Where are you located?2019-01-22T09:52:55-07:00

While our post-production team primarily works their magic on your wedding films in Post Falls, Idaho, we have teams of local filmers located throughout all 50 states.

How long has byDesign been in business?2019-01-22T10:50:09-07:00

byDesign Films has been filming happy couples for about 5 years.

How do you find and select local filmers to join the byDesign team?2020-01-14T01:03:23-07:00

We have a very strong, very intentional vetting process for the filmers and have an acceptance rate of 4%. All filmers must have been filming weddings specifically for the last 3 years. We have a team whose sole purpose is to review their work and ensure it meets our strict quality standards.

How do you select the best filmers to work on our wedding?2020-01-14T05:17:05-07:00

Your filmers are hand-selected for your day based on the specific style you are looking for and availability of filmers. This is typically done 3-4 months before the wedding.

Do I get to meet my filmers before the wedding?2020-01-14T05:16:53-07:00

Once you have booked and your filmers are selected for your big day, you do have the chance to jump on a call with your lead filmer as well as your Project Coordinator so you can go over any questions and ideas that you have.

Who will be editing my film?2020-01-14T05:16:44-07:00

We have an entire award-winning team that specializes in specifically editing wedding films. Each member of the team brings a different background and editing style, which means they’re able to produce your film exactly how you’ve always dreamed!

How much input do I have into what goes into my film?2019-01-22T11:48:33-07:00

It’s important to us that you have as much input into your film as possible! Your Project Coordinator will work closely with you throughout your planning process to determine which moments are most important to you and which style of wedding film speaks to your heart. We also follow up after the big day to find out which moments you do and don’t want included in your film!

What does my Project Coordination team do?2020-01-14T01:04:49-07:00

Your Project Coordination team walks hand-in-hand with you throughout your entire planning process through the final delivery of your films. They go through your timeline in detail, specific shots you are looking for, music selection, and film inspirations so that we get a clear vision of your wedding day. They work closely with your filmers and editing team to ensure that everyone is on the same page. They also communicate with your venue and planner to get any necessary information and paperwork.

How do I receive my films?2020-01-14T05:16:36-07:00

All of our edited films are delivered digitally. This helps keep the integrity of the films intact and makes delivery practically instant. Once you receive the final version of your films they are your property to do with them as you choose. You can upload them to social media, download them onto DVDs, hard drives, etc.

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