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The Splendid, Reagalcore Wedding Of Nicole And Drew Alleman

The city of impressive urbanscape, Houston, is as inviting as it is wonderful. The large skyscrapers, Beyonce’s hometown, and NASA have much to offer.  The tithing about Houston is, it is perfect for city life with a twist of country, the love of rodeos, and bustling city life, all blended in a quirky mix, and it is wonderful. On September 9th, 2022, our Houston photographer had the chance to meet a beautiful couple. The day of the wedding was as perfect as one can imagine, crisp, clear, and just beautiful. Dressed to nine, the couple tied the knot among their closest friends and family. With happy smiles and cheers plastered on their faces, the day went smoothly, and the newlywed couple enjoyed the day they had planned so carefully. Before we take you through the magical day’s events, let’s get this out in the open, the wedding day was dressed in classy colors, the couple’s outfits were not only lovely but fashionable and the day was a great celebration of love.

Houston is one of those cities that has much to offer. A great place to see things, and create memories. From dining and shopping to beautiful tourist attractions, the city has much to offer. Above all, the natural abundance of the city is perfect for a date, photos, and spending time surrounded by nothing but nature, away from the daily grind. For the wedding, the couple chose a wonderful wedding reception, The Astorian. The venue was everything you’d expect of an amazing wedding venue, high ceilings, artistic details, and mesmerizing charm. The couple’s choice of a regal-esque wedding celebration was reflected in the choice of their wedding venue and wedding details. The Astorian was established back in the mid-1900s, and today stands as a throwback to the 1920’s glam and charm. The venue is complete with beautiful lawns, an amazing fountain at the entrance, artwork displays from some of the best artists, handmade mosaics, sculptures, large banquet halls, floating lights in the ceiling, and floor-to-ceiling windows. From the moment you set your eyes on the venue, you’d know this is the dream location for a celebration of love, joy, and a new beginning. The venue welcomes you with open arms and transports you to a different time and place. The alluring charms of the wedding venue paired with the lovely black, bronze, and white wedding theme chosen by the couple gave us the chance to witness a beautifully romantic wedding.

The wedding day details were simple, yet extravagant. Sophia and Drew had decided to have their wedding ceremony and the reception in the same venue. The wedding ceremony was to take place in a different area, yet close to the reception area. Although the couple decided to have an indoor wedding ceremony, the couple had picked out a perfect wedding arbor for their nuptials. The big arbor was dressed in greenery, white, and peach flowers. The combination of the flowers was similar to the floral decor details in the wedding reception as well. To make the wedding decor even pettier, the couple picked out some lovely white drapes. The couple chose to have their wedding ceremony’s entrance as well, which separated the wedding ceremony from the reception, giving it a wonderful look. A floral hand-tied bouquet was used as overhanging decor for the entrance. For the wedding reception’s tablescape, the couple chose to keep things minimal and classy. Every table had a centerpiece, created out of similar flowers and greenery. However, the only difference was the couple chose a long-stemmed centerpiece and a smaller one, to be placed on the table. These arrangements were placed alternatively on the tables! To make the tablescape dreamier, the couple chose to add small candles, placed on the tables. The candle holders were gold stemmed with a clear holder to cover them. Similar to the wedding arbor, the couple had picked out a beautiful greenery backdrop for the reception venue, bordered by floral details and neon signage. The neon signage was a nod to Sophia and Drew’s last name, The Allemans. Cursive neon pink signage on a greenery backdrop was just perfect for the reception!

Before Sophia Nowicki took her soulmate’s last name, the day began with much anticipation. The wedding ceremony was to take place in the evening, so the couple decided to get dressed in the afternoon for the day. They chose to dress separately. Before our photographer took some getting-ready photos of the couple, they decided to take some detailed photos of the decor. Starting with the wedding ring, our photographer captured every detail that went into creating the day! The diamond-encrusted ring suited the soon-to-be bride well. Next, our wedding photographer took photos of the wedding invites the couple had sent to their friends and family. The ash-blue envelope fit charmingly well with their wedding theme. The wedding invitations were simple and bore a resemblance to the wedding theme colors with white background of the cards with golden borders and cursive letters. Sophia’s wedding day shoes and her perfume for the day were set together with the lace ribbons as well. Additionally, our photographer decided to take a photo of the wedding stationery, rings, and jewelry for the day. Before the bride arrived, our wedding photographer took some detailed shots of the wedding dress as well.

Sophia had picked out a wonderful white plunge dress with a train and lace sleeves. The lace sleeves had floral details. To make her day perfect, she had also picked out a lovely dress hanger with Mrs. Alleman written on it. The name was joined with a heart. For their getting-ready photos, the bride was dressed in a satin white set, the bridesmaids had pink satin robes, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom wore a beautiful white satin robe with speckles of pink, purple and blue, while the flower girls chose pretty shorts. Before getting dressed for the wedding, the bride and her party sat down for a quick chat and went over the day’s events. As everyone was starting to get dressed, the bride sat down to get her make-up in place for the day. Sophia decided to go for a dramatic make-up look, with a heavy emphasis on her eyes. As Sophia’s make-up artist was helping her put on the make-up, the flower girls, bridesmaids, and the mother of the bride and groom got dressed. All of them helped Sophia put on her wedding dress. Sophia couldn’t stop smiling. Her mother and the groom’s mother looked at the bride-to-be with warm eyes and an even warmer smile. As the bride put on her earrings, she sat down to get her hair accessory fixed. Her earrings and the hair accessory went well together. The make-up artist helped Sophia fix the hairpiece, and then she was ready to go! The bride’s father was waiting right outside for her. As Sophia stepped out of the dressing room, her father looked at his daughter and smiled. His daughter looked as beautiful as always. Sighing, he slowly took his daughter’s hands in his and kissed them. Smiling at her father’s expression, Sophia smiled softly. The father of the bride was dressed in a midnight black tuxedo, paired with a black bow tie. Before making her way down to the wedding ceremony, the bride stopped for a few photos. Styling her wedding dress’ train in a way to make it look like a mermaid’s tail, she took the center spot as her bridesmaids, and one of her guy friends, who was also a bridesmaid, took their place around her in the group photo. All of the bridesmaids were dressed in blush pink outfits. Then, she posed for bridal portrait photos. Before making her way down to the wedding ceremony venue, Sophia put on her veil. Her chapel-length veil went well with her mermaid-like wedding dress.

As the bride had been dressing up, the groom had been too. The boys and the groom took no time dressing up for the occasion. Just like the girls, they sat down for a chat and talked about their old memories. As the time for the wedding ceremony drew closer, Drew and his groomsmen put on their outfits for the day. The groom and the groomsmen had decided to wear classy all-black suits with white dress shirts. To make the groom stand out from his groomsmen, the groom put on a bow tie. The boys completed their outfits with black dress shoes. Before meeting his soon-to-be wife, Drew sat down in a corner of the dressing room, thinking about the day that was to follow and the beautiful memories he will be creating! His smile couldn’t contain the excitement he felt for the day. Before the bride arrived and the wedding ceremony could start, Drew posed for some portraits as well! Posing under the right conditions, he smiled at the camera and then posed with a poised looking-away-from-the-camera pose. Then for the last photo, before the wedding ceremony could start, he posed with his groomsmen! The group of groomsmen spread out in the space to add a dramatic effect to their group photo.

And before they knew it, it was time for the wedding ceremony to begin. The guests found their spots in the chairs, and the groom and his groomsmen stood at the altar, waiting for the bride to come walking down the aisle. As the room rested in a silent murmur, the groom’s eyes remained fixated on the door, waiting for the love of his life to walk in at any given moment. And then, he heard the music start, and he knew Sophia was about to enter. Softly easing his shoulders, Drew waited a little longer. The drapes separated, and Sophia walked in, arm in arm, with her father. Her large cascading bouquet of white flowers and greenery bobbed up and down as she walked. The room full of wedding guests’ murmurs fell silent as the bride walked down the aisle, and Drew couldn’t stop his broad smile. It was easy to imagine what Drew must be thinking at that moment, as he saw her walk towards him, towards a new life the both of them were going to start together. As she reached the altar, Drew stretched out his hand, to help her onto the altar, and smiled softly at her. Taking his arm, she softly giggled and took her spot next to him. During the ceremony, the guests held their breaths as the couple took their vows. Both of their vows moved their parents to tears. And when the officiant anointed, “you may kiss the bride,” the couple did just that and the entire room erupted in happy cheers and claps. With smiles on their faces, the two slowly walked down the aisle as a married couple.

Before the wedding reception took place, the guests and the newlywed couple took some time off. The bride and groom decided that it would be the perfect time to take some wedding photos. As the groom and the bride sat down for a few minutes before posing for the photos, our wedding photographer took some wedding detail photos. The couple had gone above and beyond to maintain the charmingly classy aesthetic for their wedding. The reception decor details included old-school mantle clocks and some interesting splashes of modernistic details. The couple chose to have a rustic wooden box in white for their wedding guests to leave them some heartfelt messages for the day. Also, the couple had a barcode display for “honeymoon funds” for the guests to scan and leave them a present. The wedding dinner table for the couple was decorated similarly to the other tables. The signage on the chairs was interestingly witty. Instead of going for the “Mr. and Mrs.” or “His and Her” chair signages, they chose to add a “reserved for the bride” and “reserved for the groom” signage for their chairs. To top it off the couple are pet parents, and as a way to include their pets in their wedding, the two decided to add some details with their pets! They had a biscuit station, and the signage had two cute photos of their pets. Apart from that, they always had realistic pet figurines placed on their wedding cake. What’s more, there was a delicately designed stadium to pay homage to LSU among the wedding decor and details.

Before the reception party commenced, the happily married couple posed with the family. Taking turns, the parents of the bride and groom took a photo with the couple on their wedding day. And then, the couple took some photos with each other. Sophia and Drew were super easy to photograph. With their natural smiles and zeal, the two looked made for each other. And when the two had posed for some lovely couple photos to remember their wedding, the groom and the bride posed with the bridesmaids. The fountain in the lawns. Right after taking a photo with the bridesmaids, the groom decided to add his groomsmen to the photo as well! The groomsmen took one side, and the bridesmaids took the other side. With the brightest smiles, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers, posed for the photo. Right after that, the bride posed with her maid of honor, before going back to her reception party. After Sophia was done taking photos with her closest friends and family, it was Drew’s turn. Drew posed with his best man and the ring bearer before returning to the reception venue for the reception party.

The bride had decided not to change for the wedding reception.  The couple’s entrance was as classy as their wedding day, simple and fun. They walked hand-in-hand, smiling and waving at their wedding guests. Before the party started, the couple took the dance floor for the first time, our photographer took their first dance photos for the two, capturing the moment so that they could revisit it whenever they wanted to. They danced along, somewhat floating on the dance floor, the newlywed couple just danced along to the tunes of their favorite song. As the two were done, the couple took turns dancing with their parents, before opening the floor to the wedding guests. As the wedding guests took to the floor to dance, Sophia and Drew found their table and sat down. Enjoying looking at their friends and family and enjoying the day they had so carefully planned, warmed their hearts. After getting a few drinks from the bar, the couple decided to start with the last activities of the day, the bouquet toss and the wedding cake-cutting ceremony! With a big smile, Sophia tossed the bouquet over her shoulder so one of the wedding guests could catch it. Then, it was time for the cake-cutting ceremony. The couple walked to their four-tier cake which was decorated with floral details and pet figurines, hand-in-hand. After the cake-cutting ceremony, Drew picked up Sophia and planted a kiss on her lips, the wedding guests cheered and clapped. Surrounded by the love of many, Drew and Sophia tied the knot and spent the night creating memories they will cherish forever.

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