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Clare And Cody Enjoy The Best Of Chicago’s Outdoors In The Fall For Their Romantic Engagement Session


The season of love, for most people, is the month of February, and they’re probably right. The season of love brings a lot of opportunities, but it is not the same as the love and fall seasons. And if you throw in love in the beautiful city of Chicago in the fall, then you’ve got something exceptionally lovely. We love Chicago, the city is full of life, vibrancy, and a lot of things. And if you’re in love, then the city comes alive for you in ways that you did not possibly. Clare and Cody had a beautiful engagement photo session in Chicago. The day was the first day of October 2022, and the two wanted to get some photos to remember their engagement. The couple was excited to meet their engagement photographer and were excited to get their photos taken. The two were freshly engaged and were enjoying every bit of their engagement. When the two met our photographer, the day was perfect for an outdoor photo shoot. Clare and Cody were smiling their bright smiles, and the sun had come out to play in the city. The two were excited about their day ahead. As they met our photographer for the day, they had decided on a few photos poses that they wanted to try for sure. To make their bright outdoor photo session even better, they brought their four-legged best friend out as well. The pretty chestnut-colored doggo, with a white patch in the center of its neck, was in love with its pet parents. Cody and Clare excitedly introduced our photographer to their lovely furball, and the two instantly hit it off. For the day, the couple had decided to use the sidewalks of the city for some cityscape photos and then the couple decided to head over to Lincoln Park for the end of their photo shoot. They had chosen the prettiest and the brightest place, which fit the couple immensely.

Chicago is one of the prettiest cities in the country and there are many reasons for it. From steely skyscrapers to the Red Sox games, from the perfect places to eat to the many museums to walking through, the city is peppered with a lot of things to do, enjoy, and see. The Windy City has a rich history, and it is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. In 1883, Mark Twain visited Chicago, and upon looking at the city, he was prompted to write a few lines, and we feel that his words are apt for the city. Twain for Chicago wrote, “It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them.” When Twain visited Chicago, at that time, the city was fairly young and was only 46. By the time Twain visited the city, Chicago had gone from a small trading town to a city, and over the next few years Chicago continued to grow and the population quadrupled. Now, even though the city’s terrain has changed a lot, the essence of the city remains the same. The Windy City is a thriving center of international commerce and trade and is a city that people of different cultures and nationalities proudly call home. Before the area, that we know as Chicago, came to be, the place was home to many indigenous people, the lives and teachings of whom have become entwined in the city, the environment, and the land. The city is also known to rebuild and reinvent itself, and the reason for this goes as far back as The Chicago Fire of 1871 and the Great Rebuilding. The Windy City’s quality of rebuilding itself stuck and the community here is known to be exceptionally involved. That aside, the city is not short of pretty sights. As the population grew, many parks and recreational areas opened up, all of which are marvelous. Chicago is home to some of the most unique parks in the country. Being on the shore of Lake Michigan, the city-goers also get to enjoy some lakefront activities, and last but not least, the city is home to many historical locations, museums, and galleries, which give you a sneak peek into the city’s past.

Lincoln Park in the city is one of those areas that you can’t stop but fall in love with. Before Lincoln Park was known as Lincoln Park, it was also known as Lake Park and Cemetery Park, but this was back in the 19th Century. However, after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, the park was renamed as only Lincoln Park in 1865. The park, with its 1200 acres of land, is full of amazing things to do. The park boasts beautiful scenes, a city skyline, a conservatory, a few museums, beaches, harbors, and a zoo! The huge nature of the park makes it the perfect place to enjoy and experience the city because different areas of the park help you see different aspects of the city. Take a walk around the South Pond in Lincoln Park where you will see the city skyline dotted with skyscrapers, unwind by watching a movie at the independent theater Facets or even check out the zoo! The park is not only home to that, a must-see Oz Park created in the honor of Wizard of Oz, the city’s favorite park comes with a historic botanical garden, green spaces with sweeping views of the city, and some of the most interesting sculptures. All of these features of the park were what attracted Clare and Cody to the park. But before our photographer and the couple ended up in the park, the couple decided to take some photos on the sidewalks to inject some of the authentic sights of the city along with the iconic elements of Chicago that they know of it as on their daily routine, into their engagement photos.

For the day, the couple chose their engagement outfits in-line with the season! The day was light and chilly, and the couple was dressed appropriately for the day! Clare and Cody wanted to dress for the occasion in comfortable clothes. The couple shared that they loved the comfort, but that did not mean that the couple did not like being stylish. For their engagement photos, they had decided on casual outfits. Clare put on a white turtle neck top, a pair of deep blue jeans, and a burgundy faux leather jacket and she completed her outfit with a tan pair of boots. She kept her makeup simple and chose a natural look. However, she had suggested that she would take off her jacket to make her outfit look different when the day becomes hotter. Her finance for the day dressed in Henely, he paired it with a fabric jacket, the color of which matched the pair of jeans Clare was wearing, and a pair of jeans, which was in a lighter shade of blue. He finished his outfit with brown shoesThe couple’s outfits were just perfect and matched the seasonal aesthetic. The first photo that our photographer took of the couple with their fur baby was just perfect. Not only is that photo worth using as a save-the-date card for their wedding, but is also worthy of sharing on social media and is worth framing and putting a framed version of this photo on a wall. It was easy to see that the couple loved their fur ball, Clare and Cody loved their four-legged bestie and smiled every time the cutesy ball of fur did something. Our engagement photographer loved the cute black and brown dog too. The pet parents wanted to take more photos with their furbaby. Looking around the couple found a spot right on a staircase and decided to take a few photos with their pet. Cody took his spot on the second step, and Clare sat down on the first one. Looking at these two sitting down, their furbaby simply just ran off to them, climbing on them. Our photographer took the chance and took a wonderful photo of the three. The sun was shining right above their heads and cast the perfect glow. After taking the photo, Clare and Cody patted their pet and played for a while. Then, our photographer decided to create a lovelier photo. Our photographer helped the couple pose for a photo that not only showed the love the three of them shared for each other but also showed the ring Cody had used to propose to Clare.

Clare spoke about her romantic proposal as they began to file into their places. She smiled, the afternoon glow made her glow brighter. Cody had a coy smile playing on his lips. After Cody placed his arm in front of his body, our photographer instructed Clare to put her hand on top of Cody’s as she held the furbaby in her arms. Once she placed her hand on top of Cody’s, our photographer instructed her to have one of her fur baby’s paws on top of her hand. And this gave us a great photo of the three of them! Right after the photo, the couple wanted to see how the photo turned out. Looking at the outcome, the two were extremely happy with it. They also looked at their cute little furbaby, and told them how proud they were right now! The beautiful engagement ring also looked just as beautiful as Clare’s. Right after these photos, the couple decided that they should get back to the other spots they had planned for the day. The next spot for the day was Lincoln Park. Before our photographer and the lovebirds made it to the park, the couple talked about how in love they are with the park. The place that Cody and Clare were eyeing to go was the Honeycomb Sculpture first. The Honeycomb Sculpture in the park is touted as an unknown spot but also happens to be one of the most photographed places in the park. The beautiful sculpture can be accessed through the zoo, which is free to access by the way. The zoo in Lincoln Park is one of the only few zoos in the US that allow you to access the zoo without any fees. The Honeycomb Sculpture was built in 2010 and is one of the best places to take photos in the park. Not only is it perfect for impressive photos, but it also gives you a wonderful view of the John Hancock building through the arch.

While we’re talking of the structure, the Honeycomb Sculpture is actually called the People’s Gas Education Pavilion. The area was completed in 2010 by Studio Gang, a world-renowned Chicago architecture firm. This wooden structure is built of honey-colored prefabricated glue-laminated timber “ribs” and fiberglass domes. The structure serves as a space for the children and adults who visit the South Pond Nature Preserve and those who want to enjoy the cityscapes! Although the sculpture is called the Honeycomb Sculpture, the design of the sculpture was actually inspired by a tortoise shell, which we feel is completely appropriate as it is in the zoo area of the park. So, the couple decided to walk through the park, talking about their memories. As our photographer saw the couple walking into the park, they quietly spoke about the times they’d been here and realized that these two were made for each other. Looking at them, our photographer completely agrees that the two were made for each other. Although the couple hadn’t decided on a wedding date, they were exceptionally excited to start their journey together. The couple had decided to not change their engagement photo session outfits since they wanted to be as authentic as they possibly could be for their photos. Although they did tell our photographer that they wanted to have a romantic photo, the couple had emphasized that they simply wanted to be themselves. And we not only agree with their decision but we absolutely love the photos!

So, the first spot in Lincoln Park was the Honeycomb Sculpture. Cody and Clare told our photographer that they loved coming to the spot in the evenings because they loved the view of the city and the sky from there. The two recounted a few of their memories as they began positioning themselves for some photos. Our photographer sized up the space, to understand which spots will be the best ones for the couple. Cody and Clare had a few requests, and our photographer promptly took those photos of the two. Along with that, our photographer suggested some photo ideas, which the couple loved! The hollow sections of Honeycomb Sculpture were perfect to add some interesting details to their engagement photos and were the best set-up for a romantic photo! Our photographer suggested that the couple standing in front of the hollow section of the sculpture was the perfect spot to start off. The couple agreed right away., Promptly, the couple walked outside, hand-in-hand, and took their spot in front of the camera. Our photographer suggested that the couple stands outside the sculpture so that they can get a great shot. Once Clare and Cody were outside, our photographer took a few steps, walking around to find the right green backdrop for the two. Since the couple was standing outside now, the two were sandwiched between the ornate sculpture and the pretty greenery of the park. The first photo that the couple took there was romantic in every way. The post that the two struck was yet another Instagram-worthy photo, which progressed into another lovelier and prettier photo. The couple was placed right in the middle of the hollow structure. Clare and Cody went for the uber-romantic photo pose, the light head bump. The difference in their heights gave us the illusion that their hearts created lovely hearts out of their heads. This photo pose then evolved into a soft kiss. Before our photographer could direct the two to kiss, Cody softly tilted his finance’s head and kissed her. Our photographer took the shot of the natural photo pose the two had created for them. Before our photographer stepped out of the sculpture’s belly to take more photos of the two, they decided to finish off all the photo pose ideas for the hollowed cells of the sculpture. Right after the couple broke off their kiss, they smiled and giggled like teenagers in love. Then they looked at our photographer for more photo ideas.

Our photographer loved the natural ease the couple had, so they suggested that the couple can use the hollowed parts for a few more romantic photos. So, the next photo that the couple took was with Cody standing behind Clare, and hugging her from the back. Then Cody softly tugged Clare backward and pulled her into a kiss. Our photographer enjoyed their natural disposition in front of the camera. Then our photographer suggested that the two retake the same photo with Clare seated on the hollowed shell of the sculpture. So, Clare walked into the hollow belly of the sculpture and took her place as our photographer suggested. Cody happily pulled her backward again to kiss her, this time Clare quietly placed her palm on Cody’s head, which turned the photo delicate and gave a sneak peek into the beautiful couple’s relationship. Then for another photo, Cody simply hugged his fiance from the back. Clare had a bright smile on her face. Then Cody wanted to sit next to Clare, so our photographer suggested that he can come and sit next to her in the hollowed honeycomb section next to his finance. Cody struggled a little to adjust himself in the section. But in the end, he was smiling at his discomfort and then somehow balanced himself, and looked at his lovely finance, who was already leaning towards him! Then our photographer took a few photos of the couple as they stood next to the sculpture. Our photographer took a few more romantic photos of the two. One of our favorites is the one where Clare is leaning on the sculpture, and Cody leaned into Clare with his arm stretched next to her head.

After that, the couple decided to explore the park that they loved so much. Taking a few photos right next to the sculpture, the couple began walking toward the park. By this time of the photo session, the sun had been shining and had splashed more life onto the greenery. The beautiful couple began to walk toward the edge of the park, to another spot where they wanted to take more photos. The next spot that they had in mind was a stone-walled area, which the two loved because it reminded them of a pretty and calm place for them to unwind. As the couple was walking, they stopped at a few more spots in the park, where they had loads of fun posing for photos. Right after the couple walked out of the honeycomb sculpture, the couple’s romantic engagement photos became very movie-like. The couple was laughing and smiling, and just enjoying their time in the park. So, the couple walks past some green spots. Here, our photographer picked a spot that had small-leafed shrubs. Our photographer had a brilliant idea and asked Cody to pose against the sun’s position so that the sun was actually above a diagonal side of him. And when he poses like that, Clare takes her place behind him. For a lovely photo, Clare leaned forward to kiss Cody on his cheek. Now that it was hotter during the day, Clare decided to take off her faux leather jacket, as she was getting hot. When she did, her white turtle neck went perfectly well with the greenery of the park. As the couple was still looking for new places for more photos, this time Cody took the spot in the back and hugged Clare from behind. The close-up engagement shots of the couple with the greenery and the fauna of the park in the backdrop turned out to be perfect! For the last photo in the spot, Clare turned around and softly kissed Cody, who kissed her back with a smile on his face.

Now that Clare had taken off her jacket, Cody and Clare went back to the Honeycomb Sculpture to take some more photos with a different look. The first photo that our photographer took of the couple was immensely romantic and the pose made the two look as though they had been dancing. Cody held Clare’s hand and pulled it closer to his chest while leaning into her to kiss her, and Clare, in a classic way, lifted her foot for the photo, and it turned out absolutely perfect. The next photo was yet another hallmarked romantic photo pose, the two stood close to each other, with Clare placing her hand on Cody’s chest. Our photographer took the opportunity to take another photo of their engagement band. After that, the couple decided that they had plenty of photos of the sculpture and the area around it. The two decided that they would move on to the last area for photos they had picked out for the day. And the best part was that the white stone-walled space was right in the zoo. As the two made their way to the steps and the stone walls, the two found a tunnel on their way. Our photographer suggested that the area would be perfect for a photo! Cody and Clare giggled and said yes immediately. Our photographer took a photo of the two from the inside of the tunnel, which gave an amazing look to the photo! The photo looked perfect with the black and white colors playing in the backdrop! As they reached the spot they posed on the stairs, with arms around each other, soft and romantic. Then they found their favorite spot, under the arches of the area, posing for photos as though they were slow dancing, gracefully at that, through their engagement session photo poses!

After that, our photographer took some solo photos of the bride-to-be. Cody stood next to our photographer, smiling at the love of his life. Then Cody joined Clare too and hugged her from behind to pose for another lovely, romantic photo. Standing next to the arched hallway, Clare turned around to kiss Cody! Then to end the day, the couple decided to take a short walk around the zoo in the park. Although they were happy with their photos and the places they took photos of, the couple wanted to be sure that they did not miss out on anything. As they were walking around the park hand-in-hand, they kept looking around. The couple found themselves on a stone bridge, which overlooked the overgrown shrubs in the park and was perfect with the long trees in the back. As the sun was beginning its descent, the space looked absolutely beautiful, as though it was plucked right out of a rom-com! Looking at the spot, Cody and Clare fell in love with the area and were sure that they wanted to take photos there! Our photographer found the perfect spot with the two standing on the bridge, a little over our photographer’s eye level. The first photo that our photographer took was when they pulled each other into a kiss. And the next photo, from the same spot, was when the two were looking away into space. And with that our photographer knew that the day was done. Cody and Clare thanked our photographer as they walked out of the park. Our photographer bid their goodbyes, sure that this beautiful couple’s wedding will turn out as dreamy as their outdoor engagement photo session was. Our photographer was left smiling and felt giddy on the inside when it came to these two.

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