Throw The Ultimate Winter Bridal Shower With These Impressive Ideas

Drop in via the link below for the ultimate list of bridal shower ideas for a winter bride!

Drop in via the link below for the ultimate list of bridal shower ideas for a winter bride!

Just like engagements and weddings, bridal shower themes are all about unique experiences. You might be the type who would want to sit and play games while staying cozied up indoors or you are the fun activity type who would love an amazing and thrilling bridal shower activity idea that would involve you climbing a hill or riding a horse! Fresh bridal shower ideas go beyond opening gifts in front of a big audience and have become more experience-centric. From bringing a hot chef into the celebration to going for glamorous bridal shower themes with glitz and glitter, there is a whole new world for you to explore.


If you are a bride who musters all things warm and cozy, there is probably no better time to plan her pre-wedding celebration than the season of winter. Planning a bridal shower party will also entail choosing the perfect theme that will go with the season and activities that will be enjoyed by the whole team of to-be bridesmaids. From the moody and rustic color palettes to the fun winter festivities to the amazing snowy photo backdrop to the ample amount of greenery, your bridal shower inspiration during this festive time of the year can be anything but a cookie-cutter experience. From frosted greenery and metallic details to unique and luxe bridesmaids’ gift ideas, this is the season to showcase the warmth and love you have for your girlfriends.


Ultimate Winter-Themed Bridal Shower Ideas:


Host a Wine Tasting With a Professional Sommelier

Are you looking to host your big day with incredible wine-themed wedding ideas? Why not sprinkle the same theme for the bridal shower as well? After all, without some bubbles, what fun is a bridal shower? The sparkle of the snow outside is the ideal excuse to try a little something sparkling inside, whether or not your winter bridal shower has a New Year’s Eve theme. Plan a session of fun champagne or wine tasting for your friends so they can determine their preferences. Invite a wine expert to lead the group through a basic wine tasting instead of the customary mimosas. Theme the tasting after a destination you have visited or the location of your upcoming winter honeymoon destinations you have searched for yourself. For instance, if Tuscany is on your mind, long farm tables can be set up and an Italian family-style meal served, with various Tuscan wines paired with each course.


Snowy Backdrop 

Is there anything as magical as a cozy winter wedding that looks like a fable set in the Nordic countryside? Use a bridal shower theme that evokes a touch of holiday magic to celebrate the season. Put some traditional paper snowflakes, pine cones, and reindeer centerpieces in the room. For an added touch of holiday cheer, serve festive drinks like peppermint mochas, eggnog, and hot chocolate alongside sweet treats like cupcakes and gingerbread cookies. These enormous paper snowflakes are easy to make and were produced using a roll of white butcher paper. Place them against a wall or dangle them from the ceiling all around the room.


Learn The Art Of Calligraphy Together

In the age of technology, beautiful handwritten scripts are becoming more valued. So if you are going to write something by hand, such as mesmerizing winter wedding invites with hand-carved calligraphy, it better be done well. Enroll everyone in a calligraphy workshop so you can start learning how to write thank-you notes and address envelopes.


DIY Craft Projects

DIY wedding decorations can be anything from simple wedding signs to elaborate ceremony backdrops. There are some wonderful projects that would make for amazing bridal shower ideas for a night in with your girlfriends and that would give the wedding a lovely, individualized feel. Additionally, it adds distinctive handmade touches to your wedding that distinguish it from regular wedding ideas.


Make Your Own Cosmetics

Include that in your winter bridal shower idea because everyone wants to feel and look good! It will be enjoyable to make sugar scrubs and fragrant lip balms. Additionally, your girls can take them home and use them to achieve the desired glow before the big day. A perfumer can assist you in creating a unique scent, or you can have someone demonstrate to the group how to blend essential oils. These goodies can also turn into amazing bridesmaid gift ideas which you can give way to your A-team.


Invest In A Makeup Course

Simply because it’s your bridal shower, it’s time to get glam. Hire a makeup business to conduct a makeup class on-site; extra points if it is your wedding day MUA. You can concentrate on techniques like false lashes, smoky eyes, and highlighting and contouring. On your wedding day, your guests can use their newly acquired skills to look extra stunning.


Treat Yourself To Spa Days 

Does your girl gang enjoy wellness? You deserve a spa day with your friends after the chaos of the holiday season. Plan a shower with a spa theme to create a tranquil day. Give out luxe favors like premium hand cream or scrubs to tie the theme together. Serve acai bowls and cold-pressed juices alongside wellness discussions for a fun way to geek out on all things healthy. Invite a yoga instructor to teach a “vinyasa flow” class or to lead you in meditation. You can go to your favorite spa in the area or even make your own at-home treatments with your girlfriends, like body scrubs and hand lotions that come with fluffy robes!


Bring Out the Beyoncé in You

Probably one of our favorite out-of-the-box engagement ideas that can also be used to plan a bridal shower, dress for your own dance class and learn the steps to your favorite songs with your team of BFFs. To teach you and your guests a special dance, hire a choreographer. For instance, a Hawaiian wedding can use hula lessons and the guests at your Greek wedding can always learn the “Orea Pou Ine Nifi Mas” dance.


Set Up A Cocktail Bar For Seasonal Drinks

For your winter-themed bridal shower party, create a fun hot cocoa bar for the bride and your guests, and decorate it to go with the theme. Invest in creative cocktail bar signs that will be perfect for a country-themed winter bridal shower and can be used again at the wedding. For an Italian-inspired wedding idea, go for bougainvillea decorations as another dual-purpose decor! At the winter season bridal shower, a cocktail bar will undoubtedly be the ultimate photo op! Include a lot of colorful accents, such as greenery, berries, herbs, mulled spices, and cocktail stirrers. Make it yourself by mixing up a few pitchers of party drinks for a crowd using a few winter-themed cocktail recipes and decorating them with adorable labels and signs.


A Tarot Reading Session

Get all your chakras cleared before the big day and take the bride squad out for some positive vibes with a tarot reading and Reiki healing session. If you are planning a luxe bachelorette trip, go for a wellness-themed destination for the ultimate TLC!


DIY Favors For A Winter Shower

Since winter bridal shower games are difficult to sell, choose to work on a joint DIY project instead. Useful paint markers are available for your guests to personalize their own mugs. Make sure to offer some Pinterest inspiration by way of a few examples! These projects can be luxe gift ideas for your girlfriends if you get your craft materials from premium brands!


Go For A Gender-Neutral Theme 

Nowadays people are increasingly throwing bridal shower parties for their entire family and friends, not just the girls. Throw a lavish winter shower party and host a couple’s shower where guests can honor both you and your partner. Set up a bar with some of your preferred beverages, and either hire a DJ or play your go-to playlist.


Decadent Desserts For The Winter

Even though everyone has returned to their healthy eating habits after the holidays, we can still indulge in a dessert that qualifies as a cheat meal. Make a special dessert for the gathering, like a pomegranate pavlova. If not a bridal shower, this idea can be a luxe way to wow your guests at your reception!


Go For A Candle-Making Class

Attending a candle-making class is the ideal bridal experience. As a bride, you will be able to sample a lovely assortment of fragrances and essential oils, learn how to use them, and smell and test them. Find something nearby or enroll in an online course at a website specially dedicated to candle-making courses.


Glamorous Black-tie Event

Wear your most elegant attire and decorate your winter bridal shower with glitzy accents. To go along with your black tie theme, we suggest finding decor with some sparkling accents, such as silver and gold. So that your guests can prepare, be sure to mention the dress code on your bridal shower invitations as well.


Change the Way You Open Gifts

There are ways to make opening gifts a fun experience. Some brides feel like they need to open gifts in an entertaining way. By setting a timer for, say, every five minutes while you open the gifts, you can turn the performance into a bigger game. When the timer goes off, whoever is still opening their gift wins a prize, keeping the guests entertained and diverting some attention away from the bride.


Experience An BnB Bridal Shower

Searching for a distinctive activity that you don’t do every day? We all have spoken about reasons for choosing a BnB wedding venue and now it’s time to go for a BnB bridal shower experience. For inspiration, look at Airbnb bridal shower inspirations. You can search for ones with positive reviews among the localized, per-person activities. There are numerous activities available, such as classes on how to roll sushi, tattoo design, ghost tours, and hiking excursions.


Glam and Glitz Shower Theme

Is your bridal shower event more glitzy and less rustic? Winter is an excellent time of year for more formal themes. To create a posh atmosphere for the party, decorate your space with numerous shimmering, golden accents.


Stay Cozied Up Indoors 

Use the colder weather as inspiration for your winter bridal shower theme by having a cozy evening indoors! Plan a pajama party with all of your best female friends for a night of entertainment that includes drinks, games, movies, and other activities. You can have the gathering at your house or, for added luxury, book a suite at a nearby hotel. You can also go to a winter skiing resort to add to your “BFF Travel List!”


Learn Craft Cocktail 

You can gather your closest friends and family to learn the art of mixing craft cocktails. Hire a knowledgeable mixologist to teach your group the fundamentals of shaking and stirring to add unique flavors to traditional drinks like old-fashioned, martini, and daiquiri. It is a fun team-building activity that will give you something to do while enjoying something delectable to toast with. Not only can you all develop a useful hosting skill, but it will also give you a fun activity for your winter bridal shower.


Go For A Day Of Personal Shopping

Everyone wants a personal shopper, right? By holding your bridal shower at your favorite store, you can fulfill this dream for both your guests and yourself. Numerous local retailers and brands allow for private events where champagne is served along with canapés and personal shoppers assist guests in elevating their wardrobes. When making your plans, find out if the retailer offers discounts for private events. You may be able to save up to 20% on the ideal pair of shoes for your bachelorette party!


Develop Your DJ Spin Technique

You and your girlfriends can accomplish it if Paris Hilton can. Make arrangements for a masterclass with a neighborhood DJ or enroll in a spin class. You could hold a private workshop where your visitors could learn the fundamentals of the turntable, how to mix music, and of course, how to scratch in time. This can be the perfect way to stay warm on the chilly days of winter with your BFFs.


Use Winter Shower To Your Benefit 

Winter in many places is characterized by gloomy rainy days. Enjoy the weather by incorporating it into your “shower” theme. Sign an umbrella and use rain boots as vases as a guest book alternative.


Bring A Hot Chef 

Let’s get right to the point: Have a hot chef teach your ladies how to make their own homemade pasta or that elusive hollandaise for Eggs Benedict. The activity takes the focus off the bride-to-be and allows it to be more of a group celebration and strengthens the notion that the celebration is for everyone, not just the bride.


We speak a lot about our love for winter weddings and our favorite winter wedding ideas. And oftentimes we forget about all the pre-wedding winter celebrations that will lead up to the big day and dictate its inspirations. From some of the hottest bridal shower trends that look like a winter fairytale with all white bridal shower details to eccentric shower themes with retro and rustic touches, that enable you to steer away from the usual donuts and cocoa winter themes, there are many trendy bridal shower details that can help you to paint a hot image for your best friend. For starters, hosting a cold-weather bridal shower can have the seasonal warm beverages and festive decor, comfort food, and holiday-themed decorations that capture the spirit of both the bride-to-be and the most wonderful time of the year.


Pay homage to the winter season and infuse them into your bridal shower decor ideas or go for thoughtful bridal shower ideas. From incorporating the stunning blooms in greens of winter throughout the bridal shower venue to serving up a bridal shower menu with comfort foods to warm up your guests like a toasty meal by the fireplace, there are many winter-centric bridal shower inspirations that will flow naturally and beautifully.

Luxe Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriends that They Will Love & Adore

Looking to surprise the best girls in your life with some amazing gifts? Here are some ideas that will make your friends feel special!

Looking to surprise the best girls in your life with some amazing gifts? Here are some ideas that will make your friends feel special!

Your wedding day is incomplete without your favorite girls standing next to you. Since your girls are important to you and essential to your wedding experience, why not make an effort to make them feel loved and cared for? When you start planning your wedding, remember to plan your bridesmaid gift ideas as well. We suggest you start planning the gifts for your girlfriends after you delicately propose to your bridesmaids and maid of honor. The reason why we suggest that you should start looking early is to give you some cushion, time-wise that is. Because there’s a chance that if you’re looking to find a luxurious way to show your love to your lifelong girlfriends and throw a lavish wedding, you’ll want to personalize it all. Personalizing luxe gifts can take some time, and that’s why you should start early.

Now, before we dive into some amazing options to show some love, remember that the bridesmaid gifts and the gifts you decide to give to your bridesmaids when you ask them to be your bridesmaids are different. When you propose to your best girls to be a part of your wedding, you give them a token, a small way to show your love and appreciation. But bridesmaid gifts are different, more elaborate, and are given around the same time as your wedding. You can give them to your bridesmaids on the day of your wedding, or before it. For these gifts you should go all out and look for a gift that works amazingly for your girlfriends:

  1. A Selection of Wine

One of the best ways to make your girlfriends feel special is to give them a selection of wine bottles that they will absolutely love and adore. To make your gift excellent and wonderful, you can make a set of a bunch of wine bottles for your girlfriends as per their tastes. Be mindful of the flavors your girlfriends love, and select bottles of wine that they will absolutely enjoy drinking. If you want to make your bridesmaid gifts special, you can even gift your girlfriends a wine subscription box. You can choose a subscription to a service that allows your girlfriends to find the wine they love and try different tastes to extend their taste palette. Apart from this, you can also try to come up with an amazing way to incorporate wine into your plans. For example, you can offer a bottle of sparkling wine to your bridesmaids, each, when you ask them to be your bridesmaids, for your bridal shower all of your bridesmaids and girlfriends can go wine tasting and have a good time, and lastly, for gifts to your bridesmaids, you can send them a subscription to wine boxes!

  1. Beautiful Sentimental Photobooks 

Another way to help your girlfriends feel loved is to make a sentimental photobook for each of your girlfriends. This gift idea makes for a great gift even if you’re planning to shower your girlfriends with love for no reason. Whether it is a birthday gift or a simple token of appreciation, a photobook serves as a recap of the amazing times you have had together. You can pick out some of the best photos and arrange them to tell a story. You can choose a service to help you design a photo book that touches the hearts of your loved ones. What’s more, if you have a childhood friend, and you want to make them feel adored, this idea can help you touch their hearts and make them feel loved. If you’re looking for some ideas to create the perfect photo book, you can think about using a binder and go for an amazing scrapbook-style idea, and add some heartfelt letters to the binder for your friend to find and read. Another way to add beautiful words is to use some words or some script from your wedding if you have some! If you want to pamper your girlfriends better, how about creating a photo book with your smiling faces and adding another gift from our list to make your friends feel special! Or you could have a great wedding photo shoot and use some of the photos from your wedding for the photobook.

  1. Fitness Gifts! 

Fitness is an integral part of our lives, so why not shower your girlfriends with the perfect gym-friendly gifts? If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for your lovelies that help them stay fit, then you can create a goodie bag with accessories and products that will make their workouts easier, or you could choose to go with a big product, like Tempo Studio. Tempo Studio is an AI-powered gym buddy of sorts, it helps users to workout at home, and that too at their pace! However, that’s not all, there are several alternatives for Tempo Studio that you can choose for your girlfriends. If you’re looking to create a goody bag for your girlfriends, you can choose some products like a self-cleaning water bottle, which does exactly what it says, cleans itself on its own! Another luxe addition to your goodie bag can be the FaceGym Training Stick Minis Kit, which is a great way to take care of your skin while you work out! FaceGym is trusted by many celebs and has a line of products that help you to protect your face and skin. The training kit sticks are made with materials that work better when you seat, which means your gym-loving girlfriends will have an amazing way to take care of their skins! Apart from this, you can choose more products for your gym goodie bag for your girlfriends can be an ergonomic massager, massaging rollers, sports eyewear, energy bar subscriptions, or portable treadmills!

  1. Amazing Coffee-Lover’s Gifts

If your girlfriends love coffee and can’t go without it, how about choosing some amazing coffee-inspired gifts? By coffee-inspired gifts to make your friends happy we don’t mean look for some coffee beans, or a couple of mugs, we are talking about bigger things! One of the best ideas, we personally adore, is an amazing coffee machine! You can choose some unique types of coffee machines as gifts. For example, you can select a pretty espresso machine, a Belgian coffee maker, or you could look for a specific retro-styled lever espresso coffee machine. However, a quick note to keep in mind is that when you look for coffee machines, especially when you’re gifting them to your friends, consider the features and their lifestyle. Additionally, keep in mind if your friends have specific choices, for example, one of your friends could love operating a retro-styled manual coffee machine, while another could like an automatic coffee machine. Keep that in mind when you’re choosing a coffee machine. However, that’s not all that you can choose! You can add some charming touches by adding some designer geometric-styled designer mugs or tea sets. Apart from this, you can look at some sets with teapots, cups, and saucers as well!

  1. Makeup Kits for your Girls

Another way to make your girls feel exceptionally special is to create a perfect vanity box and the items you know they will love to use. Creating a makeup kit is quite easy because you can order the products you are sure they will absolutely adore to use, and have a custom-made vanity box for each of your girls. You can customize vanity boxes for your girls with their names or with lovely short quotes that either describe your friends best or a quote you’ll want them to remember, always. This adorable gift idea makes for the perfect gift for your girls because they’ll not only be able to use the makeup you gift them but will also be able to remember you! The vanity box can be repurposed and used for years to come! Or you could choose some makeup bags or travel cosmetic cases, and choose different colors for each of your friends. This will help you differentiate the gift you choose for them, but also will be able to add similarities for each of them! As for makeup and beauty products, you can choose some trustworthy high-end makeup to add to the box. You can choose to add some essentials that you know your girls will need, regardless of where they go they’ll have something to help them with. Apart from this, you can even add mascara, makeup brush sets, and lip liners. However, an easier way to add everything your best girls will have at their disposal is to choose makeup gifts sets for them! Additionally, you can perfume sets for each of your girls as per their preferences, or gift them a perfume box subscription to go with the vanity set!

  1. At-Home Spa Essentials!

When it comes to looking for gifts for your girls, is there anything better than a good old pampering at home? If you want to help your girls feel their best and relaxed without leaving their homes, then how about giving them the luxury of a spa at home? Before we get into what to choose for your ladies, you can add an at-home spa goodie bag to the vanity box we just discussed above! This will make a complete beauty care experience for your girls. Now, let’s talk about what you can add to your at-home spa kit! First things first, to help your girls have the complete spa experience at home, use add some luxury essential oils and an oil diffuser to build the atmosphere in their home. Next, add some amazing luxe scented candles in the kit as well. Once you have these selected, look for all-natural spa kits for your loved ones. All-natural spa kit gift sets will help you to ensure that all of your girls can use the products without worrying about any allergies or reactions. This also helps you feel more confident when you pamper your best ladies with all the love they need.

  1. For Alcohol Experts and Enthusiasts a Cocktail Set

When you get married, emotions are high, and everyone is in a celebratory mood. Why not extend the celebrations even after your best girls go back to their homes? A great way to choose a sentimental gift for your girls is by putting together a basket of drinks and cocktails they love! There are a few ways to go about it, you can either choose to create a set of cocktail drink mixers and tools as a gift to your girlfriends or choose to purchase a set of signature drinks, in the flavors they will love! Another way to add a touch of sentimental value to the gift for the girls, you can choose to bottle up some of your wedding’s signature cocktails for the girls to enjoy later, after the wedding day is over. You can choose pretty bottles and customize them with your wedding colors and messages.  This can be different from the custom bottles you want to serve at your weddings. Apart from this, you can also think about customizing drinks, for example choosing personalized gifts like tailored gins will help you make your girls feel adored, loved and special.

Although the list of amazingly luxurious gifts for your best girls is endless, we listed down some of the best ones. We know that when you’re choosing a gift that captures your sentiments best, there are no limits to the extent you’ll go. To make your search for the perfect gift for girlfriends easy, we found some ideas that work on both fronts, the luxuriously generous front and the sentimental front. And just like it is with your elaborate wedding planning ideas, we’ll like to bring to your attention that these are just ideas, meaning you can tinker with the items you add to the gift options. Apart from this, you can even mix and match different options on our list to make your girls happy! Always remember to consider the likes and dislikes of your friends, especially when you’re looking to select a timeless gift for them to remember your special, special day with. Another thing to remember is that the ideas for gifts in our list are not just for your best ladies, they can also be used to show love and appreciation for mothers, aunts, and other important female figures in your lives!