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Dreamy Places Around The World For A Holiday-Themed Proposal!

Met the love of your life and want to ask them to marry you? Well, we have just the list for you! We have compiled a list of some of the dreamiest places in the world, which give you a lovely, scenic, and romantic backdrop! If you’re planning to travel to a different part of the world with your partner, make sure that you find a place that your partner will love. And to make matters even better, make sure you take photos! For the proposal, especially if it is a fun surprise, you can hire a photographer and let them know of the plan so that you take photos of your partner and even your expressions! Also, photos from your proposal can work as a great save-the-date card or even a beautiful addition to your wedding decor!

Holiday-Themed Proposal: Beautiful Cityscapes Edition

For those who love cities, and scenic views with no mountains and beaches in sight, we have a few picks for you!

  1. Paris, France 

Is there any other place that gives you a better, more romantic scene for a proposal than Paris? The fashion capital of the world is known for always being lovely, a place where love is always in the air! If you’re thinking of proposing to the love of your life in the most romantic way, then this is the place for you! Not only do we think that Paris is the perfect place to get on one knee and propose, but you can come back after a romantic wedding for an elaborate French honeymoon! For the proposal, you can plan a day of different activities, from sightseeing to an intimate picnic in Luxembourg Palace and Gardens, or taking a scenic cruise down the River Seine. And for the final activity of the day, plan a visit to the Eiffel Tower, take a stroll and then make reservations in one of the finest restaurants overlooking the Eiffel Tower. In between your dinner, you can plan a beautiful proposal. You can hire a group of musicians and have the area decorated for the big question! You can celebrate your “just engaged” moment by enjoying the beauty of the city or by taking a trip to nearby places!

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is often called the golden city of a hundred spires, (or “The golden city of five hundred spires” and “The golden city of one thousand spires,” depending on whichever nickname you like the most), is the perfect place to have a romantic getaway, and to pop the question! The city is called the golden city of spires, the number of spires is often different, courtesy of the massive cathedrals in the city with their pointy tops. And that, the beautiful cathedrals that tower over the city, give it an impressive vibe. One of the best things about this city is that it will make you fall in love with love as well! The city is a beautiful mix of cathedrals, chapels, lovely scenic sights, horse-drawn carriages, and many, many restaurants. The city will not only give you a lot to do with your partner but will also have you wishing you never left! What’s more, once you pop the question, you can also easily go back to throw a destination wedding. And if you’re not planning on throwing a wedding with many people, you can easily have a beautiful elopement wedding.

  1. Marrakech, Morocco

    Marrakech is one of the most visited cities in Morocco, and even more so in recent years. One of the first cultural capitals in Africa, Although the first two options were uber romantic, this one is a little different. Bright and sunny, Marrakech is home to many intricately designed and colorful spaces. Whether it is about going through different markets, souks, or even to museums, learning about the different faces of the city, there’s much to do. A great thing about this city is that it is filled with lip-smacking food! You can spend the entire day visiting different places, such as the beautiful botanical garden created by the French artist, Jacques Majorelle, Musée des Confluences, Riad Yima Tea Room, and the local coffee shops! And if you and your partner fall in love with the place, you guys can come back to throw a fantastic wedding here!

  1.  Tuscany, Florence

    Tuscany is one of the most romantic places to visit. With expansive fields, cheese, wine, bread, and winding roads, Tuscany will make you feel like you’re in a movie! If you’re wondering where and how to pop the question to the love of your life, then there’s a lot you can do here. You can plan a beautifully planned date night, with a day full of different activities so that you and your partner can enjoy the time together. You can plan a day of wine tasting, cheese tasting, lunch at a villa surrounded by limitless scenic views, or even take a hot air balloon ride with your soulmate. And then in the evening, you can enjoy a pleasant evening in one of the most romantic hotels or stays in the city! Or better yet, if you’re in the mood for an intimate proposal, you can end the night by going to hot springs with your partner, and here, when you’re alone and reminiscing about the day’s lovely memories, you can pop the question, and bring some inspiration back for your wedding!

Holiday-Themed Proposal: Beautiful Mountains Edition

Love the rolling hills and beautiful snow-capped mountains, then we have some cities that give you the experience you crave!

  1. Wengen, Switzerland

    One of the prettiest towns in the small landlocked country, Wengen gives you ethereal and dreamy. The beautiful town welcomes you with open arms to experience the best sights of the world. The town boasts wonderful scenic views of the alps around and gives you a postcard photo-like view of the town’s architecture. Wengen is completely car-free, to reach the city you’ll need to take the train, and in the city, you’ll have cable cars, and everything about it is a quaint town is romantic. You can get on a knee as you’re exploring the town, you can find a charming coffee shop to pop the question, or use the picturesque city to ask the important question, “will you marry me?”. And what’s more, you can use the proposal photos to set the tone for a delicate celebration of your love when you plan your wedding.

  1. Angel Falls, Venezuela

    Angel Falls is one of the most majestically beautiful falls in the entire world. Touted as the largest uninterrupted waterfall in the world, this one offers you a wonderful look. Just looking at it will make you forget about the world and leave you in awe. And what we love the most about this is Venezuela is vibrant, and this South American country is very close to some of the best and most beautiful Caribbean beaches. So, after you pop the question, and you two feel that you want to tie the knot instantly, you can have a beach elopement right after!

  1. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

    If you’re looking for a place that not only gives you a backdrop to get on a knee and a vacation spot but also a scenic view to get married in, then this is the place for you! The fun bit is that the Cliffs of Moher stand about 700 feet above sea level, and are usually known as “the cliffs.” As they say, the best of Ireland lies beyond Dublin, and you can experience the wondrous beauty of the country with your partner. The reason why Cliffs of Mother makes it to our list is simply because of the scenic beauty. But then, there’s more to it. First of all, there are winding paths that take you to the top. And then, there’s a boat ride, right under the nose of the cliffs, which gives you an expansive view of the towering cliffs from below. Majestic in every way, you can also visit the nearby Burren, another impressive view. What we have in mind is that you can plan a trip to Ireland, visit Dublin, then move on to other places in the country, and in the middle of it all, you can walk up to the Cliffs of Moher to get on your knees and ask the question! However, this place will not leave a lot of room for you to decorate the area for a date or a proposal. However, if you ask us, the wonderful beauty of the place will be enough!

Holiday-Themed Proposal: Beautiful Beach Edition

For beach lovers, here are some of the best picks for beautiful beachy places to pop the question!

  1. Reynisfjara, Iceland

    Our first pick for a beach proposal is the moody, beautiful, and picturesque Reynisfjara beach! What we appreciate the most about this beach is that it sets you up for an amazing photo session and proposal. What we love the most about this beach is that it is just perfect. Huge basalt stacks, lovely black sand, and the roaring Atlantic Ocean waves make this beach dreamy, vivid, and perfect! A great idea for your wedding would be to pop the question here, on these black sands, and then throw a wedding on a beautiful, bright tropical beach!

  1. Na Pali Coast, Hawaii  

    Now that we have a moody beach, let’s get to a brighter and the exact opposite of the first option, Na Pali Coast is the perfect match for what we’re talking about. Greenery all around, golden sands, and clear blue water for a romantic time with your soulmate. The pictures of the place don’t do justice to the beauty that awaits you there! With beautiful beaches, wonderful waterfalls, and lovely landscapes, this place is the perfect escape. Apart from proposing, you can also think of a romantic beach wedding in Hawaii. Or better yet, you can throw a romantic wedding on the Na Pali Coast, later when you decide to tie the knot.

  1. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

This one is not really a beach, but it has everything you’d want and need from your tropical getaway! The Galápagos Islands are famous for their giant tortoises! But that’s not all, the area is known for its natural beauty, unlike you’ve witnessed before. Visiting this place is not only perfect for a beautiful trip with the love of your life but is also the perfect backdrop for your proposal! The islands are made of 13 islands, which you can explore. A great way to plan your vacation is to make the most of the natural abundance around you. This place has a great coastal view and loads of marine and land wildlife that will leave you in awe!

  1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

For us, the true definition of a dream destination wedding or even a destination proposal is nothing short of a wonderful spot, and scenic views. And The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is all of that. Firstly, the land down under is nothing short of vivid views. From beaches to natural vegetation, and animals that are found nowhere else on this planet, Australia feels like a world of its own. The colorful scene that awaits you at The Great Barrier Reef is something you’ve to experience yourself. And we recommend scuba diving if you’re into it, and if not, just the backdrop will be perfect for you! The solid surfaces in The Great Barrier Reef are solid and safe to walk on, so it will be safe for you to get on your knees and ask your soulmate to marry you! The photos from the moment will be worth a thousand words. But that’s not all, you’ll find lots to do in Australia. You can plan your Australian getaway with some of the most romantic destinations, from the capital city to beautiful Sal Salis, the land down under is peppered with wondrous places.

Holiday-Themed Proposal: Underrated Places Edition 

Now that we’ve talked about beaches, cities, and mountains, let’s talk about the places that look like a dream come to life, and yet are not talked about. The four destinations that we’re going to list below are wonderful places to have a photo session, propose, and are worthy of a revisit for your honeymoon!

  1. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Japan

The moment you see the photos of the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, you’ll be reminded of a fairytale land. But truth be told, the space, the beauty, and the ambiance of the place are better when you’re there in person. Also called the Sagano Bamboo Forest, this is one of the most photographed places in Japan. Sitting on the outskirts of Kyoto, the grove feels like a complete world. To improve the experience of the tourists, sounds have been included. However, a word of caution, this place is so popular that you’d need to travel early in the morning to make the most of the location. However, Sagano Bamboo Forest is a perfect photo location, a stroll with your partner, and an experience in itself. If you get here early in the morning, it will be a great place to propose! And you’ll get some amazing photos! And if you’re a night owl, you can visit the forest late at night too! Arashiyama Bamboo Grove is open 24/7. You can plan an entire day in Kyoto by taking an e-bike ride along the city, visiting the historical monuments, feasting on Japanese delicacies, and in the end, you can take the love of your life to the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove to propose!

  1. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

One of the most picturesque locations in the world, Salar de Uyuni is an enormous salt flat! Also known as the world’s largest mirror, the salt flat is made of prehistoric lakes, long evaporated. The dreamland of photographers, this place gives you a warm feeling of infinity. As far as your eyes span here, you’ll see nothing but vastness. But that’s not all, the salt flats are safe to travel to and are home to rare hummingbirds and red flamingos. If you’re planning a vacation to this dreamy salt flat, you can also experience some amazing adventures nearby. You can visit the Meditate at the Laguna Colorada, the Train Cemetery, or visit the Archaeological Ruins of Portugalete.

  1. Socotra, Yemen

There are no words to describe the beauty of this place! The umbrella-like dragon’s blood tree gives the space a dystopian vibe. The place is wonderful, it sits between Somalia and Yemen, where the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean meet, like a piece of Africa adrift. This beautiful place is home to many species of reptiles and plants, most of which are not found anywhere else on this planet. It is because of this that the place has been dubbed the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. A picturesque view, and is the perfect place to visit in Yemen. The moment you get to the location, you’ll be greeted by the desert’s mountains, flora and fauna, turquoise water, and many caves, where the people of this place used to live. The only reason why this spot makes it to our list is thanks to its different vegetation and beauty, which is something you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This place is perfect for a magical proposal, magical experience, and magical memories.

  1. Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

On a similar note, the Avenue of the Baobabs feels like a world of its own too! Madagascar in general is a beautiful place to vacation. But if you’re planning on popping the question, you should consider taking a trip down to the Avenue of the Baobabs. This road is the only place to witness the beauty of Baobab trees in Africa. And we feel that with these majestic trees towering over you, a proposal amidst the trees would be a magical experience. Truly Instagram-worthy, this place is home to many mammals, bugs, and plants. The Avenue of the Baobabs is adventure personified. To be honest, the Baobab trees are nicknamed as the tree of life, and it only makes sense for you to start a new chapter in your life right under one of these!

How to plan a Proposal: A few things to keep in mind

When you’re planning a destination proposal, it is much like a destination wedding. And it demands planning. Wherever you decide to go with your soulmate, make sure you have an itinerary in mind. After you have an itinerary, you’ll know which moment will be the perfect time to propose. You can choose to propose right at the beginning of your vacation, or you could easily propose in the middle of the vacation, the choice is yours. However, remember to plan it well, and do not forget to hire a photographer for the day!

The Takeaway 

With that, we come to the end of our list of some of the dreamiest places around the world to propose to your partner. All of the places in our list work as amazing places to visit and have a romantic getaway, but also double down as beautiful places to propose to your soulmate, or even come back for a wedding! Whether you’re planning a wedding with all of your close friends and family, or you’re thinking of an ultra-intimate elopement, these places will serve you well. To make your proposal perfectly well, start planning the day and make sure it is a day that you and your partner enjoy equally. After all, this will be the beginning of a new life with your partner.

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