a single charity is totally acceptable, but if you have a preference, why not give your guests a choice? A wonderful online charitable registry called The Good Beginning enables couples and their guests to make donations to numerous US-based charities. Couples and charities benefit greatly from having everything tracked in one location, and if you don’t see a particular charity on the list, you can easily add it.

Go for a volunteering opportunity on your honeymoon 

Want to turn your dream honeymoon escape into something more valuable? You can volunteer for a cause on your honeymoon. For instance, the service-learning courses offered by Road Scholar offer a special program where participants travel to India to work as teachers. They might take field trips, visit museums, and attend lectures in the evenings. Typically, participants in these programs can deduct some of their travel costs as a charitable deduction on their tax returns. Consider a cause that is close to your heart, such as the environment, poverty, education, or health. You can also look into local and global charities that operate in those fields. Don’t overlook volunteer programs here in the United States either. For instance, Habitat for Humanity accepts volunteers from both domestic and foreign locations. The UN offers a variety of volunteer opportunities both locally and globally.

Donate your frequent flyer miles 

When you brought your family to your destination wedding or during your honeymoon, did you accrue any frequent flier miles? Think about giving them to HeroMiles, which will use them for the families of injured soldiers. As an alternative, look into these airlines’ policies regarding awarding miles.

Go for mindful payments 

Big weddings come with big bills, and even the cost of a small event can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Use a credit card that makes a charitable donation each time you pay a vendor to help you feel better about your spending. The amount given by these big banks’ so-called affinity cards is admittedly minimal. But throughout the planning process, those little payments can add up. Some to think about include the World Wildlife Fund Card (which will donate a percentage of money spent to the WWF), the Susan G. Komen Cash Rewards Visa (which supports the fight against breast cancer), and the Charity Charge Mastercard (which rewards you with cash back for the charity of your choice).

A little kindness can change the world. In the current world, it has become easier than ever to become socially conscious, especially when it comes to planning a wedding. Many couples are seeing wedding planning as an opportunity to give back to the community- starting from charitable wedding registry options to hiring women-owned wedding businesses, there are many ways and opportunities to get you started. Sharing the joy of starting a brand new life with the people beyond your guest list can give you a lifetime filled with happiness and fulfillment, along with inspiring other planning couples to make a difference.

The Mesmerizing Wedding of Kait and Chuck at Stella of New Hope, Philadelphia

Weddings have happy energy that spreads and makes everything and everyone around them look and feel beautiful and warm. Whether you like weddings or not, whether it’s your big day or someone else’s, wedding celebrations are wonderful events that bring tears of joy, laughter, and many other precious emotions that are worth celebrating. It’s not just about two people who love each other getting married. It’s also about their wedding vows of love and friendship and their promise to spend the rest of their lives together. Weddings are amazing events that bring families and friends together under one roof to wish the newlyweds the best. It’s a day full of precious and lovely memories that no one will ever forget.

Our next star couple, Kait and Chuck are from Philadelphia. They took us on a photo tour that will always be one of our favorites. The beautiful couple chose this city in Pennsylvania to tell their love story, and our luxe Philadelphia wedding photographers did it justice by taking some of the most beautiful portraits of a couple we have ever seen. On an early winter morning in 2021, Chuck and Kait decided to begin chapter one of love. From the time they got ready until they made their grand exit as newlyweds, the beautiful wedding photos told us a warm story of love, companionship, friendship, and affection. Our beautiful newlyweds looked like they were right out of a fairy tale when they chose the beautiful city of Philadelphia as the background for their wedding photos.

Kait has always wanted to start her forever in Philadelphia and to be honest, we were totally smitten by her choice of wedding location. Maybe this is why Kait and Chuck’s wedding in Philadelphia was so stylish and made us fall in love with them. We all know that Philadelphia has a lot of gardens, green spaces, and wedding venues with pretty plants and flowers, both in the city center and in the suburbs. It is filled with dreamy destination wedding venues for exotic weddings. The beautiful Lake Erie and the busy towns of Lancaster County are connected by the great state of Pennsylvania. The historic Liberty Bell and the Pittsburgh Steelers are also connected by this state. Philly shines like a crown jewel, and it’s easy to see why so many couples choose to get married in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania. It has a long history that many couples choose to include in their weddings. The gorgeous engagement photo locations of Philadelphia have been around since the 1600s and are full of sights and attractions that both tourists and couples enjoy. There are historic wedding venues in every part of Philadelphia, from Bartram’s Garden and Christ Church to Lemon Hill Mansion and Stotesbury Mansion. These Philly wedding venues can be used for any kind of celebration. Our Philadelphia wedding photographers love that there are so many different places to get married, like hidden gardens and greenhouses, rolling hills of historic estates, and high-rise hotels. Whether you are a plant parent or not, these beautiful wedding venues in Philadelphia will make your big day as magical and enchanting as the wildflowers, roses, and succulents around you.

Every professional photographer in Philadelphia loves this city for taking pictures of dreamy couples in love against the wide views that this Pennsylvanian place has to offer. Getting married in Philadelphia seemed like the best idea for our beautiful couple for all the right reasons. The city is full of historic sites and landmarks. We love how our premium wedding photographers in Philadelphia like to include historic cityscapes with cobblestone paths and sparkling waterfronts, as well as landmarks hidden in beautiful skyscrapers that rise above the Philadelphia skyline. From the sparkling banks of the Schuylkill River and a wide belt of green with many Federal-style mansions in the western part of the city to the beautifully restored 18th-century buildings in the southern part, every part of Philadelphia speaks for itself in dramatic wedding portraits. Couples who want to get married in Philadelphia or celebrate their new relationship status in some of the city’s most photogenic spots will find what they are looking for in the huge city.

One of the most famous places for engagement photos in Philadelphia is the historic Liberty Bell Pavilion, which has been seen as a symbol of freedom and independence in the US. The Independence Hall is the crown jewel of the Independence National Historical Park. It is right next to the Liberty Bell Pavilion. The Independence National Historical Park is probably America’s most historic square mile. It has several historic buildings and cobblestone streets with horse-drawn carriages that are popular places for an engagement photo shoot in Philadelphia. Also, if you like art, you can go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which has the second-largest collection of paintings and other works of art in the whole country. Engagement photos in Philadelphia can be also taken in front of the Neoclassical building with wide stairs in front!

The Reading Terminal Market is another important landmark that has been around for a long time. It has been marked as a National Historic Landmark. The legendary LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana, which was put in John F. Kennedy Plaza for America’s Bicentennial celebration in 1976, is the most famous place for a couple to take a picture. It is also the most famous place in the world to celebrate “love.” The LOVE Park has lots of green spaces, trees, walking paths, benches, and open paved areas where photographers can take pictures of couples who are in love. If you want to get away from the noise of the city for a while, go to Fairmount Park, which is tucked away between the Schuylkill River and Wissahickon Creek. The park is a National Historic Landmark and covers an area of 2,000 acres. It is also home to several Philadelphia tourist attractions.

All of these fun things to do and beautiful places make Philly what it is today. And on the best day of their lives, Kait and Chuck got married at Stella of New Hope overlooking the pristine Delaware River. This upscale wedding venue in Philadelphia is just minutes from the city’s center! We fell in love with this elegant wedding venue in Philadelphia the moment we saw it. The waterfront wedding venue in Philadelphia comes with 12 comfortable rooms and event space for your wedding ceremony and reception. Their ballroom has windows that go all the way up to the ceiling and offer a beautiful view of the Delaware River. Plus, they have unique places for you and your guests to hang out, like the promenade, bar, dining room, and patio. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating for 80 people, and chef Michael O’Halloran’s delicious food is made with local ingredients.

Stella of New Hope is a restaurant that can be used for weddings. The Philadelphia restaurant wedding venue is in the middle of New Hope, Pennsylvania, which is a historic town. This beautiful property is right on the Delaware River, so couples and their families can enjoy beautiful views as they raise a glass to love. Stella of New Hope wedding venue has a variety of event spaces, so couples can have the wedding they have always dreamed of. Once you book your wedding at Stella of New Hope, their events team will be there to make sure everything goes well. They can help set up and take down all the event items and decorations, so you can focus on more important things. The restaurant’s experienced catering team can also make a wedding menu with dishes from Bucks County and flavors from all over the world.

On the stunning Promenade, ceremonies can be held with a view of the river. This partly stoned and partly grassy area is a beautiful place for couples to say their vows and become lifelong partners. The Promenade has beautiful flower beds and can hold up to 100 people for seated celebrations. The Stella Patio is another outdoor space. The stairs on the Promenade and the main restaurant both lead to this partially covered area. From this patio, you can see the river and the busy Main Street. This is a great place for couples and their guests to hang out during cocktail hours and watch the sunset over the trees. This area can also be used in the winter because it has heaters and a warm fire. The Dining Room and Bar is a beautiful event space that can hold up to 70 people for memorable meals and receptions. Here, couples and their guests can sit down and enjoy a wide variety of delicious dishes. Then, the large ballroom setting can be used for a night of dancing and making memories that will last a lifetime. This airy room has big windows and a neutral color scheme, so it can be decorated to look like the place you have always dreamed of.

Early in the winter of 2021, the story of this extravagant winter wedding affair began in a bright and sunny setting. The whole setting was filled with cozy details for keeping the guests warm! When Kait put on her white wedding dress and held her white wedding bouquet, she looked like an angel in the pictures of her getting ready. In her beautiful bridal portraits, she shone like a bright piece of jewelry. Her bohemian wedding makeup and hairstyle gave away an elevated bridal look. The gorgeous bridal makeup with open hair, bare neck, and simple stud earrings also gave a refreshing look to our bride. This wedding showed us why winter weddings are so beautiful.

The best part of this wedding was how they orchestrated their “first look” on the grounds of this classic dreamy wedding venue in Philadelphia. Surrounded by the panoramic river views and lusciously towering trees, they had their first look at this restaurant’s wedding venue. As Chuck waited for his beautiful bride with millions of hopes and dreams in his eyes, Kait slowly walked up to him and tapped on his shoulders. And the way they both looked at each other in their gorgeous wedding attires for the first time, we all could see the air suddenly shifted with romantic and emotional vibes. The way they both embraced each other and how they couldn’t take their eyes off each other, gave us a Philadelphia wedding photography session that is filled with love, hope, and everything in between. This part of the wedding gave us precious wedding moments to watch over and over again!

They took beautiful “couple portraits” around the wedding venue. The cobblestone grounds and glamorous wedding details of this exclusive wedding venue in Philadelphia came to life in these close-up shots, which made the wedding album even more elegant. The wedding party soon joined them, and that was the first time we saw the classic clothes that had been so carefully chosen for the wedding party.

After a while, the wedding ceremony started, and the beautiful couple took their first steps toward being together for the rest of their lives. In their wedding vows, Kait and Chuck promised to be friends and companions for the rest of their lives. They kissed for the first time as a married couple, and as they left the ceremony, everyone cheered for them. They toasted to their new life with their loved ones at this riverfront wedding setting in Philadelphia. They were able to get a few more photos of themselves together on the beautiful grounds of this chic Philadelphia wedding venue.

The evening wedding reception started in the elegant grand ballroom of this high-end wedding venue. The guests at the wedding reception slowed down and spent time with each other in this stylish place. The reception tables had gold and white details, and the close-up photos showed the immaculately detailed place cards, green and white wedding details, and sentimental ways of honoring the couple’s grandparents at this elegant Philadelphia ballroom. The smart, stylish accent lighting gave off a golden glow that lit up the whole room.

We will remember everything about this beautiful wedding in Philadelphia. From the fun-loving couple and their equally charming wedding guests to the beautiful details in every part of the wedding, we got ideas for how to live our lives that we will remember as our favorite moments.


Throw The Ultimate Winter Bridal Shower With These Impressive Ideas

Drop in via the link below for the ultimate list of bridal shower ideas for a winter bride!

Drop in via the link below for the ultimate list of bridal shower ideas for a winter bride!

Just like engagements and weddings, bridal shower themes are all about unique experiences. You might be the type who would want to sit and play games while staying cozied up indoors or you are the fun activity type who would love an amazing and thrilling bridal shower activity idea that would involve you climbing a hill or riding a horse! Fresh bridal shower ideas go beyond opening gifts in front of a big audience and have become more experience-centric. From bringing a hot chef into the celebration to going for glamorous bridal shower themes with glitz and glitter, there is a whole new world for you to explore.


If you are a bride who musters all things warm and cozy, there is probably no better time to plan her pre-wedding celebration than the season of winter. Planning a bridal shower party will also entail choosing the perfect theme that will go with the season and activities that will be enjoyed by the whole team of to-be bridesmaids. From the moody and rustic color palettes to the fun winter festivities to the amazing snowy photo backdrop to the ample amount of greenery, your bridal shower inspiration during this festive time of the year can be anything but a cookie-cutter experience. From frosted greenery and metallic details to unique and luxe bridesmaids’ gift ideas, this is the season to showcase the warmth and love you have for your girlfriends.


Ultimate Winter-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas:


Host a Wine Tasting With a Professional Sommelier

Are you looking to host your big day with incredible wine-themed wedding ideas? Why not sprinkle the same theme for the bridal shower as well? After all, without some bubbles, what fun is a bridal shower? The sparkle of the snow outside is the ideal excuse to try a little something sparkling inside, whether or not your winter bridal shower has a New Year’s Eve theme. Plan a session of fun champagne or wine tasting for your friends so they can determine their preferences. Invite a wine expert to lead the group through a basic wine tasting instead of the customary mimosas. Theme the tasting after a destination you have visited or the location of your upcoming winter honeymoon destinations you have searched for yourself. For instance, if Tuscany is on your mind, long farm tables can be set up and an Italian family-style meal served, with various Tuscan wines paired with each course.


Snowy Backdrop 

Is there anything as magical as a cozy winter wedding that looks like a fable set in the Nordic countryside? Use a bridal shower theme that evokes a touch of holiday magic to celebrate the season. Put some traditional paper snowflakes, pine cones, and reindeer centerpieces in the room. For an added touch of holiday cheer, serve festive drinks like peppermint mochas, eggnog, and hot chocolate alongside sweet treats like cupcakes and gingerbread cookies. These enormous paper snowflakes are easy to make and were produced using a roll of white butcher paper. Place them against a wall or dangle them from the ceiling all around the room.


Learn The Art Of Calligraphy Together

In the age of technology, beautiful handwritten scripts are becoming more valued. So if you are going to write something by hand, such as mesmerizing winter wedding invites with hand-carved calligraphy, it better be done well. Enroll everyone in a calligraphy workshop so you can start learning how to write thank-you notes and address envelopes.


DIY Craft Projects

DIY wedding decorations can be anything from simple wedding signs to elaborate ceremony backdrops. There are some wonderful projects that would make for amazing bridal shower ideas for a night in with your girlfriends and that would give the wedding a lovely, individualized feel. Additionally, it adds distinctive handmade touches to your wedding that distinguish it from regular wedding ideas.


Make Your Own Cosmetics

Include that in your winter bridal shower idea because everyone wants to feel and look good! It will be enjoyable to make sugar scrubs and fragrant lip balms. Additionally, your girls can take them home and use them to achieve the desired glow before the big day. A perfumer can assist you in creating a unique scent, or you can have someone demonstrate to the group how to blend essential oils. These goodies can also turn into amazing bridesmaid gift ideas which you can give way to your A-team.


Invest In A Makeup Course

Simply because it’s your bridal shower, it’s time to get glam. Hire a makeup business to conduct a makeup class on-site; extra points if it is your wedding day MUA. You can concentrate on techniques like false lashes, smoky eyes, and highlighting and contouring. On your wedding day, your guests can use their newly acquired skills to look extra stunning.


Treat Yourself To Spa Days 

Does your girl gang enjoy wellness? You deserve a spa day with your friends after the chaos of the holiday season. Plan a shower with a spa theme to create a tranquil day. Give out luxe favors like premium hand cream or scrubs to tie the theme together. Serve acai bowls and cold-pressed juices alongside wellness discussions for a fun way to geek out on all things healthy. Invite a yoga instructor to teach a “vinyasa flow” class or to lead you in meditation. You can go to your favorite spa in the area or even make your own at-home treatments with your girlfriends, like body scrubs and hand lotions that come with fluffy robes!


Bring Out the Beyoncé in You

Probably one of our favorite out-of-the-box engagement ideas that can also be used to plan a bridal shower, dress for your own dance class and learn the steps to your favorite songs with your team of BFFs. To teach you and your guests a special dance, hire a choreographer. For instance, a Hawaiian wedding can use hula lessons and the guests at your Greek wedding can always learn the “Orea Pou Ine Nifi Mas” dance.


Set Up A Cocktail Bar For Seasonal Drinks

For your winter-themed bridal shower party, create a fun hot cocoa bar for the bride and your guests, and decorate it to go with the theme. Invest in creative cocktail bar signs that will be perfect for a country-themed winter bridal shower and can be used again at the wedding. For an Italian-inspired wedding idea, go for bougainvillea decorations as another dual-purpose decor! At the winter season bridal shower, a cocktail bar will undoubtedly be the ultimate photo op! Include a lot of colorful accents, such as greenery, berries, herbs, mulled spices, and cocktail stirrers. Make it yourself by mixing up a few pitchers of party drinks for a crowd using a few winter-themed cocktail recipes and decorating them with adorable labels and signs.


A Tarot Reading Session

Get all your chakras cleared before the big day and take the bride squad out for some positive vibes with a tarot reading and Reiki healing session. If you are planning a luxe bachelorette trip, go for a wellness-themed destination for the ultimate TLC!


DIY Favors For A Winter Shower

Since winter bridal shower games are difficult to sell, choose to work on a joint DIY project instead. Useful paint markers are available for your guests to personalize their own mugs. Make sure to offer some Pinterest inspiration by way of a few examples! These projects can be luxe gift ideas for your girlfriends if you get your craft materials from premium brands!


Go For A Gender-Neutral Theme 

Nowadays people are increasingly throwing bridal shower parties for their entire family and friends, not just the girls. Throw a lavish winter shower party and host a couple’s shower where guests can honor both you and your partner. Set up a bar with some of your preferred beverages, and either hire a DJ or play your go-to playlist.


Decadent Desserts For The Winter

Even though everyone has returned to their healthy eating habits after the holidays, we can still indulge in a dessert that qualifies as a cheat meal. Make a special dessert for the gathering, like a pomegranate pavlova. If not a bridal shower, this idea can be a luxe way to wow your guests at your reception!


Go For A Candle-Making Class

Attending a candle-making class is the ideal bridal experience. As a bride, you will be able to sample a lovely assortment of fragrances and essential oils, learn how to use them, and smell and test them. Find something nearby or enroll in an online course at a website specially dedicated to candle-making courses.


Glamorous Black-tie Event

Wear your most elegant attire and decorate your winter bridal shower with glitzy accents. To go along with your black tie theme, we suggest finding decor with some sparkling accents, such as silver and gold. So that your guests can prepare, be sure to mention the dress code on your bridal shower invitations as well.


Change the Way You Open Gifts

There are ways to make opening gifts a fun experience. Some brides feel like they need to open gifts in an entertaining way. By setting a timer for, say, every five minutes while you open the gifts, you can turn the performance into a bigger game. When the timer goes off, whoever is still opening their gift wins a prize, keeping the guests entertained and diverting some attention away from the bride.


Experience An BnB Bridal Shower

Searching for a distinctive activity that you don’t do every day? We all have spoken about reasons for choosing a BnB wedding venue and now it’s time to go for a BnB bridal shower experience. For inspiration, look at Airbnb bridal shower inspirations. You can search for ones with positive reviews among the localized, per-person activities. There are numerous activities available, such as classes on how to roll sushi, tattoo design, ghost tours, and hiking excursions.


Glam and Glitz Shower Theme

Is your bridal shower event more glitzy and less rustic? Winter is an excellent time of year for more formal themes. To create a posh atmosphere for the party, decorate your space with numerous shimmering, golden accents.


Stay Cozied Up Indoors 

Use the colder weather as inspiration for your winter bridal shower theme by having a cozy evening indoors! Plan a pajama party with all of your best female friends for a night of entertainment that includes drinks, games, movies, and other activities. You can have the gathering at your house or, for added luxury, book a suite at a nearby hotel. You can also go to a winter skiing resort to add to your “BFF Travel List!”


Learn Craft Cocktail 

You can gather your closest friends and family to learn the art of mixing craft cocktails. Hire a knowledgeable mixologist to teach your group the fundamentals of shaking and stirring to add unique flavors to traditional drinks like old-fashioned, martini, and daiquiri. It is a fun team-building activity that will give you something to do while enjoying something delectable to toast with. Not only can you all develop a useful hosting skill, but it will also give you a fun activity for your winter bridal shower.


Go For A Day Of Personal Shopping

Everyone wants a personal shopper, right? By holding your bridal shower at your favorite store, you can fulfill this dream for both your guests and yourself. Numerous local retailers and brands allow for private events where champagne is served along with canapés and personal shoppers assist guests in elevating their wardrobes. When making your plans, find out if the retailer offers discounts for private events. You may be able to save up to 20% on the ideal pair of shoes for your bachelorette party!


Develop Your DJ Spin Technique

You and your girlfriends can accomplish it if Paris Hilton can. Make arrangements for a masterclass with a neighborhood DJ or enroll in a spin class. You could hold a private workshop where your visitors could learn the fundamentals of the turntable, how to mix music, and of course, how to scratch in time. This can be the perfect way to stay warm on the chilly days of winter with your BFFs.


Use Winter Shower To Your Benefit 

Winter in many places is characterized by gloomy rainy days. Enjoy the weather by incorporating it into your “shower” theme. Sign an umbrella and use rain boots as vases as a guest book alternative.


Bring A Hot Chef 

Let’s get right to the point: Have a hot chef teach your ladies how to make their own homemade pasta or that elusive hollandaise for Eggs Benedict. The activity takes the focus off the bride-to-be and allows it to be more of a group celebration and strengthens the notion that the celebration is for everyone, not just the bride.


We speak a lot about our love for winter weddings and our favorite winter wedding ideas. And oftentimes we forget about all the pre-wedding winter celebrations that will lead up to the big day and dictate its inspirations. From some of the hottest bridal shower trends that look like a winter fairytale with all white bridal shower details to eccentric shower themes with retro and rustic touches, that enable you to steer away from the usual donuts and cocoa winter themes, there are many trendy bridal shower details that can help you to paint a hot image for your best friend. For starters, hosting a cold-weather bridal shower can have the seasonal warm beverages and festive decor, comfort food, and holiday-themed decorations that capture the spirit of both the bride-to-be and the most wonderful time of the year.


Pay homage to the winter season and infuse them into your bridal shower decor ideas or go for thoughtful bridal shower ideas. From incorporating the stunning blooms in greens of winter throughout the bridal shower venue to serving up a bridal shower menu with comfort foods to warm up your guests like a toasty meal by the fireplace, there are many winter-centric bridal shower inspirations that will flow naturally and beautifully.

How To Have A Luxurious Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding Menu For A Cozy But Fabulous Day?

Weddings are a great way to share experiences with your loved ones and other people. With many emotions and happy moments to share with your loved ones and close ones, you’d have more to be thankful for during the day if you decide to get married around the wonderful holiday of thanksgiving, then you’ll have the opportunity to have fun with your family, friends and all those that matter. We can’t imagine a better day than Thanksgiving to tie the knot. After all, the holiday is all about being happy for the blessings you have and the wonderful souls that surround your life. And if you’re lucky enough to have an amazing wedding venue booked, or have a destination wedding planned around the holiday, then we have just the things for you!

A thanksgiving-inspired wedding, with the holiday being so close or on the same day, is perfect to host a wedding with those who matter to you. However, that’s not all! To throw the perfect wedding, you’ll need the ideas that help you elevate the mood and your wedding ideas! Today, we have a mix of wonderful menu additions that can add charming details to your wedding and have your wedding guests fall in love with an elaborate dinner. And in the second half of the blog, we’ll list down some impressive ideas to make your thanksgiving-inspired wedding a regal affair!

Luxurious Additions to your Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding: Some Options to Add

Before we talk about other ways through which you can add charms to your thanksgiving-inspired wedding, let’s talk about a great feast for your wedding! One of the best ways to add style and a touch of luxurious charms to your wedding day is through a great wedding menu. When it comes to creating a wedding menu for your wedding party, think of what you expect and what your wedding guests will enjoy. Also, before you start planning your wedding menu, remember to keep your wedding guests and their choices in mind. For example, if you have vegan friends and family joining you for your wedding, swap out the meat from the dishes, for vegan and vegetarian options.  Around the time of thanksgiving, here are some menu additions that will add charm and details to your wedding:

  1. Roasting Turkey

One of the best ways to celebrate the holiday is to have traditional food and dishes on the table. A luxe wedding dinner party demands the best of everything. You can have other dishes with turkey, but a roast turkey will be an absolute must for the wedding. We love some ideas, one of them being having a station where you roast the turkey over time and carve it with your wedding guests. Also, you can have a cute station for ham and turkey, so that your wedding guests can either carve the turkey and ham or help themselves to some more pieces. When you’re designing a wedding carving station for your wedding, make sure that the color and décor for the turkey station are similar to your wedding decor and other details.

  1. Turkey Breasts with Stuffed Mushrooms

If you’re not in the mood for a turkey roast or carved turkey at your wedding, then how about we add some turkey breasts with stuffed mushrooms for your wedding guests? This dish is a perfect dinner addition, and your guests will be licking their fingers after finishing this. You can have your wedding chefs prepare grilled chicken breasts in any way you’d like! For example, if you want to add some spices or different flavors, then you can add some herbs, cheese, and some amazing marination. Stuffed mushrooms have no limits! We love this idea because you can add whatever stuffing you will like. From potatoes to cottage cheese, from chopped vegetables to cheese with herbs, can be added to the mushrooms. For this dish, you’ll need large hallowed mushrooms. You can also decide to serve the stuffed mushrooms with some interesting dips and sauces along with grilled turkey breasts.

  1. Turkey Wrapped in Lettuce 

One of the best things about Thanksgiving menu ideas and dishes is that you can add the deliciousness of turkey to different forms of food items. One of the easiest ways to add a great snack to your wedding celebrations with turkey wrapped in lettuce. You can add a few variations to your wedding offerings! One of the easiest and the tastiest versions is to add grilled turkey and wrap it in lettuce and sprinkle some herbs on it. Another way to add variety is to deep fry the turkey piece, add some veggies and add some cheese, then wrap it in lettuce! You can also add more flavors by adding sauces or dips to your turkey wraps. That said, if you want your wedding guests to enjoy a luxurious dinner, you can have a platter of lettuce-wrapped turkey for every wedding guest!

  1. Apple-Cranberry Crisp With Oatmeal-Cookie Crumble

Thanksgiving is known for turkey and cranberry dishes. Although this menu addition to your wedding may sound as though it is meant for breakfast, it is still a great way to swap out appetizers! This dish can help you add a sweet zing to your wedding starters! You can have a delicious oatmeal cookie crumble dish as a great addition to your kid-friendly wedding menu. This dish is full of flavors, and the allure of cookies for the kids. You can have the dish topped with almonds, and whipped cream with some colorful sprinkles to make it appealing for the children. You can also have a station or have this dish served in small portions for your wedding guests!

  1. Cranberry-Orange Snacking Cake, with Wine and Crackers! 

As we just said, thanksgiving is about enjoying the flavors of turkey, cranberry, and wine! You can have a snacking bar with all kinds of delicious snacks that announce “thanksgiving.” You can have wine served apart from the cocktails with the snacking cake along with some crackers. You can have a station where your wedding guests can easily go and pick out some different kinds of wine to serve at your wedding! You can decorate the pretty station with greenery and foliage. Add a signboard to help your guests find the station during the dinner party.

  1. Creamy Turkey Dinner Soup

Looking for something easy and extra special for your thanksgiving dinner wedding party, then how about adding the perfect soup to the mix? Creamy turkey dinner soup is a tummy-filling option that packs a punch of all the flavors! Complete with cream, cheese, stuffing, turkey, some herbs and spices along with vegetables, this soup is a great way to add some flavors and easy dinner options. To add more touches of flavor, you can also add some interesting sides to this wedding dinner option. You can add some interesting stuffed vegetables, styles or types of bread, or baked vegetables to add to the flavor. A great way to add an interesting touch to your wedding tablescape and to elevate your dinner ideas at your wedding is to create a space for sides on the dinner tables. You can have the soup brought to your guests, directly to their seats, and they can have the options of sides on the tables! You can add pull-apart garlic bread or pull-apart challah rolls, these options go well with the soup. Next, you can also have a cheese board and some interesting baked vegetables for your guests to pick out from!

  1. Turkey Meatballs with Sauce

This option is more of a snack, and we don’t love it any less than the primary dishes for your wedding menu! Before we talk about the different ways you can serve turkey meatballs at your wedding reception party, let’s talk about where you can have these served first. One of the reasons why we love turkey meatballs is because it is exceptionally versatile! You can have these served to your guests at cocktail hour, before your wedding reception, and also during your reception party! You can choose to have meatballs served at all of these times or choose one of these times to have turkey meatballs served! Obviously, you can choose to have them served on skewers or with pasta! That said, you can easily switch up the flavors with different kinds of herbs and additions to the recipe. Apart from this, you can use dips and sauces to add variety to the meatballs. You can also create a station for meatballs at your wedding where your guests can choose which kind of sauce or dip they’d want and if they’d want to have the meatballs tossed in sauces and dips!

  1. Mac-n-Cheese

A great way to add more comforting menu additions to your wedding, you can add some interesting touches through the best comfort food in the world! Yes, we understand it can sound mundane to you, but it will definitely add charms to your wedding dinner! Apart from the delicious aroma, this dish is perfect for your vegetarian wedding guests, as well as for the children at your wedding! Of course, you can tweak the dish with different additions and many other forms of toppings! You can add meat, vegetables, or anything else that you’d like to the recipe! What’s more, you can serve this with the wedding day snacks you’ve picked out! Lastly, you can create an allure about this dish by using different forms of plating techniques! For children, you can serve it in bright bowls or mugs with some breadsticks, or you can have these served in cones made out of cornbread! The ideas are limitless!

Bonus Idea: Have a Family Favorite Recipe For your Wedding 

If you have a family tradition or a recipe that has been passed down through generations in your family, use your wedding to share it with your closest friends and family at the wedding. A wedding celebration is nothing without sharing something special with your wedding guests. Since you’re spending the day and showing them the beginning of the day, why not send your best with a family recipe? It could be anything, appetizers, snacks, cakes, dishes, or even casseroles! You can add this to your elaborate wedding menu in small portions or in large portions. Depending on the type of dish or recipe it is, you can serve it at the appropriate time.

Adding More to your Thanksgiving-Inspired Wedding With These Ideas

The above section has been about food and menu additions to your wedding. However, a great menu of food for the wedding lacks luster if the wedding details do not match! So, here are some suggestions that can add more charms to your holiday wedding!

  1. Creative Dinner Ideas 

Thanksgiving weddings or a wedding around Thanksgiving is one of the best things in the world, and that is especially true if you’re a foodie! The absolute beauty of the holiday is better experienced with food, and delicious aromas floating around. If you’re lucky enough to plan a wedding around thanksgiving time, one of the best ways to have a luxurious thanksgiving-inspired wedding is to throw an elaborate party with an exciting and well-rounded wedding menu. You can add multiple things that announce “It’s Thanksgiving!” From going traditional with a turkey in the center, and serving some impressive thanksgiving snacks. You can think about adding some recipes from top chefs in the world, to add a fancy touch to the wedding dinner.

You can start off your day with the perfect wedding appetizers, such as grilled oysters, pickled shrimp with satsuma, french piped potatoes (Pommes Duchesse), Cranberry Crostini, Scotch Eggs, or Nut and Cheese Gougères. If your wedding party will have vegan or vegetarian wedding guests, then you can ask the chefs for your wedding to prepare vegan or vegetarian options for the wedding appetizers you absolutely love! Another way to add more charms to your wedding menu is to add some traditional dishes with a creative twist. You can add Cranberry Brie Pastry Tarts, Spiced Nuts, Bacon Brussels Sprout Salad, and Pork Sausage Apple Stuffing in Pancetta Cups as appetizers. For sides, you can add delicious green bean casserole, Roasted Sweet Potato Stacks, Dauphinoise Potatoes, or Cranberry Orange Relish. And for the main course, you can have sumptuous Maple-Glazed Spatchcock Turkey, Vegan Lentil Nut Meatloaf, Garlic Herb Slow Cooker Turkey Breast, Easy Lentil Meatballs, and Cajun Baked Turkey Breast with Dressing. For dessert you can decide on different ideas, you can go traditional with tarts and pies, or you can add ice cream and donuts!

Cakes everywhere: Another Thanksgiving-inspired wedding idea that we absolutely love is a cake at every table! Apart from the wedding cake, you’d have for your cake cutting ceremony you can also create an experience for your wedding guests! You can add a cake, small enough to feed the number of guests on the table without filling their stomachs, for every guest to enjoy the beauty of your wedding. Another way to use this idea is to add small cakes for every guest to the wedding dinner tables! Or you can swap the cakes for pies!

  1. Thanksgiving Cocktail Ideas 

A wedding celebration is incomplete without colorful drinks to mark the occasion. We absolutely love a wedding with crisp attention to detail, and one of the best ways to add more of the theme of your wedding to the decor and celebrations is through colorful cocktails! Cocktails are fun, delicious, and add color to your wedding. A thanksgiving wedding should have all the right elements, and cocktails are a key piece to your wedding! You can try out different drinks and colors, depending on your preference of course. You can opt for celebratory drinks, signature cocktails inspired by you and your partner, and add some thanksgiving-themed cocktails too! And by that what we mean is you can use the traditional colors to add some interesting notes to your drinks! You can ask your wedding planner to help you with it or have your bartender create some engaging cocktails with brown, orange, yellow and red, the traditional thanksgiving colors, to set the tone for your wedding day celebrations! A mix of all these colors or an appealing drink for each of the colors will work like a charm for your wedding.

If you’re looking for some ideas for what kind of cocktails to add to your wedding cocktail menu then how about some scarlet apple cider mimosas, lovely cranberry zinger jam jar cocktail, creamy Salted Caramel Apple Martini, cutesy Cranberry Pear Ginger Fizz, or the perfect Apple Cider Moscow Mule to the mix. To add pretty colors along with dazzling drinks, apart from alcoholic beverages, you can also add a thanksgiving-twist to the non-alcoholic beverages. You can swap out the booze from these drinks to cater to your wedding guests who don’t want to drink boozy drinks! Additionally, these non-alcoholic beverages are great for the young ones at your wedding party.

  1. The Wedding Day Colors 

Apart from the menu and drinks, your wedding day color scheme is something that will give voice to the holiday around the corner! Sure enough, the traditional colors will work just as well. However, you can capitalize on the emotion of having a feast in a comfortable manner for your thanksgiving wedding idea! The first idea to try out is to ensure that your wedding guests not only have one with the over-the-top dinner ideas but also have fun sitting down with family and friends while enjoying the feast you have so carefully planned! To create the perfect thanksgiving color scheme for your wedding, you can try using an Autumn color palette. A great way to enjoy your wedding day’s color scheme is to use copper, or antique gold for your wedding look! Both of these colors add a luxurious touch to your celebrations, simultaneously adding a great comforting vibe to your wedding day.

Use copper or antique gold as the cornerstone of your wedding color scheme and add other colors to enhance the color scheme. You can use white, brown, black, ivory, peacock blue, or gray. White, ivory, and peacock blue will help you add a dramatic touch to your wedding day, while black will add a dramatic touch. Additionally, you can use orange, terracotta, and amber to add more details and decor to your wedding day colors. All of these color combinations not only make for a trendy mix but also add an inviting ambiance to your wedding day. If you’re wondering how to make use of these colors, then think about huge vintage candle holders with burnt orange, black or brown candles. Another way to add these colors is to have elaborate floral and leafy fall centerpieces in the same shades. To add a touch of prettiness, you can sprinkle some glitter on it. For your dinner table settings, you can use these colors as tablecloths and place them in an alternating fashion.

  1. Rustic Decor 

Let’s tie up the beautiful color schemes with the perfect wedding decor befitting the wedding day and the holiday. One of the best ways to add charming details to your wedding is to add beautiful decor. Thanksgiving details to your wedding do not have to be that of the holiday. You can simply incorporate the colors of the holiday and add some ornate details. One of the best ideas that scream beauty and rustic charm is using vintage mirrors as decor for your wedding! We love this idea because when you pair beautiful vintage mirrors with the fall blooms, it creates a picturesque setting. You can use vintage mirrors as wall decor for your wedding, and pair them with rustic floral and greenery arrangements. You can also use a big vintage mirror, with pampas grass all around it, hanging on the wall. This decor idea will not only add charms to your decor but will also give your wedding guests a space to take photos and mirror selfies! You can also use pumpkin place settings at your wedding to add the charming details of the season and the holiday! Add minimal vines to the pumpkin settings, along with the name of the wedding guests. To take it up a notch, you can tweak this idea by adding some candies or treats or even chocolates inside the pumpkin. Have these pumpkin place settings hollowed out, to add some fun surprises? Or better yet, you can use hollowed-out pumpkins to use it as a space to add your wedding favors! Another way to add charming touches to these pumpkin settings is to paint over them! If you’re not in favor of using orange decor, you can use the color scheme ideas in the point above and paint over the pumpkins!

Another great way to add decor is to add to the element of “feast.” You can use the season’s best fruits and edible food items, and pair them with greenery or dried leaf arrangements. This will help you to improve the wedding day’s tablescape! Apart from the colorful napkins, you can also add some interesting touches by using fruits and vegetables! Pairing it with the vintage candles will give you a glowy wedding dinner setting. And if you’re looking to add more light to your wedding tablescape, then try adding tea lights, or string lights. A creative way to add lights to your white table settings is to add a glowing string of lights under the table. However, ensure that you fireproof everything and that your guests don’t feel hot during their dinner if you’re using under-the-table lights.

With that, we come to the end of our blog post! We hope that the ideas above help you plan a wedding worth remembering, not only for you but for your wedding guests as well. Before we leave you to plan the perfect wedding, we’ll leave you with some practical pieces of advice! Firstly, when you decide to have a feast of luxurious food at your wedding, make that decision with your partner and the chef for your wedding. If you’re looking to have different cuisines at your wedding, make it a point to ask if the chef is comfortable with it. Additionally, once you and your partner decide what to have at your wedding, discuss the feasibility of the wedding menu you desire. That said, the last thing you need to keep in mind is the wedding ideas and things you’re looking for or you and your partner are choosing for your wedding, discuss them and see if it makes sense in the larger picture. We hope you can use the ideas above and plan a wedding of joy and shared experiences!

The Gorgeous Wedding Of Cameron And Lauren At Ninety Acres, Natirar

Is there anything more lovely than the marriage of two souls who were just meant to be together? Weddings are characterized by an enduring degree of happiness and joy all around and are in our opinion the best representation of true love. At weddings, the couple’s friends and family gather under one roof to toast their new beginnings and relationships. Weddings are full of this tremendous support system and wedding celebrations are fascinating and enchanting no matter where they take place, whether it is an artistic celebration at a museum wedding venue, a lavish affair at one of the top beach wedding venues, or even a backyard affair with intimate wedding details. Real wedding stories of couples filled with stunning wedding attire, over-the-top wedding ideas, personalized wedding details, and unforgettable anecdotes about their individual love stories never cease to inspire us. We are so happy to see couples hosting their dream weddings once more, the way they were always meant to be, especially after two years of intimate elopements, staycation ideas, micro-wedding details, stay-at-home date ideas, and mini-wedding ceremonies!

Couples are experimenting more than ever, from glamorous wedding details that revolve entirely around extravagance and luxury to celebrating weddings with one-of-a-kind details that have never been seen before. It is particularly relevant for couples who either were undergoing lockdown together and forced to go on a mini-moon instead of their ideal honeymoon in the Bahamas or who were locked up separately and had to spend the entire lockdown apart. Thus, after surviving a global pandemic, couples are getting married in unique ways by hosting incredibly personalized celebrations. These couples showed us that “love cannot be canceled,” overcoming obstacles to show their love for one another and making the most of the current circumstances. This is also the time when pet parents are showing love for their four-legged children more than ever! Because why not?

Many couples choose to have their furry companions present for the “I dos” and reception festivities. Pet wedding photos have always stolen our hearts, whether a little Persian cat with a hat on her head or an overtly energetic Husky wearing a cute bow tie. They live in our homes, behave like our soulmates, and we cannot imagine our lives without them. So including them on the biggest day of your life can be an excellent way to show how you appreciate their presence in your life. This next New York wedding takes us on a tour that is filled with priceless wedding moments to watch over and over again!

Early in the fall of 2021, we met Cameron and Lauren, a stunning New York-based couple who sparkled with stardust on their wedding day and had a fire in their eyes. This contemporary fall wedding was so brilliant— from including thoughtful pet wedding details to holding a glamorous reception with actual pets, everything took us on a spin! This lovely NYC couple’s wedding photos were jam-packed with priceless moments that they will undoubtedly watch again and again in the years to come! Let’s take a look back at their lavishly detailed wedding day, which was even more exquisitely captured by our talented team of luxe wedding photographers in New York, as they embark on their new chapter in life.

The day of Cameron and Lauren’s wedding began at the St. Teresa of Avila’s Church in New York suburbs bright and early. The beginning of this lovely couple was marked by their stunning New York church wedding photos. Bright and early, our top-notch wedding photographers in New York began documenting this magnificent day, which started with tender exchanges between the enchanted couple! Our premium New York wedding photographers first documented the little details that added up. From a close-up wedding ring shot that showcased all the wedding and promise rings placed beautifully on a flat lay to the gorgeous residence where the bride and the groom got ready for the biggest day of their lives.

In between, there were flashes of numerous memorable wedding moments from this suburban NY wedding. There were beautiful close-up shots of the dog-inspired wedding details included in the wedding featuring two pearl-studded dog collars with highlighted names “Skylar” and “Rylee”. Our NYC photographers had the opportunity of capturing a few groom portraits of our dashing man Cameron outside the residence along with his fur baby. The gorgeous bridal portraits of Lauren also swept us off our feet as she donned her stunning wedding dress in her exclusive bridal suite.

The following scene took place in the bridal suite, occupied by our stunning bride Lauren and her group of close friends and family. The bride’s getting-ready portraits were taken, along with brief glimpses of the general joy felt by everyone in the room. We were astounded by the final product that revealed a bride that looks like she just stepped out of a contemporary fairytale as the professional bridal makeup and hair artist prepared our stunning bride for the biggest day of her life! Her bridal accessories were arranged side by side, and our New York wedding photography session meticulously captured these details. The luxe bridal ensemble was a stunning embroidered sheath wedding dress with a layered train. Stunning, for sure! With her closest people by her side, the bride got ready and special moments were captured. These intricate and nuanced moments were used to capture special portraits of the bride getting ready.

Before donning her wedding gown, our bride took a moment to pose with it. It was a stunning sheath wedding dress with beading and elegant floral embroidery all over it. The wedding gown’s square neckline had floral embroidery accents, and as she walked, a long train swept across the grounds. The décolletage is perfectly framed by the elegant thin straps that flow from the neckline. The gorgeous bridal bouquet made the statement with pastel pink roses, white orchids, and light yellow blooms with cascading greenery. The stylish and trending wedding flower choices stole our hearts. The statement bridal earrings and bare neck added even more glam to her wedding attire. She completed her elegant bridal look with a cathedral bridal veil that swept the ground as she walked which made it another statement-making bridal accessory. Her minimalistic wedding attire was perfectly complemented by her minimal bridal jewelry choices.

In his two-piece groom suit, which consisted of a royal blue suit with lapels, a navy blue bow tie, and a crisp white shirt, our groom Cameron looked equally stunning. He wore a statement-making groom boutonniere featuring one white blooming rose and some greenery to match the bridal bouquet. With gleaming tanned brown formal groom shoes and a neatly brushed hairdo, he completed the dapper groom look. The groom getting ready portraits as he was dressed by his best man were equally beautiful and moving. As he prepared for the ceremony, the anxiousness and excitement for what was likely the biggest day of his life were clearly visible on his face.

The bride and the groom stepped out to click a few couple portraits before they tied the knot. They got their fur babies for this pre-wedding photoshoot session and we loved every bit of it. We can definitely understand why they think that having their pets at the wedding was the best decision they have ever taken. We realized that some of the best feelings in the world include coming home to your paw friend after having a particularly rough day and instantly getting all the love in the world to waking up next to a vehemently wagging tail and a wet nose cuddling up. Dogs are indeed the best thing that has happened to the planet. From making you smile more and forcing you to move more, it is no surprise why having a furry friend encourages you to be mindful of the present moments. These pet-inspired wedding photos showed us why beautiful dogs are basically their babies. From sleeping on the owner’s bed to taking up ninety percent of their phone’s photo gallery, it is no surprise that this couple couldn’t imagine part of their wedding without them.

The tall clerestory windows allowed sunlight to stream into the suburban New York church wedding venue. All of the guests settled into the roomy wedding ceremony seating arrangement, which included long wooden pews with a natural finish. The bride and the groom were escorted down the aisle by their respective parents on both sides in an intense and emotional scene breaking the wedding tradition beautifully! We see why our gorgeous couple chose to have a church wedding like so many other couples. A traditional church wedding will always be in style for numerous reasons, regardless of how trends change or how many new exotic wedding locations are discovered. Although it can almost seem overwhelming with the wide range of different style locations, there will always be something to be said about the beauty of church weddings.

Almost every church wedding venue will feature high vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams making it a good combination for couples who are considering a grand reception later on. For vintage wedding details lovers, churches will always be dream wedding venues as these historic structures often feature rustic details with beams, wood, arched windows, hardwood floors, and exposed brick. It has a very warm, earthy feeling. Moreover, gorgeous church venues also work for the bride who wants to experience the traditional atmosphere of a community. With long tables and bucolic details, churches can also have something modern in contemporary times, lending to a variety of settings and aesthetics.

Church wedding locations have long been preferred for new beginnings because of their natural beauty. Additionally, because a beautiful church doesn’t necessarily need to be elaborately decorated, this beauty not only improves the aesthetic of your wedding but also allows you to save time and effort on decorations if you so choose. With many churches, you don’t need to make many changes. You don’t need to change much about it because it is already so attractive. There is no need for luxurious wedding lighting ideas or elevated wedding decor details as church wedding sites already offer an additional layer and some additional textures for weddings. The same is true of uplighting; it can be used, but it isn’t required to add drama and take things up a notch.

And as soon as Lauren and Cameron were declared as husband and wife, all the present wedding guests burst into jubilant applause! As they made their way out of the wedding aisle, the bubble-filled wedding exit stole the show. Along with numerous individual portraits of the two of them, they also posed for numerous wedding portraits with their respective teams of groomsmen and bridesmaids. The gorgeous bridesmaid portraits and groomsmen shots appeared staged for a glamor magazine! The grand staircase of this New York church wedding venue looked straight out of a Romanian tale as the couple posed for a few post-wedding shots!

The wedding reception shortly followed at the Ninety Acres at Natirar. This classy restaurant wedding venue in suburban New York is a chic and fashionable setting for wedding celebrations. The Mansion at Natirar has an amazing interior- from the grand doorways to the living garden wall in the reception room, it is hands down one of the most scenic wedding venues in New York suburbs. The sprawling and elegant countryside can offer you and your guests a one-of-a-kind wedding that is both traditional and rustic while also modern and opulent. You can feel an instant connection with the natural world and spend more time with the people who matter most to you at this classy suburban New York wedding venue. This wedding venue is known for bringing wedding visions to life with farm-fresh culinary expertise that captures the essence of the couple’s expectations, whether it be a grand affair at the Mansion or a more private event at Ninety Acres. The Natirar property, which is only 40 miles from New York City, has 500 acres of lush landscape and a variety of stylish indoor and outdoor venues. Enjoy a large wine list, artisan cocktails, craft beer, delicious farm-grown food, and helpful wedding services. After all, the festivities surrounding your wedding should nourish both the body and the heart.

Every Ninety Acres at Natirar wedding celebration is a customized affair because the expert staff wants to make your occasion as special and memorable as they can. They have a number of menu options that can be tailored to your preferences. In order to create intense and flavorful modern cuisine or specially designed items for your palate, the chief executive chef uses the freshest ingredients available. With wine selections from the extensive cellar, their wine director can further enhance the evening’s menu. Natirar wedding venue offers a variety of options, whether the couple is looking for a small-scale wedding or a lavish event. You can choose from private rooms or reservations at the Ninety Acres at Natirar restaurant to the Mansion at Natirar’s ongoing renovation. The on-site events team is enthusiastic about the special services that they provide and the setting.

The couple arrived in style at their reception. The newlyweds’ first dance as husband and wife was followed by an amazing time on the reception dance floor. All the guests had an amazing time with the newlyweds and the joy of being together was evident on everyone’s faces including the couples’. As the day drew to a close, we thought back on how much we had enjoyed this fall wedding day in New York, which celebrated so many lovely and enjoyable wedding traditions while also being incredibly fun. This magical love story deserves to be heard by every Romeo and Juliet out there who believes in the power of true love, just as much as our wedding photographers loved capturing this lovely wedding day in suburban NYC.

The Splendid, Reagalcore Wedding Of Nicole And Drew Alleman

The city of impressive urbanscape, Houston, is as inviting as it is wonderful. The large skyscrapers, Beyonce’s hometown, and NASA have much to offer.  The tithing about Houston is, it is perfect for city life with a twist of country, the love of rodeos, and bustling city life, all blended in a quirky mix, and it is wonderful. On September 9th, 2022, our Houston photographer had the chance to meet a beautiful couple. The day of the wedding was as perfect as one can imagine, crisp, clear, and just beautiful. Dressed to nine, the couple tied the knot among their closest friends and family. With happy smiles and cheers plastered on their faces, the day went smoothly, and the newlywed couple enjoyed the day they had planned so carefully. Before we take you through the magical day’s events, let’s get this out in the open, the wedding day was dressed in classy colors, the couple’s outfits were not only lovely but fashionable and the day was a great celebration of love.

Houston is one of those cities that has much to offer. A great place to see things, and create memories. From dining and shopping to beautiful tourist attractions, the city has much to offer. Above all, the natural abundance of the city is perfect for a date, photos, and spending time surrounded by nothing but nature, away from the daily grind. For the wedding, the couple chose a wonderful wedding reception, The Astorian. The venue was everything you’d expect of an amazing wedding venue, high ceilings, artistic details, and mesmerizing charm. The couple’s choice of a regal-esque wedding celebration was reflected in the choice of their wedding venue and wedding details. The Astorian was established back in the mid-1900s, and today stands as a throwback to the 1920’s glam and charm. The venue is complete with beautiful lawns, an amazing fountain at the entrance, artwork displays from some of the best artists, handmade mosaics, sculptures, large banquet halls, floating lights in the ceiling, and floor-to-ceiling windows. From the moment you set your eyes on the venue, you’d know this is the dream location for a celebration of love, joy, and a new beginning. The venue welcomes you with open arms and transports you to a different time and place. The alluring charms of the wedding venue paired with the lovely black, bronze, and white wedding theme chosen by the couple gave us the chance to witness a beautifully romantic wedding.

The wedding day details were simple, yet extravagant. Sophia and Drew had decided to have their wedding ceremony and the reception in the same venue. The wedding ceremony was to take place in a different area, yet close to the reception area. Although the couple decided to have an indoor wedding ceremony, the couple had picked out a perfect wedding arbor for their nuptials. The big arbor was dressed in greenery, white, and peach flowers. The combination of the flowers was similar to the floral decor details in the wedding reception as well. To make the wedding decor even pettier, the couple picked out some lovely white drapes. The couple chose to have their wedding ceremony’s entrance as well, which separated the wedding ceremony from the reception, giving it a wonderful look. A floral hand-tied bouquet was used as overhanging decor for the entrance. For the wedding reception’s tablescape, the couple chose to keep things minimal and classy. Every table had a centerpiece, created out of similar flowers and greenery. However, the only difference was the couple chose a long-stemmed centerpiece and a smaller one, to be placed on the table. These arrangements were placed alternatively on the tables! To make the tablescape dreamier, the couple chose to add small candles, placed on the tables. The candle holders were gold stemmed with a clear holder to cover them. Similar to the wedding arbor, the couple had picked out a beautiful greenery backdrop for the reception venue, bordered by floral details and neon signage. The neon signage was a nod to Sophia and Drew’s last name, The Allemans. Cursive neon pink signage on a greenery backdrop was just perfect for the reception!

Before Sophia Nowicki took her soulmate’s last name, the day began with much anticipation. The wedding ceremony was to take place in the evening, so the couple decided to get dressed in the afternoon for the day. They chose to dress separately. Before our photographer took some getting-ready photos of the couple, they decided to take some detailed photos of the decor. Starting with the wedding ring, our photographer captured every detail that went into creating the day! The diamond-encrusted ring suited the soon-to-be bride well. Next, our wedding photographer took photos of the wedding invites the couple had sent to their friends and family. The ash-blue envelope fit charmingly well with their wedding theme. The wedding invitations were simple and bore a resemblance to the wedding theme colors with white background of the cards with golden borders and cursive letters. Sophia’s wedding day shoes and her perfume for the day were set together with the lace ribbons as well. Additionally, our photographer decided to take a photo of the wedding stationery, rings, and jewelry for the day. Before the bride arrived, our wedding photographer took some detailed shots of the wedding dress as well.

Sophia had picked out a wonderful white plunge dress with a train and lace sleeves. The lace sleeves had floral details. To make her day perfect, she had also picked out a lovely dress hanger with Mrs. Alleman written on it. The name was joined with a heart. For their getting-ready photos, the bride was dressed in a satin white set, the bridesmaids had pink satin robes, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom wore a beautiful white satin robe with speckles of pink, purple and blue, while the flower girls chose pretty shorts. Before getting dressed for the wedding, the bride and her party sat down for a quick chat and went over the day’s events. As everyone was starting to get dressed, the bride sat down to get her make-up in place for the day. Sophia decided to go for a dramatic make-up look, with a heavy emphasis on her eyes. As Sophia’s make-up artist was helping her put on the make-up, the flower girls, bridesmaids, and the mother of the bride and groom got dressed. All of them helped Sophia put on her wedding dress. Sophia couldn’t stop smiling. Her mother and the groom’s mother looked at the bride-to-be with warm eyes and an even warmer smile. As the bride put on her earrings, she sat down to get her hair accessory fixed. Her earrings and the hair accessory went well together. The make-up artist helped Sophia fix the hairpiece, and then she was ready to go! The bride’s father was waiting right outside for her. As Sophia stepped out of the dressing room, her father looked at his daughter and smiled. His daughter looked as beautiful as always. Sighing, he slowly took his daughter’s hands in his and kissed them. Smiling at her father’s expression, Sophia smiled softly. The father of the bride was dressed in a midnight black tuxedo, paired with a black bow tie. Before making her way down to the wedding ceremony, the bride stopped for a few photos. Styling her wedding dress’ train in a way to make it look like a mermaid’s tail, she took the center spot as her bridesmaids, and one of her guy friends, who was also a bridesmaid, took their place around her in the group photo. All of the bridesmaids were dressed in blush pink outfits. Then, she posed for bridal portrait photos. Before making her way down to the wedding ceremony venue, Sophia put on her veil. Her chapel-length veil went well with her mermaid-like wedding dress.

As the bride had been dressing up, the groom had been too. The boys and the groom took no time dressing up for the occasion. Just like the girls, they sat down for a chat and talked about their old memories. As the time for the wedding ceremony drew closer, Drew and his groomsmen put on their outfits for the day. The groom and the groomsmen had decided to wear classy all-black suits with white dress shirts. To make the groom stand out from his groomsmen, the groom put on a bow tie. The boys completed their outfits with black dress shoes. Before meeting his soon-to-be wife, Drew sat down in a corner of the dressing room, thinking about the day that was to follow and the beautiful memories he will be creating! His smile couldn’t contain the excitement he felt for the day. Before the bride arrived and the wedding ceremony could start, Drew posed for some portraits as well! Posing under the right conditions, he smiled at the camera and then posed with a poised looking-away-from-the-camera pose. Then for the last photo, before the wedding ceremony could start, he posed with his groomsmen! The group of groomsmen spread out in the space to add a dramatic effect to their group photo.

And before they knew it, it was time for the wedding ceremony to begin. The guests found their spots in the chairs, and the groom and his groomsmen stood at the altar, waiting for the bride to come walking down the aisle. As the room rested in a silent murmur, the groom’s eyes remained fixated on the door, waiting for the love of his life to walk in at any given moment. And then, he heard the music start, and he knew Sophia was about to enter. Softly easing his shoulders, Drew waited a little longer. The drapes separated, and Sophia walked in, arm in arm, with her father. Her large cascading bouquet of white flowers and greenery bobbed up and down as she walked. The room full of wedding guests’ murmurs fell silent as the bride walked down the aisle, and Drew couldn’t stop his broad smile. It was easy to imagine what Drew must be thinking at that moment, as he saw her walk towards him, towards a new life the both of them were going to start together. As she reached the altar, Drew stretched out his hand, to help her onto the altar, and smiled softly at her. Taking his arm, she softly giggled and took her spot next to him. During the ceremony, the guests held their breaths as the couple took their vows. Both of their vows moved their parents to tears. And when the officiant anointed, “you may kiss the bride,” the couple did just that and the entire room erupted in happy cheers and claps. With smiles on their faces, the two slowly walked down the aisle as a married couple.

Before the wedding reception took place, the guests and the newlywed couple took some time off. The bride and groom decided that it would be the perfect time to take some wedding photos. As the groom and the bride sat down for a few minutes before posing for the photos, our wedding photographer took some wedding detail photos. The couple had gone above and beyond to maintain the charmingly classy aesthetic for their wedding. The reception decor details included old-school mantle clocks and some interesting splashes of modernistic details. The couple chose to have a rustic wooden box in white for their wedding guests to leave them some heartfelt messages for the day. Also, the couple had a barcode display for “honeymoon funds” for the guests to scan and leave them a present. The wedding dinner table for the couple was decorated similarly to the other tables. The signage on the chairs was interestingly witty. Instead of going for the “Mr. and Mrs.” or “His and Her” chair signages, they chose to add a “reserved for the bride” and “reserved for the groom” signage for their chairs. To top it off the couple are pet parents, and as a way to include their pets in their wedding, the two decided to add some details with their pets! They had a biscuit station, and the signage had two cute photos of their pets. Apart from that, they always had realistic pet figurines placed on their wedding cake. What’s more, there was a delicately designed stadium to pay homage to LSU among the wedding decor and details.

Before the reception party commenced, the happily married couple posed with the family. Taking turns, the parents of the bride and groom took a photo with the couple on their wedding day. And then, the couple took some photos with each other. Sophia and Drew were super easy to photograph. With their natural smiles and zeal, the two looked made for each other. And when the two had posed for some lovely couple photos to remember their wedding, the groom and the bride posed with the bridesmaids. The fountain in the lawns. Right after taking a photo with the bridesmaids, the groom decided to add his groomsmen to the photo as well! The groomsmen took one side, and the bridesmaids took the other side. With the brightest smiles, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers, posed for the photo. Right after that, the bride posed with her maid of honor, before going back to her reception party. After Sophia was done taking photos with her closest friends and family, it was Drew’s turn. Drew posed with his best man and the ring bearer before returning to the reception venue for the reception party.

The bride had decided not to change for the wedding reception.  The couple’s entrance was as classy as their wedding day, simple and fun. They walked hand-in-hand, smiling and waving at their wedding guests. Before the party started, the couple took the dance floor for the first time, our photographer took their first dance photos for the two, capturing the moment so that they could revisit it whenever they wanted to. They danced along, somewhat floating on the dance floor, the newlywed couple just danced along to the tunes of their favorite song. As the two were done, the couple took turns dancing with their parents, before opening the floor to the wedding guests. As the wedding guests took to the floor to dance, Sophia and Drew found their table and sat down. Enjoying looking at their friends and family and enjoying the day they had so carefully planned, warmed their hearts. After getting a few drinks from the bar, the couple decided to start with the last activities of the day, the bouquet toss and the wedding cake-cutting ceremony! With a big smile, Sophia tossed the bouquet over her shoulder so one of the wedding guests could catch it. Then, it was time for the cake-cutting ceremony. The couple walked to their four-tier cake which was decorated with floral details and pet figurines, hand-in-hand. After the cake-cutting ceremony, Drew picked up Sophia and planted a kiss on her lips, the wedding guests cheered and clapped. Surrounded by the love of many, Drew and Sophia tied the knot and spent the night creating memories they will cherish forever.

Selecting the Perfect Wedding Photographer in the City Of Your Dreams

As you have the perfect meat cute moment with the love of your life, go on dates that make your hearts beat faster, fall in love irrevocably, and ultimately decide to get married, there is a city that bears witness to the magic being unfolded. It is those Sunday branch picnics in Central Park in gorgeous New York City, for spending your evening watching the colorful Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas, it is the city that ends up becoming the playground for lovers. It’s the city that sees endless lunch dates in corner cafes, hikes to witness the glorious sunsets, and endless post-dinner walks through the busy streets, hand in hand as two hearts fall in love. It is the city that becomes the tapestry of your beautiful love story, every street a timestamp to a beautiful memory. So of course when it’s time to celebrate the most important day of your life, you want your city to shine as bright as you! Wedding photography with your favorite city in the background is the perfect love letter to the city that made you fall in love.

Choose Your Photographer in Your City

When it comes to getting married and captured in the city of your dreams, choosing your photographer for the job is extremely crucial. If only it was as easy as filtering your perfect dress as per your preference. Oh, wait! It is! You can now handpick your favorite photographer available in select cities and let the photographer of your choice capture your beautiful frames. Imagine finding the perfect photographer for you in the city who was a witness to your love story or means something important to you. So where do you get started? You can start by filling out our form to browse our exquisite collections and verify availability for your event in your chosen city. Pick a selection that is ideal for your requirements. After that, you can make an appointment to find out more. A brief appointment is just 30 to 45 minutes. After that, you can go for your online consultation, and choose from a variety of photography portfolios that we will display to you.

Dreamy Cities to Feature in your Dream Wedding!


No matter whether there is a wedding or not, Miami always guarantees a wonderful time! Miami is a magnificent city with stunning beaches, a tropical temperature, classic art deco structures, and an exciting nightlife that is just waiting to be discovered. Every shot is so wonderfully tropical, whether you are lounging on the shoreline or exploring the city streets, that it is a joy for photographers all over the globe! This lovely city is likely to not let down a couple getting engaged or married there. The city is located where Biscayne Bay and the Everglades meet. Miami offers something for everyone, from its breathtakingly gorgeous skyline to its aesthetically pleasing Art Deco Street. Although Miami’s bright energy makes for interesting photos, your tropical wedding photo ideas may also be complemented by Miami’s laid-back atmosphere. Maimi is a lover’s paradise and is bursting with picture possibilities for you and your lover to explore and capture.

San Francisco

San Francisco, one of the most beautiful cities in the US, will undoubtedly charm any tourist that enters the city and capture the hearts of the locals so they never want to leave. The stunning San Francisco Bay Area and the gorgeous skyline that the city offers will be appreciated by a true blue San Franciscan pair. Love permeates the city, making it simple for couples to declare their love and celebrate it there. San Francisco is one of the most picturesque cities in the country and the crown gem of Northern California. It is situated along the coast, with undulating hills, and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. The city is rich in history and has wonderful neighborhoods, parks, beaches, museums, and a ton of other things to do and see. Alcatraz Island and Fisherman’s Wharf are two of the most well-known landmarks, although there are many more places to see.


Philadelphia is a metropolis of stunning skylines and the vivid blue colors of the Schuylkill River. Because of these stunning vistas, Philadelphia looks straight out of a travel magazine. A photographer’s haven with a rainbow of hues, this location is a photogenic showstopper and is full of pleasant surprises. It is a city that maintains a sense of its historic past while still moving forward. A Philadelphia photographer may get the loveliest and most intriguing photos by focusing on this duality. Philadelphia is a beautiful city that is conveniently located near New York City, an hour from the coast, and a drive from the countryside. This makes it easy to go to and enjoy. Philadelphia’s social fabric is textured by the city’s wide-ranging and diverse cultural diversity. Every area in the city has its own character, food, and personality. The city has a strong sense of local culture. Philadelphia has a large variety of varied suburbs, ranging from Chesterbrook to Upper Providence Township. Philadelphia never falls short in terms of providing the ideal locations for you to declare your love, whether it be in the stunning Art MuseumThe Franklin Institute, or one of the hipster cafés and performances. We like everything about it, from its generally photogenic vistas to a strong sense of community, and stronger history to complement it all.

Los Angeles

Planning a wedding in Los Angeles? Los Angeles is the ideal setting for a love tale, with its recognizable towering palm trees carving the skyline and lovely beaches. There’s something complex and captivating about this city, which has a diverse topography and a resonant heart that is always buzzing. Perhaps it’s the nearby Hollywood, or perhaps it’s that inexplicable air of “cool.” There are celebrations and promised worlds everywhere, whether it’s Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, or the Santa Monica Pier with its attractions. It is magic waiting to be caught to have your own narrative told in this fantastical environment. Whatever your taste, you will discover that there are several spots to match your own feelings, which is what makes LA so diverse and welcoming. There is something for everyone, including white sand beaches, lush vineyards, and magnificent buildings like the Frank Lloyd Wright all-glass cathedral. Whether you’re planning a beach wedding in Malibu, Santa Monica, or Venice or seeking classic locations for timeless wedding photos in locations like The Beverly Hills Hotel or Griffith Park, there is a whole buffet to choose from.

New York

New York is undoubtedly a mindset and a very beautiful one at that! There is a reason why both photographers and lovers like this location: the sky-scraping high-rise structures, photogenic settings, classic black and yellow taxis that blend into the backdrop, and the refreshing diversity of people with diverse histories and tales all contribute to that! Many couples want to capture the shining jewels of the city: the Statue of Libertythe Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, historic districts, and various renowned museums. The High Line and One World Observatory in New York both offer distinctive vistas of the city. There are many things to see and do in New York at any time of the year and day or night. Due to the amazing contrast between the anonymity of city people and the inclusiveness of the metropolis, New York City will never stop surprising you in the most spectacular way.


Who wouldn’t want to get married in Chicago? Chicago is a full city that boasts the benefits of top-notch architecture, amazing artwork, and inspirational monuments and sculptures. It is a muse for photographers from all over the world. Every vista of the city is breathtaking enough to be framed and displayed as art. This metropolis, affectionately known as “Windy City,” has one of the most spectacular skylines in all of America. Chicago is an experience that only leaves behind smiles and pleasant memories, from jaw-droppingly unique architecture like the Cloud Gate and Sears Tower to invigorating jazz music and the magnificent Navy Pier. Chicago offers the perfect backdrop for you to shoot with the free-flowing Lake Michigan, gorgeous white-sand beaches, and entrancing parks! There are places that will steal your breath away while also leaving a trail of photographic wonders in their wake, so if you’ve picked this magnificent metropolis to be the canvas on which to sketch your love story, you are a lucky couple!

Dallas – Fort Worth

Dallas is a beautiful city with interesting historical tales to tell. It is also home to tall buildings, opulent restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife that is nearby. Dallas has several wonderful locations for weddings, from the lushness of gardens and parks to the rustic charm of the ranches. Dallas, the coolest city in north Texas, is all about going big, from the Dallas Cowboys to Mia’s Tex-Mex Restaurant. With its uplifting art and heartfelt music, it serves as the region’s economic and cultural hub and is a treasure trove of entertainment. Dallas is the perfect example of a southern city atmosphere coexisting harmoniously with expansive gardens, towering buildings, historic ports, and fashionable neighborhoods. The city is fond of its ancient buildings, which reflect the grandeur and aesthetic cultural representation as well as the continually changing urban environment. It is not just the location of the renowned Stockyards National Historic District, but it is also jam-packed with activities and stores themed after the Old West. Additionally, it includes a number of museums devoted to historic ranches that let visitors experience real cowboy life. Dallas is the ideal location for your wedding day due to its lovely scenery, plenty of parks, and inspiring architecture.


Atlanta is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, with its sweeping skylines and colorful sunsets. Atlanta, the capital of Georgia and one of the biggest and most important cities in the nation, undoubtedly makes a lasting impression. This is a city that never stops surprising and captivating, from the gorgeous Centennial Olympic Park to the vintage World of Coca-Cola museum today. Atlanta strikes a balance between the fast-paced metropolitan life and the essence of the South. The magnificent visual splendor of this dynamic metropolis will persuade you that it is the ideal playground for a photographer and the destination of choice for lovers from all over the globe. If you’ve decided to share your love story in Atlanta, you won’t be disappointed!

San Jose

San Jose, the third-largest city in California and the center of Silicon Valley, has its roots in the illustrious agricultural sector of the past. The Guadalupe River’s banks cut straight through the center of the city, highlighting various waterfront spots and well-liked tourist attractions. Your photography session in San Jose can be loaded with a wide variety of varying settings, from the Municipal Rose Garden, which was established in 1927 and features countless rose shrubs and manicured green spaces, to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, which is a house of genuine ancient Egypt artifacts. The Downtown region of San Jose is always buzzing and bustling with activities to capture couples in love set against famous, creative, and natural backdrops. The Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park, located in the center of Downtown San Jose and showcasing more than 2500 works of art, is a great place for couples who like vivid and dynamic backgrounds.


When it comes to weddings, the Twin Cities and the nearby city of Saint Paul are unrivaled. Minneapolis sometimes referred to as the City of Lakes, is a photographer’s and lovers’ dream come true. It is renowned for having severe winters and plenty of lakes. The Minneapolis Public Library, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Minnehaha Regional Park, Weisman Art MuseumWalker Art Center, Chain of Lakes Regional Park, Hidden Falls, Island Parks like Boom and Nicollet, Como Pavilion, and more make Minneapolis the top choice for photo sessions for the majority of newly engaged and married couples. Snow-covered dreamscapes, bright waterfalls, sparkling skylines, endearing lakes, and gorgeous parks surrounded by nature are just a few of the city’s features that will make your pre- and post-wedding days extraordinary. There are many different gorgeous settings in Minneapolis- both new and historic, and they bring in the perfect contrast that the city stands for!

There is something about getting married in your dream city which can feel extremely serendipitous. It is understandable why people might have strong preferences when it comes to their preferred city to get married in. What better than wearing a pretty dress, holding the love of your life close, in a city which saw it all happen? While that moment might be just perfect as it is, it will be justice well served if it’s captured perfectly by a skilled photographer. A wedding photographer who is well-versed with the city and knows the perfect place to get that WOW shot is something that can add value to your wedding album. And with that memory in your wedding album, you can always carry your favorite city in your heart forever. And with By Design Films now offering in select cities the option to hand select your photographer, you can now have your favorite photographer capture you and your spouse against your favorite city’s cityscape!

Spooky Halloween Wedding Cocktail Ideas

There are two kinds of people, the kind who will start dreaming of Christmas the moment the first leaf hits the ground and Halloween is just a milestone to be crossed along the way. And then there are the ones who make Halloween what it is-the ones who spend weeks discussing and preparing the costume, the ones who like to decorate their house, (and yard) in celebration, the ones who like to cuddle up by the crackling fire with a cup of hot chocolate and handful of candy corns as they watch the season’s spookiest movies! We are talking about the latter half in this blog because they bring the “fun” to Halloween. And when these people fall in love and decide to get married in the gorgeous landscape etched by the autumn season, can a Halloween wedding be far behind?

Speaking of Halloween-themed weddings, there is so much you can do, it can be almost overwhelming if you don’t have a theme in mind. You can go for a textbook spooky Halloween wedding with skull centerpieces, orange, black, and green decor elements, or you can go full gothic, with dark florals, a black wedding gown, and lots of moody decor and smoke bombs! But a Halloween wedding doesn’t have to be a full commitment, but can also be a nod to the festival, whether it’s subtle skull cufflinks, or a fun Halloween dessert or drink. Speaking of fun drinks, a dark and moody Halloween drink can surely wrap you up in the Halloween mood without much effort. These are the Halloween wedding cocktails that can truly set the tone for your Halloween wedding!

The Perfect Halloween Cocktail

We advise choosing wedding trademark drinks that have flavors of fresh fruit and are dark and rich in color. These are often ideal for weddings in the fall and winter. Including your individual touches as a couple in the planning of the wedding reception is one of the most popular methods. For a Halloween wedding, this simply means creating your customized his and hers cocktails. You can create two Halloween specialty cocktails for brides and two for grooms. Just have one of each to keep things even more straightforward. No matter what liquor you like, there is a great Halloween cocktail on this list that will please a wedding guest. This list includes drinks made with a variety of other spirits.

Creepy Halloween Vodka Punch

Without a punch, a wedding would not be complete. If your wedding is based around Halloween, your guests will love this dark cocktail. This recipe for black punch is enigmatic and great for unnerving your friends. However, moderation is advised as it is really delectable. Making this Halloween punch with booze is entertaining and simple. Before you begin, make sure all of the ingredients for this Halloween vodka punch recipe are thoroughly chilled. Vodka punch for Halloween at a wedding! Enjoy these if you’re seeking creative Halloween cocktail ideas to serve your wedding guests.

Smoking Skull Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is a very special celebration, especially if you serve this mouthwatering smoking skull Halloween cocktail to your wedding guests. Serving your guests a frightening cocktail is the best way to celebrate a fantastic Halloween wedding! You can’t get enough of the Halloween cocktails from these smoking skulls’ brilliant green color! The cups that the drinks are served in are actually the most interesting feature of them. Halloween drink recipes with smoking skulls! Enjoy these if you’re seeking creative Halloween cocktail suggestions to serve your wedding guests.

Poison Apple Halloween Cocktail

This Halloween, enjoy a delectable cocktail like the Poison Apple Halloween Cocktail. It’s a rum and schnapps-based apple daiquiri with a “poison” floater! What a cool thing! This Halloween beverage is a white rum-based spin on a cinnamon-apple daiquiri. You’re in for a wild party if you add some poison in tiny test tubes made of glass. This Halloween, make a tasty and well-known cocktail with the Poison Apple Halloween Cocktail. An apple daiquiri with a twist made with rum, schnapps, and a “poison” floater.

Spooky Halloween Sangria

You could want to include this spooky Halloween sangria for your guests if you are already in the planning stages of your unforgettable Halloween-themed wedding and you are finalizing your wedding food selections. Lots of fresh fall fruits, such as crunchy apples and blood oranges, are used in this Halloween sangria, which is also ideal for any fall wedding. If you are on a tight wedding budget, you should think about using pinot noir for this Halloween sangria because it is so inexpensive. Additionally, it is a fruity-tasting, lighter option for a red wine that goes well with any possible wedding food. We adore the deep color of the sangria and the blood-red hue of the oranges since they are ideal for this macabre event. Perhaps you’re organizing a Friendsgiving or a Spooky Halloween party this year, or you’re just getting together with friends to enjoy your wedding. This Halloween sangria is the ideal drink for this fall season, no matter how big or little the event.

Stormy Hallows Eve Rum Halloween Cocktail

This Halloween cocktail is the ideal libation for a Halloween party. This cocktail’s ingredients were drawn from the traditional rum and coke concoction. Therefore, if you enjoyed that, you will enjoy this. Your guests will be astonished by this Halloween cocktail’s sweet and mildly spicy flavor, which is a nod to your wedding’s Halloween theme. This flavor comes from cherry and ginger. This Halloween cocktail, the Stormy Hallows Eve Rum, is surprisingly easy to make, flavorful, and sparkly. It is ideal for weddings on Halloween!

Candy Corn Vodka Martini

This delectable Candy Corn Vodka Martini with Pop Rocks Rim is the perfect Halloween beverage if you’re looking for something frightening. Your Halloween party will be complete once you do this. This Candy Corn Vodka Martini recipe is a Halloween wedding hit, whether you like candy corn or not! It has the ideal color for Halloween and is a buttery powerful cocktail. And making it is quite simple. Don’t hesitate to give it a shot. Try this delicious Candy Corn vodka martini. This lively Halloween vodka martini is entertaining. Produced using handmade Candy Corn Vodka, the glass is rimmed with Pop Rocks. A fantastic drink for a cocktail party for Halloween!

The Witches Brew

Punch is a common choice to serve guests during weddings. We advise looking at this delectable Halloween drink. This recipe for Witches Brew Punch is very festive and enjoyable! It is easy to make, only requires 3 ingredients, and is delicious—perfect for any Halloween celebration! Although it is only a straightforward sangria, the use of dry ice gives it a frightening and unsettling particular effect.

Kiss of Dracula

Have you got your ghoul on yet? Cranberry, cherry, and vodka make the ideal combo for this horrifying Halloween cocktail. It is ringed with “candied blood” and decorated with plastic vampire teeth to complete the look.

Love Potion Cocktail

Firstly, let me express how much I adore the Barley & Sage Blog. If you enjoy making delicious meals, you ought to look into it. I made and enjoyed the cocktail called the Love Potion. The ingredients for this entertaining raspberry drink are vodka, ginger beer, and Chambord (raspberry liqueur). You will still enjoy the flavor combination of vodka and Chambord even if you are not a major lover of ginger beer. We’re sure you’ll adore this scrumptious Halloween cocktail on your wedding day.

Sour Apple Cocktail

Classic sour apple martini flavors are used to create this lovely Sour Apple Champagne Cocktail. It’s delectable, lovely, and certain to be popular at any wedding. At a wedding, serving champagne is always regarded as elegant. Serving this delectable champagne cocktail with sour apples will be a hit on your special day because of this.

Dead Man’s Kiss Black Cocktail

For your Halloween wedding, are you seeking eerie black cocktails? Then prepare a Dead Man’s Kiss, a sinister black cocktail recipe that will have your guests swooning! This spooky Halloween beverage calls for homemade black vodka. You only need to purchase some black rice in order to produce black vodka drinks like this Dead Man’s Kiss Cocktail. Making your own homemade black vodka is simple! At your Halloween wedding, go ahead and hypnotize your guests with this sweet and eerie black cocktail.

The Weeping Woman

This Halloween drink name is not only frightening, it is frightening in appearance too. On your special day, serve this alcoholic beverage. Dry ice produces a creepy trail of wispy smoke that resembles the long, flowing dress worn by La Llorona, a mother who is thought to have drowned her two children. La Llorona was a beautiful woman who drowned her children to be with a guy, and when he refused to be with her, she became insane, according to ancient Mexican tradition. She wails and wanders up and down bodies of water in the hereafter while searching for her children. This is a fantastic topic of discussion for any Halloween wedding.

Pumpkin Pie Punch

When speaking of Halloween, can pumpkins be far behind? This pumpkin-colored cocktail is ideal for Halloween! This wonderfully festive beverage is created with cream soda, apple cider, and pumpkin purée.

The Witch’s Heart

This gorgeous Halloween cocktail is ideal for wedding festivities. It will definitely dazzle your visitors. This cocktail is for you if you enjoy concocting potions and casting spells among swirls of glistening light and smoke. It’s quite easy to construct, and you may customize it however if you like.

Spooky Shots

Cotton candy shots feature cotton shots that can dissolve when a liquid touches it, so either dip it into the drink before downing it or allow the vodka-tonic to seep through the candy as you do. The Skull shot is another option. The theme for the evening will undoubtedly be set by this cocktail. This is now my go-to Halloween drink because it has all of my favorite alcoholic beverages, including coffee vodka, and Baileys, plus it also contains a shot of espresso.

Maleficent Halloween Cocktail

You should try this cocktail if you enjoy Disney. It’s the ideal Halloween cocktail for couples getting married in a Disney-inspired style. This lovely glittering Maleficent Halloween Cocktail is everything but frightful, despite being based on a malevolent fairy. Purple is a color that we adore. If you adore the color purple and want to serve it at your elaborate Halloween wedding, this is the drink for you. Try this eerie Halloween cocktail with Disney inspiration right away!

Black Magic Halloween Sangria

With red wine, vodka, raspberry liqueur, apple cider, and fresh fruit, this Black Magic Halloween Sangria Recipe creates a festive and spooky cocktail that is finished with effervescent Sprite or coke. If you enjoy Sangria, you’ll enjoy this tasty cocktail. It is the ideal Halloween cocktail. Look no farther than this eerie Halloween Sangria if your wedding is over the Halloween weekend and you want to serve a fun, festive, and simple cocktail! One of the finest eerie drinks for Halloween is this one! If you can’t celebrate Halloween with Halloween cocktails, what good is it? Your Halloween celebration will be spooky and good fun with these concoctions!

Wedding cocktails are a fun way to celebrate the lovers while also adding to the wedding theme and colors. An interesting drink can be a great conversation starter at cocktail parties and help the guests to mingle. It can act as decor, and entertainment, as well as serve the basic purpose of a drink. And the fun thing about wedding cocktails is that you can personalize them as per your wedding theme, colors, and narrative. You can get as crazy or tame as you would want, and you can also make them non-alcoholic to adhere to the sober guests! The options with Halloween-themed wedding cocktails are truly immense. You just need to pick a theme and have fun!

Timeless And Trendy Shots For Photographing Your Grand Affair

When it comes to planning a luxurious yet timeless wedding, there are so many things to consider, that there comes a point when wedding planning becomes stressful! There is so much that needs to be done and taken care of when it comes to planning a wedding that is memorable and becomes the talk of the town. And amongst all the wedding planning elements, your wedding photography and videography session is one of the most important that needs your utmost attention. Hiring professional wedding photographers and videographers and getting your wedding day photo shot list is something that you and your darling should do beforehand. Apart from you, it is the duty of your wedding photographer to make sure of all the timeless and trendy shots that will make your wedding day celebration nothing but a luxurious celebration through your wedding portfolio.

Before we go ahead and talk about the trendy wedding photography ideas for photographing your grand affair, let us tell you how luxury wedding photography is a bit different from the usual traditional wedding photography. When it comes to luxury wedding photography ideas, it all comes down to the style of your wedding photos that are captured, how they have captured all your beautiful and special moments, and lastly, what tools used by your talented wedding photographers during the wedding photography session.

Talking about photography trends then these days candid photography is quite popular at the moment, but about 45% of couples are opting for a mix of traditional and candid photography for their wedding day. And this is what you must opt for if you are planning to have a luxurious wedding photography experience on your wedding day. Luxurious wedding photography can be achieved simply by focusing on the luxurious elements that you and your darling have already thought of incorporating into your wedding days, such as the wedding decor, the transport for the convenience of your wedding guests, and your wedding exits, and other tools and elements to create that luxury focus and bring out the grand and expensive vibe to the best. Backlit wedding photos at night, for instance, are a great way to showcase the importance of you as a couple while also capturing the luxury of your big day. In short, all you want is that your wedding photography should make you feel luxurious, almost like royalty!

So, to offer you timeless and trendy shots for photographing your grand day in the best possible way, here are wedding photography ideas that will bring all the grandeur and luxurious vibes to your wedding portfolio in no time.

Bride Morning Getting-Ready Shots

We know that your wedding day is very important for you, but being a bride, the morning of your wedding day is very essential. While you are sitting in the lavish bridal suite of yours and wearing that satin silk robe and thinking of all the good times that you had spent with your darling and of course, all the lovely days that are going to come ahead and getting your makeup and hair done will offer great shot ideas to your talented wedding photographers to capture. Of course, you will want every moment of your big day to get captured in the best and timeless frames. Let your wedding photographer capture how you feel as you realize that you are just about to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. All these expressions when captured in the correct lighting and against the best backdrops will automatically elevate your wedding day bridal portraits while adding that smooth and glorious luxurious charm to them.

The Iconic Hanging Wedding Dress Shot

Of course, you have spent dollars and checked out almost every exquisite bridal store near you just to get that dreamy and perfect wedding dress for your grand and lavish wedding celebration. Now that it is the time to slip into that special designer wedding dress, and blow out everyone’s mind, how about getting it captured in the most stunning ways possible so that in your wedding portfolio, not only you, but your wedding dress also stands out?

There is no denying that apart from you and your sweetheart, your expensive designer and the one-of-a-kind wedding gown is also the star of the show. While it’s pristine and perfectly hung, your experienced wedding photographers and videographers will undoubtedly want to try a variety of wonderful wedding dress photos to highlight each chic and exquisite detail of your designer wedding gown. Well, of course for your wedding day, you have selected a grandeur wedding venue that is sure to host a wide range of interesting textures and colors, and this kind of setting will give your professional wedding photographers endless opportunities to set your wedding gown against then textures and get the best of the shots. You can also ask your wedding photographers to get some unique and artistic shots of your wedding dress. Consider heading the outdoors and let your wedding dress flow in the wind to have the most outstanding and trendy shots of your wedding dress.

Putting On The Dress Always Offers Timeless Shots

This is definitely not a normal “going out” kind of moment or the night. This is a whole process that is lovely, pretty, and photo-worthy at every step. After putting on the most expensive garment (your wedding dress) photos are indeed a great way to look back at what some brides describe as the “moment it all became so real and whimsical. Of course, you will be needing help from your stunning-looking bridesmaids and maid of honor to help you to look nothing but just flawless in your lovely and fabulous wedding gown. While all the ladies of your wedding party help you to get the look of nothing but leaving everyone breathtaking when you will walk down the aisle, this very exact moment involves a lot of movements offering tons of incredible opportunities to your wedding photographers for artistic and lavish photos that will surely elevate your wedding photo album!

Garter Putting On Pictures Will Bring Some Sensuousness

This very exact moment walks the line between romantic and sexy moments. We are very much sure that your sweetheart will not only appreciate but will also cherish a few pictures of you putting on the sexy and stylish garter. A slightly seductive photo that also looks innocent enough to share with the family gracefully combines the hint of lingerie and a little leg tactfully concealed by the wedding gown. These kinds of trendy shots will add an exquisite charm to your wedding photos.

Timeless Shots of Your Wedding Rings Before the Wedding Ceremony

There is a lot of time going into deciding over the perfect combination of lavish and pretty engagement rings and wedding bands. So, of course, a picture of each (engagement ring and wedding bands) goes on the list along with some beautiful group shots. There are a lot of different and unique ways by which you can arrange your rings together for some timeless shots.

Pretty Shots of Your Wedding Ceremony Arch

The decor of your wedding ceremony arch completely depends on the theme of your wedding day. Your wedding arch is going to be the backdrop for endless wedding photos that are going to be there in your wedding album. Wedding arches speak for themselves. They are gorgeous on their own. Beautifully embellished with flowers, leaves, vibes, and lovely satin fabrics, wedding arches can play tricks on the wind or can even make the light dance. However, the real magic is a metaphor. This is where it all began. Your wedding arch will also set the overall tone of your wedding day celebration and will bring out the grandeur of the celebration in the best possible way!

Wedding Party and Family Photos

The groomsmen have known the groom for years and are indeed his trusted advisors. Whereas, your bridesmaids are your closest confidants. Each group has its own inside jokes, secrets, and their own pleasing personality. Your wedding ceremony is the kind of union that happens between the bride and groom but also expands beyond to the besties. So, let your wedding photographer capture the lovely and precious moments when this extended ground meets and greets.

Once done with the wedding party photography session, let your wedding photographer capture everyone, including the team of both sides and of course your family members. Let, everyone, be in the same frame, at least for one shot.

Glamorous and Luxurious Wedding Day Reception Tables

Well, your wedding venue is a piece of art on its own. If you are planning a luxe wedding, then with minimal decoration your wedding venue will speak for itself. In order to have timeless and trendy shots that evoke grand and lavish vibes, make sure you are including a wide shot of your wedding reception areas in your wedding album. Ask your photographer to try a couple of vantage points to get the best of your wedding reception table settings along with the pretty floral arrangement, elegant wedding decor, and the entire lavish layout. Your reception tables are one of the smaller but important details that you will want to remember to get photographed by our professional wedding photographers. The centerpieces, flat, silver, and stemware, the tablecloth, candles, and other decorations are all details that will highlight your luxe wedding theme in the best way possible.

Some Detailed and Close-Up Shots of Your Wedding Reception Setting

Getting beautiful and detailed shots of your wedding reception area is very much needed as the professional photos of your wedding reception setting will exactly tell the story of your wedding celebration, and how grand it was. So, make sure that your hired experienced wedding photographers and videographers are capturing all of the thoroughly planned finer details. The table settings, floral arrangements, pretty decorations, stunning lighting decor, and everything else when documented gracefully will have their own story to tell in the most timeless and elegant way possible.

The Stunning and Sophisticated Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces do come in all shapes and sizes like tons of pretty and aromatic candles, a little bit of green nature, lots of beautiful flowers, and of course jewels if the lavish wedding is your thing. For your grand wedding, your wedding centerpiece has to be unique and thus it deserves a designated spot in your wedding album. Although your wedding centerpieces might include a lot of colors, and trust us, you will be surprised at how well a black and white wedding centerpiece photo will turn out and will add so much drama and character to your wedding day portfolio in no time!

Delicious and Eye-Pleasing Wedding Cake

Famous dessert chefs win awards for their lovely and picturesque wedding cake designs. And when it comes to you, of course, you have put a lot of thought into which one will be showcased on your big day celebration. All you have to do is to make sure that this tasty symbol of bliss is on your wedding album list. For a luxurious and grand wedding cake, the ideas are just endless. You can look for Pinterest boards for something chic and stunning.

Dramatic Wedding Exit Photo Ideas

We all know that a traditional wedding exit features a significant portion of rice being tossed into the air. But with changes in wedding trends and traditions, these days modern wedding exit photo ideas are getting much more appealing. If you feel like your inner child is still there, consider using balloons, streamers, floating lanterns, or even some of your favorite flower petals. If you are planning to make a great and dramatic impact during your wedding exit you can consider bringing in luxurious vintage cars or something unique that none of your wedding guests have ever thought of! Even a personal chopper will be an incredible idea too!

Concluding everything, all we want to say is that these are some of the timeless and trendy shots for photographing your grand affair in the best possible way. We always advise our couples to plan ahead and review their wedding photos checklist with their professional wedding photographer at least a week before the wedding ceremony, in order to ensure that all the desired moments that are priceless for you get captured on your big day!

Luxurious Royal Residences For A Regal Experience

As a young girl, did you always imagine getting married to your Prince Charming in a sprawling royal palace with gold gilded walls and endless spirals of Roman Corinthian columns that reach up to the sky? Regardless of your personal wedding style, whether you are looking for a simple wedding or going over the top by hosting a regency core-inspired wedding, nothing comes close to tying the knot inside a regal wedding venue steeped in the history of the royals from around the world. From tying the knot in an Irish Castle to getting married in a palatial wedding venue where actual royals started their forever, here are some of the most royal reception venues from around the world for your Cinderella-esque wedding.

Kingly Royal Wedding Venues For Your Forever:

St. George’s Chapel, England

What better place to start the list off than Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s preferred setting? Among British royalty, St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle is a well-known wedding location. Among other royal weddings, it served as the setting for Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ union. It is considered to be one of the most royal wedding venues in the entire world. St George’s Chapel is a place of worship for The Queen and the Royal Family as well as a church serving the local community. It is also one of England’s finest medieval chapels to get married in a royal way. The grounds of this royal-inspired venue can turn out to be the exquisite wedding venue for your Victorian garden wedding.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Planning for a winter wedding in warm climates? Check this royal wedding venue. Prince Rainier III of Monaco married actress Grace Kelly at the Palace of Monaco in April 1956. Kelly’s iconic wedding gown set the bar for all other royal wedding dresses. The palace was constructed in 1191, and numerous foreign powers bombarded and besieged it over the years. According to the website Palais Prince de Monaco, the palace is still a part of the 21st century and is still home to Albert II, the current Prince of Monaco.

Château d’Esclimont, France

Who wouldn’t love an exotic European-inspired wedding venue for their grand wedding? The Château d’Esclimont is a resort that is so beautiful that it might even surpass the location of Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding. The 52 guest rooms on this 150-acre property, which is located less than an hour outside of Paris. Couples interested in their services can get in touch with the estate for more details even though they don’t provide wedding pricing on their website.

Borromean Islands, Italy

Princess Grace’s grandson, Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi, married Beatrice Borromeo in 2015 in a series of two weddings that can only be described as “lavish” and “extravagant.” The second took place on one of the Borromean Islands in Lake Maggiore, Italy, while the first was a civil ceremony held in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. The bride’s family owns the islands. It is considered to be one of the top 5 locations for a dream destination wedding!

Almudena Cathedral, Spain

At Madrid’s Almudena Cathedral in May 2004, Felipe VI, the king of Spain, wed journalist Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano. The location was consecrated by Pope John Paul II in 1993, but their wedding was the first royal nuptial to ever take place there. The cathedral, which was constructed in the Gothic revival style, has a museum inside that educates visitors about the archdiocese of Madrid and the church’s past. It is perfect for every couple who loves artistic museum wedding venues with a touch of royalty.

Belvoir Castle, England 

Want to recreate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? Belvoir Castle is the place for you. You will feel like you are next in line for the throne just by being there because these magnificent English grounds are still home to royals. The castle can house up to 130 guests and has a chapel for ceremonies. Future newlyweds can get price quotes and make reservations by contacting the property.

Stockholm Palace, Sweden

In June 1976, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden wed Queen Silvia Renate Sommerlath at Stockholm Palace. Later, the Royal Chapel of the palace hosted the weddings of two of their children. This location has three museums as well as opulent royal apartments. According to the Swedish Royal Court website, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia Renate Sommerlath continue to reside in the palace and host official events there.

Mysore’s City Palace, India

There is a reason why South Asian weddings are considered to be one of the most beautiful celebrations in the world. And out of them, grand Indian weddings have always captured global attention from Nick and Priyanka’s to Deepika and Ranveer’s! If you want a grand Indian wedding for yourself head to this Indian palace in Mysore-  where in 2016, Yaduveer, the 27th Maharaja of the Kingdom of Mysore, wed Trishika, a member of the Dungarpur royal family, who was his childhood friend. In India, the royal family is regarded as one of the wealthiest families.

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

In 1981, Prince Charles wed Princess Diana for the first time in the revered St. Paul’s Cathedral setting. While getting married in this country is possible, you must adhere to a number of strict requirements, just like TV host Ade Adepitan. To get married here, you must be a part of the neighborhood, a member of the nearby Order of St. Michael and St. George’s Church, a British Empire Medal holder, or a member of the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor and their descendants.

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Luxembourg

According to The Telegraph, Grand Duke Henry, the current Grand Duke of Luxembourg, wed Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium in the cathedral in 1981. Grand Duke Guillaume, his eldest son, followed suit and wed there in 2012. The only cathedral in Luxembourg was initially constructed in 1613 as a Jesuit church. The royal family hired architect Hubert Schumacher in 1935 to enlarge and expand it. Its design combines Gothic and Renaissance styles. If you are a fan of Gothic architecture, this can be an amazing destination to make your engagement photo session memorable!

Boldt Castle, Canada 

Boldt Castle, a 120-room establishment on picturesque Heart Island, is located directly at the Canada and U.S. border on the St. Lawrence River. The lavish home was constructed for George Boldt’s wife, Louise, who was the former owner of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, in addition to having a romantic design. It can be the perfect location for your spring destination elopement as couples can book this wedding venue for just $200!

Basilica Santa Maria, Italy 

At Rome’s Basilica Santa Maria, Prince Amedeo of the House of Austria-Este married Italian journalist Elisabetta in 2014. Princess Beatrice of York, Princess Margaretha of Luxembourg, and the Belgian royal family were all present at this royal wedding celebration.

Château de Candé, France

The marriage of Edward VIII and Bessie Wallis Warfield Simpson quickly rose to the top of the list of royal nuptials in terms of controversy. The queen’s uncle, Edward VIII, relinquished the throne less than a year into his reign in order to wed Bessie Wallis who was an American. According to The Telegraph, they were married in June 1937 in the Chateau de Candé’s library. Despite the fact that the wedding lacked the typical pomp and show associated with royal weddings, notable figures like Baron Eugene Rothschild and Randolph Churchill were present.

Palace of Great Happiness, Bhutan 

The king of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, married Jetsun Pema, whose mother is Aum Sonam Chuki, a member of the Bumthang Pangtey family (one of the oldest noble families of Bhutan). On the eastern edge of the Himalayas is the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. In a private ceremony held in the Palace of Great Happiness, a private fortress in Punakha, the former capital, the couple exchanged vows in 2011.

Windsor Guildhall, Windsor

The civil union between Prince Charles and Camilla took place in this Grade I-listed structure in 2005. It is probably one of the dreamiest wedding venues across the globe. Later in the year, it also served as the location for pop royalty’s weddings when Elton John wed longtime partner David Furnish in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall. Couples from Windsor and outside the borough can hold ceremonies here because it is much less exclusive than many other royal wedding locations. Choose between the impressive Chamber, which can accommodate up to 100 guests for a ceremony, or the Ascot Room, where Charles exchanged vows and can accommodate up to 15 guests.

Oslo Cathedral, Norway

According to The Telegraph, Norway’s King Harald V wed Sonja Haraldsen in 1968 at Oslo Cathedral. His oldest son, Prince Haakon, wed here in 2001. The cathedral, which was constructed in 1694, still serves as the primary church for the Oslo Diocese of the Church of Norway, and the royal family holds weddings and funerals there. The baroque building also serves as the parish church for Oslo’s central district.

Rosecliff, Rhode Island 

Dreaming of having your wedding at a French château? Or looking for a castle wedding venue for your St. Patrick’s Day wedding? Why not have both? This magnificent Rosecliff mansion, which is much more conveniently situated in Rhode Island, was initially based on the baroque Grand Trianon of Versailles. The castle’s building was completed in 1902, and since then it has played host to a large number of celebrity weddings and social events. For $7,500, couples can reserve a four-hour event at the Rosecliff.

Basilique de Sainte Marie-Madeleine, France

Another French wedding venue makes the list. The Basilique de Sainte Marie-Madeleine, also known as the Benedictine Abbey Church, honors Mary Magdalene. According to The Telegraph, Prince Felix, the son of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, wed Claire Lademacher there. The stunning, magnificent building, which was restored in the 1800s, is perched atop a tranquil hill.

Cliveden House, Berkshire 

Before it was transformed into a hotel, several members of the royal family lived at Cliveden House, including Frederick, Prince of Wales, and the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland. Therefore, it makes sense that Meghan Markle picked to stay here the night before her nuptials. It is also the perfect summer destination for a luxe bachelorette trip! Take over the whole house for a memorable house party.

Abbey of La Cambre, Belgium 

The eldest child of the late Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma, and Princess Irene of the Netherlands, Prince Carlos married parliamentary journalist Annemarie Gualthérie Van Weezel in 2010. The ceremony was held in the church of the former abbey of La Cambre, which is located in a charming dell covered in trees.

Nidaros Cathedral, Norway 

Princess Martha Louise of Norway, a writer of both novels and short stories, wed Ari Behn in 2002. She is the daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja. In Trondheim, Norway’s Nidaros Cathedral, they exchanged vows.

Westminster Abbey, London 

There is a fair chance of you encountering challenges if you want to exchange vows at Westminster Abbey like the Queen and Prince Philip or the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. There are stringent requirements regarding who is eligible to marry here, just like at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Only royal weddings and ceremonies for recipients of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath and their families are held at the prestigious location.

Royal Palace, Jordan

Looking for an amazing wedding location that can turn into a dreamy winter honeymoon destination? Jordan’s King Abdullah bin al-Hussein and Queen Rania were wed at the Royal Palace in June 1993. The palace, where the couple resides and hosts official functions. During a royal tour of the Middle East in 2013, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Bowles, paid a visit to the king at the palace.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany 

The grounds of Neuschwanstein Castle, which were once the residence of Bavarian royalty, were made available to the public in 1886 and today draw more than a million tourists annually because of its magnificent views of the surrounding German countryside. Although it beats getting married in front of tens of thousands of visitors to an amusement park, this design served as the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. If interested, couples can get in touch with the venue to learn more about their wedding ceremony options.

Astor Courts, Rhinebeck, New York

Chelsea Clinton, the former first daughter, isn’t technically royalty, but in the United States, she comes close. In 2010, she wed Marc Mezvinsky at Astor Courts, a location with sleek, understated, elegant architecture and a lot of Corinthian columns. Madeleine Albright, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and Terry McAuliffe, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, were among those present.

Kensington Palace, London 

The King’s Gallery and King’s Drawing Room inside the palace, as well as the lovely Sunken Garden, where Prince Harry and Meghan announced their engagement in November 2017, are just a few locations on Kensington Palace’s grounds that can be reserved for weddings. The Orangery, which is on the grounds of Kensington Palace, can accommodate 150 guests for the ceremony, 120 for dinner and dancing, and up to 300 for a reception. It is the only location at the palace that is authorized for civil ceremonies. Nicky Hilton wed James Rothschild in a lavish ceremony in the historic structure in 2015. However, all of the other locations can be reserved for wedding receptions and will undoubtedly give the event a regal air. The Orangery lawn can be used for large wedding celebrations with up to 1,000 guests in the summer, while the Cupola Room makes a stunning setting for smaller weddings with up to 80 guests.

Osborne House, Isle of Wight 

Your wedding will be even more memorable thanks to the stunning venue that was once Queen Victoria’s family home. There are a variety of gorgeous locations to choose from, including the Duchess of Kent suite, which George V and Queen Mary used for their honeymoon, the picturesque Belvedere Terrace, which is perfect for an outdoor ceremony, and even the beach, where Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, and their family frequently spent time.

Glamis Castle, Scotland 

Since Sir John Lyon wed Princess Johanna, a princess, at Glamis Castle in 1376, the royal grounds have become a popular choice for couples looking for a distinctive setting for their wedding. The venue not only has a variety of lovely rooms for ceremonies and receptions, but the grounds also have sizable gardens that are perfect for taking the most romantic wedding photos. The website provides a brochure and contact information for more information.

Ashford Castle, Ireland 

The 83-room Ashford Castle hotel is located in the sleepy Irish village of Mayo and offers views of the tranquil countryside. Originally built in 1228, this hotel’s medieval-style architecture and tastefully decorated rooms will make visitors feel like royalty. The hotel not only makes a fantastic and unexpected honeymoon destination, but it also provides wedding packages with space for up to 160 guests. Requests for more details on reservations can be made through Ashford Castle.

Kew Palace, London 

Considering a smaller wedding reception? On the grounds of Kew Gardens, Kew Palace might be the ideal setting for a truly exceptional and memorable day. You could host up to 40 guests in the King’s Dining Room or up to 60 guests for a special reception in the Royal Kitchens, which are best known as the former residence of King George III, Queen Charlotte, and their children. Back then, cooks and servants used to prepare banquets for the royal family and their guests.

Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark

The largest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia and the location of the Museum of Natural History, which houses artifacts from 500 years of Danish history in the form of portraits, paintings, and furniture, Frederiksborg Castle was built in the 17th century by King Christian IV. The first wedding of Prince Joachim of Denmark took place there in 1995 as well.

Oheka Castle, New York 

Cinderella would have reserved this location if she had been a real bride! You wouldn’t know at first glance that Oheka Castle is actually on Long Island, New York. Although the wedding venue doesn’t publish prices online, we can assume that this is your best chance to create your own fairytale wedding. The elegant estate has all the refinement of a château in France.

Hillsborough Castle, Northern Ireland 

Where better to host a very regal wedding ceremony or reception than Hillsborough Castle, which serves as the Queen’s official residence when she travels to Northern Ireland and has also been visited by senior royals like Prince William and Kate? If you are planning a lavish celebration, the Georgian mansion has spaces indoors and outdoors where you can hold your events. There is space for up to 350 guests. The South Lawn or the State Rooms are both excellent choices for a summer wedding.

Hampton Court Palace, Surrey 

A beautiful backdrop for your wedding would be King Henry VIII’s former residence. The palace was not only the location of the King’s sixth and final nuptials to Catherine Parr, but Katherine Jenkins also wed Andrew Levitas there in 2014. The Little Banqueting House, the Garden Room, and the Orangery are just a few of the elegant and historically significant locations inside the palace where you can host your wedding.

Hluboká Castle, Czech Republic 

The newlyweds love to visit this castle from the Renaissance period. The castle, which is in the South Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, overlooks breathtaking views of the countryside and provides exclusive wedding packages.

Even if you aren’t born in the direct line for the throne, your wedding shouldn’t be less than that of a royal as you can still feel like royalty on your big day in one of these royal wedding residences. Whether you have always looked at celebrity love birds for wedding inspiration or have been a core follower of a royal, go for these A-list wedding venues for your Instagram-worthy wedding and walk in the footsteps of real-life royals and celebrities.