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10 Moments You’ll Definitely Want To Include On Your Must-Have Shot List

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”827″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]When you hire a videographer to film your wedding, it’s helpful to clue them into the aspects of your day that are most important to you to make your film exactly everything you’ve dreamed of! These are some of the most essential moments to include on your “must-haves” list, and the best way to relay them to your videography team!

Getting Ready – Guys AND Gals

The time spent getting ready on your big day is arguably favorite. It’s the “calm before the storm,” when everyone is relaxed and brimming with anticipation for the events to come. Make sure to ask your videographer about your timeline or adding a second shooter – that way they can capture BOTH parties in pre-wedding mode. It’s one of the only times you spend apart on your wedding day, and you will treasure watching the love of your life get ready for the big moment!


Chances are, you spent months and months planning your wedding to make sure every detail was perfect – from the escort cards to the favors guests took home. Be sure to cue your videography team into any extra-special details, but don’t be afraid to include the usual stuff too! Create a little box with a copy of your invitation suite and let them know you’d love shots of your engagement ring, the custom champagne flutes, etc.

Aerial Footage Of Your Venue

If it’s permitted at your venue to capture aerial footage, this can be one of the most stunning and theatric moments of your wedding film. Seeing your venue from an aerial perspective is so special and the most dramatic way to take the memories of your day to the next level!

First Look

Whether you are doing a “first look” or seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle, you’ll want to capture all of the romantic feels! This is another time when a second shooter comes in handy because they can capture both of your facial expressions. And don’t forget any other “first looks” throughout the day – consider your bridesmaids, father of the bride, siblings, etc. The looks of surprise and love are something you’ll definitely treasure.


It doesn’t matter if you wrote your own or are using traditional vows, you’ll want them captured on film! Give your team a heads up so they know the general timeline of your ceremony and whether your vows will be personalized or not so they can best capture them.

First Kiss As A Married Couple!

How could we leave out the first kiss? This may seem like an obvious one, but consider the moments surrounding the kiss. Do you want your film to feature “I now pronounce you…” Are you going to stop at the end of the aisle for a fun dip or fist pump?


Believe it or not, the order of events during different wedding receptions varies a LOT! The more detailed your timeline is, the more likely it is that your filming team will be able to record every important moment. Providing a detailed list of who’s speaking when is extremely helpful!

First Dance

Your first dance with your new spouse, parent dances, and any other features dances are essential parts of any wedding film. Planning a surprise choreographed dance? Don’t let it be a surprise to your videographer!

Breaking Down The Dance Floor

Speaking of dancing, make sure your filmer knows to get out there on the dance floor. It’s where your guests will be letting loose and having a great time – so you’ll love all the different expressions they will capture!

Anything Totally Unique To Your Day

Are you doing a meaningful cultural tradition on your wedding day? Do you have custom details that took hours and hours to coordinate? Are you surprising everyone with a burger delivery at the end of the night? The more information your videography team has, the better footage they can get to create a truly holistic vision of your day!

Most Importantly…

Don’t Forget The Candid Moments!

The candid moments throughout your wedding day WILL be your favorite – trust us! If there are people you especially want candid shots of, don’t be afraid to provide pictures ahead of time. But for the most part, this is where you let your filmers do their thing. They are experienced professionals who’ve done this a time or two and know what to look for. Put your trust in them to create an incredible cinematic representation of your day.

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