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There are many occasions throughout life that deserve to be captured on film! There is truly nothing more precious than weaving a cinematic story of your life’s most important moments. Contact byDesign Films today for a custom film collection crafted specifically for your event.

Love Stories + Proposals

We know there’s so much more to your relationship than just the wedding. Capturing your proposal on film is the perfect way to take popping the question to the next level! A love story highlights the parts of your love that matter most – the day-to-day moments that made you the happy couple you are today.

Bar Mitzvahs + Birthdays

At byDesign Films, we believe that every occasion deserves celebrating! And when you’re celebrating with all of your friends and family together, it’s priceless to capture that beautiful moment on film. From bar and bat mitzvahs, to birthdays and engagement parties, we’ll be there!

Legacy Films

Your lifetime movie captures interviews, photographs, location footage, or major life events, and cinematic re-enactments of special moments. Your personalized Legacy film is a living photo album, left behind for those who know you, love you, and want to cherish your memory.

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