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White Black And Gold Wedding With A Minimal Classic Touch!

Even the most amazing roller coaster didn’t effectively prepare you for love and its own special experiences, even if life is full of twists, thrills, and adventures! It adds color to our lives, relieves our sorrows, and brings brightness into even the darkest of days. It affects and enchants everyone who comes into contact with them, not just the lives of the two people directly engaged. Nothing compares to two people slowly becoming obsessed with one another and choosing to stay with each other for the rest of their lives! It’s exciting and rewarding, and everyone who sees it gets a nice, fuzzy feeling from the passion the show has for it! Even if there may be a lot happening in the world, love allows you to rely on it no matter how chaotic things become. We are fortunate to work in an industry where we often see the charm of love in action. Even after years of witnessing the same starry-eyed expression and toothy grins on the lovers, it never gets old. Every union of two people in love is an enthralling love tale in and of itself, and we are honored to be able to document it in beautiful photos and fragments. Here is a sneak peek of Meghan and Patrick’s wedding day, which is the stuff of dreams.

Philadelphia is a metropolis of stunning skylines and the deep blue colors of the Schuylkill River. Because of these stunning vistas, Philadelphia seems to be a right out of a travel magazine. A photographer’s paradise with a rainbow of hues, this location is a photographic beauty and is full of pleasant surprises. Philadelphia has a complex personality that is reflected in the city’s cultural and social expression. It is a city that maintains a sense of its historic past while also moving forward. A Philadelphia photographer may get the nicest and most intriguing photos by focusing on this contradiction. Philadelphia is a beautiful city that is conveniently located near New York City, an hour from the coast, and a drive from the countryside. This makes it easy to go to and enjoy. Philadelphia’s social fabric is textured by the city’s wide-ranging and diverse cultural diversity. Every area in the city has its own character, food, and personality. The city does have a strong sense of local culture. Philadelphia has a large variety of varied suburbs, ranging from Chesterbrook to Upper Providence Township. Due to the variety, each Philadelphia area offers a totally new scenario for Philadelphia photographers to capture, thus by just going from one neighborhood to the next, you will feel as if you have traveled across the map! Philadelphia has a thriving art culture as well, with new small enterprises and emerging artists emerging every day. Your heart will race with everything there is to see and experience here! Philadelphia never falls short in terms of providing the ideal locations for you to declare your love, whether it be in the stunning Art Museum, The Franklin Institute, or one of the hipster cafés and performances.

Philadelphia is one of the most significant historical cities in America. In today’s Independence Historic National Park, which is home to historic structures and monuments like the Liberty BellFranklin Court, and Independence Hall, contemporary office skyscrapers coexist alongside the park’s winding cobblestone lanes. Society Hill, the city’s original residential district, is located to the south. Many of these 18th-century structures have undergone elegant restorations. Germantown, another historic neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia, was originally settled by Germans and Dutch people.  Fairmount Park, a sizable expanse of green space to the west along the Schuylkill River, is home to several Federal-style homes as well as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rodin Museum. The Franklin Institute of Science Museum and the Academy of Natural Sciences are both located in the museum district, which is just south of that. Needless to say, our lovely couple was so completely enamored by what the city has to offer and chose to get married in the heart of the city.

Talking about wedding venues, the couple chooses two gems for their wedding to happen and be celebrated in. They had their ceremony in Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic School and the wedding reception happened in Cescaphe Ballroom. Founded in 1752, St. Peter the Apostle Church. Today’s St. Peter’s Church would not exist without the tireless labor of a man, whose ashes are now interred under the south tower of the church. Father James E. Cleary, a preacher from 1889 until his death in 1904, was this person. The 150th anniversary of St. Peter School was commemorated on April 25, 2009. Pastor since 2005 is Monsignor Thomas J. Orsulak. The church with its gilded gold details and elegant white backdrops and warm wood accents sets the perfect backdrop for the wedding ceremony of your dreams, and Meghan and Patrick’s ceremony was the perfect example of the same.

The leading wedding venue in Philadelphia is Cescaphe and our couple was quick to snatch this venue up. The business, which was started by Joe and Andrea Volpe in 2003, has expanded from a small operation producing fantasy weddings at Cescaphe Ballroom to a group of avant-garde planners orchestrating extraordinary celebrations at seven distinctly one-of-a-kind, exquisitely furnished venues throughout Philadelphia. The Cescaphe Ballroom, Tendenza, Vie, Down Town Club, Water Works, The Lucy, and Franklin’s View are just a few of the venues where Cescaphe coordinates more than 800 weddings each year. Cescaphe turned an elegant theater from the golden era of film into one of the most breathtaking wedding venues in the city. Cathedral ceilings, pearl-draped chandeliers, tarnished brass hardware, traditional columns, and a floor-to-ceiling bar all contribute to the feeling of grandeur in the grand style. With such a beautiful backdrop, your wedding day will be filled with unforgettable moments, from the reception to the candlelit last dance. A traditionally gorgeous wedding may be held in the Cescaphe Ballroom, which has a stage that is lit by candles for a naturally romantic ambiance. Photographers will like the picture chances from the Juliet balconies as the Bride approaches from the top of our grand staircase, and guests will be ecstatic to see her. The Grand Ballroom serves as the venue for Cescaphe Ballroom receptions. The Cescaphe Ballroom oozes grandeur with its soaring cathedral ceilings, pearl-draped chandeliers with crystal accents, tarnished brass hardware, hardwood floors, and painted columns, all of which give the room a regal appearance. The couple sure chose well by choosing this gorgeous venue as their wedding setting and their stunning wedding reception sure did the place justice!

Speaking of the couple, Meghan and Patrick’s wedding day dawned crisp, like a perfect winter day, and the couple got ready for their big day ahead. Meghan and her dressed in a satin pajama set, her in white with black details, while the bridesmaids dressed in black pajamas with white details, as they got ready for the ceremony. This was the perfect time for the Philadelphia wedding photographer to capture some detail shots, as well as getting-ready group shots as the girls posed together for that frame-worthy shot. Meghan then slips into a classy bridal gown that fits her like a dream. It is a stunning strapless A-line wedding dress with minimal lines and not many fussy details and looked perfect for the classy wedding theme. Her hair was arranged in a wavy over-the-shoulder hairdo and adorned with a sparkly hair accessory, and her makeup was a classic nude-lip-smokey eye combo. A pair of sparkly tie-up heels and a white, red, and green bridal bouquet completed her classic yet festive look. A long cascading veil with embroidered details added the finishing touch to Meghan’s bridal look. The group of bridesmaids look stunning in their matching emerald bridesmaid dresses, and matching bouquets! The mother of the bride looked stunning in her gold dress, adding a bit of glimmer to the bridal party. On the other hand, the dashing groom Patrick was dressed in a simple black suit, paired with a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie. A single white flower as a boutonniere and a pair of black formal shoes completed his look. The group of dashing groomsmen matched the groom and mirrored his sleek and minimal look. And just like that, both parties are ready for the lovely wedding ceremony ahead.

The wedding ceremony takes place in a lovely church named Saint Peter the Apostle Catholic School. However, before the ceremony, our wedding photographer in Philadelphia took the opportunity to take some stunning group pictures whether it is of the bride and her lovely ladies, or it is of the bride and her mom. Then it was time for a first look at the bride and her father. It was a truly sentimental moment and the photographer did an amazing job here. Inside the church, the setting was gorgeous and the white and gold theme went perfectly with our couple’s wedding theme. The couple exchanged their vows and rings and were soon announced as bride and groom. We love the moment when Meghan and Patrick walk down the aisle together, just married, smiles on their lips, as the wedding guests cheered for them! The stunning church also provided several aesthetic backdrops for our wedding photographers to get those gorgeous shots. It was the perfect setting for those more formal group photography with family and friends. After the ceremony, our couple posed in front of the brick wall which said “do what you love”, and that has to be our favorite capture out of all! The couple also posed for some lovely couple portraits, the images which they will hold close to forever.

After the wedding ceremony, it was finally time for the wedding reception. The reception venue, the Cescaphe Ballroom, was dressed to the nines and was ready for a celebration. The venue was decorated in black white and gold,  colors which are timeless and classically appealing. Speckled in those main colors are tones of white and green which brought the theme to life, overall creating a gorgeous setting. The reception tables were decorated with white and green floral centerpieces along with glass candle votives and white candles. The couple then went in to cut their gorgeous wedding cake, a stunning white four-tiered wedding cake with white floral details. After the cake was cut, the couple stopped by the dramatic bar area for some quick couple portraits before heading for the dance floor. The first dance moment was gorgeously captured by the Philadelphia wedding photographers, and Meghan also had her dance with her dad.

We loved the attention to detail that the couple poured into their wedding decor decisions and the expertise exhibited by the wedding photographers as they captured the magic. The classic color choices were a good call, socially at this time of the year when it’s very easy to get overboard with the colors. We love the juxtaposition of white, black, gold, and green, and the bursts of red and green which is a nod to the Christmas season. The photographers did justice to the theme by capturing the finer classic details of the wedding day, whether it’s the champagne flute, the black ribbon on the wedding invitation, or the subtle glow of the numerous candles. We love how the photographer incorporated the Christmas tree in the wedding day shots, and how it added so much joy and light to the bridal party. Dressed in emerald green silk dresses, the bridesmaid matched the Christmas tree perfectly, and the shot was precious. Every shot tells a beguiling story of a couple who are classy but fun, traditional but festive, and rare sparks of youthfulness and Joie de verve!

A picture or video may communicate a lot of information even when words or memories fail! But when it comes to this endearing couple, each of their pictures and video clips tells the story of their intriguing love story in the most compelling way. A couple plans their wedding day for months, putting together all the important and tiny things to make sure everything goes as planned. With a little assistance from the experts, this needs several checklists, calls, errands, and redesigns to close the gap between your dream wedding and reality. When the big day finally comes, it passes in an instant. The day is a pleasant swirl of events, a brief summary of the best day of your life, with so many deep feelings, activities, and traditions! On the contrary, tangible and long-lasting evidence of the day like photographs or videos continues to communicate the couple’s fascinating story long after they have faded.

The reality is that just a select few days in your life will remain in your memory for the rest of your life, and the wedding day will undoubtedly rank among them. Every couple wants to preserve the enchantment of the day in flawless images, down to the flowers in the bride’s hair and the heel of the wedding shoes, so they may experience the great day anytime they choose and be welcomed by the recollections of the day as an old friend welcoming them with open arms. Many specific and sensitive moments from a wedding are captured in photos and films, which we as people may miss but which the camera records.

The stunning couple was perfectly captured by our Philadelphia wedding photographers in all of their glory. Every shot is painstakingly captured and might be regarded as unforgettable, from the calm and delicate scenes from the getting ready sessions to the poignant moments when the vows were pledged to one another! The pair was expertly captured against the most spectacular of settings by our experienced Philadelphia wedding photographers, creating captivating and exciting moments. The outstanding Philadelphia wedding photographers expertly caught Meghan and Patrick’s fairytale moment outdoors as they stood elegantly against the stunning backdrop. Our skilled wedding photographers recorded the delicate moments of the day with delicacy since these are the things that couples want to treasure and carry dear to their hearts for the rest of their lives.

What constitutes a wedding if not an occasion to tell your love story and an artistic depiction of it? If you compromise your identity, are you even presenting your story? Marriage must always be loyal to the couple, even when society loves to categorize everything! The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to stick with your self-expression throughout, despite trends, season’s “it” colors, summer bright colors and spring pastels, the latest hypes, and the year’s favorites. Years from now, when you look back on your wedding pictures, you need to be able to connect with yourself and identify yourself. This is what makes Meghan and Patrick’s wedding so refreshing! Whether it’s the vibrant color choices, the elegant wedding décor, or the easygoing personalities of the couple, everything about their wedding day appears to be true to their genuine selves! And they will only recognize themselves when they reflect back on themselves decades from now!

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