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Our L.A Couple, Erica and Gabriel, Tie The Knot With Warm Smiles In An Elegant City Wedding

There’s something magical about a fall wedding, and it is even better when it happens right around the beginning of the season. We’ve always loved a classic wedding, and the wedding of Erica and Gabriel was exactly what we imagined it to be. Right from their engagement photo session, the lovebirds had been planning their wedding. The wedding dress, the perfect floral decor, and the attention to detail were visible in the wedding decor and how the day turned out. The deeply-in-love couple had been full of smiles, laughter, and everything else in between. Erica and Garbriel’s wedding was everything that couples dream of, and our wedding photographers had a blast documenting their wedding. And as we jot down their wedding, we can’t help smiling as we go through the wedding photos. The bride had gone to extra lengths to ensure that their wedding details completely complemented the decor, the bridal gown, and even the groom’s outfit. The wedding day, October 1st, 2022, was beautiful, lovely, and perhaps a little more than the couple had been looking for. The morning of the wedding day was beautiful, and as the day progressed, the natural glow of the sun added more charming details to the wedding photos. The day started with the buzzing excitement of the day to come and ended on a high note, with the couple making their grand wedding exit as the wedding guests clapped and cheered in the back. Looking at the two made use remember a quote by Nicholas Sparks, “I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.”

The city of L.A. or Los Angeles, or “The City of Angels,” is one of those cities where the city’s reputation precedes it, and we’re not complaining about it! Los Angeles is a city of dreams, a city of glimmer, a city of glittering lights, the city that houses Hollywood, and a city of sunshine and entertainment among many things. Hollywood’s home is known by many nicknames, so many that we can’t even put them down here. We, however, love the nickname, Tinseltown, which comes from the glitter and its bright atmosphere. This nickname is especially used in reference to Hollywood. Before L.A. was known for its entertainment industry and Hollywood, the city was built on the booming oil industry here, at one point the oil from L.A. was responsible for a quarter of oil produced in the world. Apart from this, the rich past and the massive opportunities in the city had many people coming down to the city to work and live, and that brings us to L.A. as we know it now. This massive city is home to people of different cultures, which is vividly seen in the city’s cuisine, culture, and music. Apart from that, the city is home to multiple tourist attractions, some of the most noteworthy being the Hollywood Sign, Griffith Observatory, the Getty Center, the Walt Disney Concert Hall at the Music Center in Downtown L.A., the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the TCL Chinese Theatre, and houses many natural attractions as well. Some of the most famous parks in the city are Grand ParkPalisades Park, Griffith Park, Elysian Park, and Lake Hollywood Park. Of course, the city is also home to a number of museums, art galleries, artsy stores, and some quirkiness. L.A. is the city that Erica and Gabriel call home now, and are in love with it completely!

For their wedding, they wanted to have a wedding in a venue that allowed them to dress up, and enjoy their time with friends and family. The wedding venue for their special day was the lovely The University Club Of Pasadena, This historic membership venue has served as a seat for an academic and networking spot for members, and is open for bookings with non-members as well. With the delicate surroundings of the venue and the intricate interior details, the wedding venue gives you the space to have your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception party for your wedding in separate spaces. However, the venue can also combine the events. The flexibility of choosing areas for their wedding events and the natural beauty of the space is what attracted the lovebirds to this venue. The couple chose to have their wedding events in separate areas, and the decor of the venue was nailed to the T with their impeccable taste. Before the wedding ceremony was slated to take place, the bride and groom decided to get dressed separately. As the couple decided to get dressed, it was impossible to miss Erica’s dresses, one for the wedding ceremony and the other for the reception. The getting ready time was spent laughing, putting on robes to do their makeup, and reminiscing on old memories, before putting on their outfits. Erica had her bridal wedding dress, which was a beautiful dress with lace details, hanging off a hangar at the door. The other one was an embellished red dress, traditional and pretty. Erica was happy to show her dresses to her bridesmaids and our photographer. The flower girl’s basket was ready and sitting next to Erica’s wedding jewelry and wedding accessories, including her wedding veil. The getting-ready outfits were satin blush pink robes and were complete with cursive lettering for bridesmaids and the maid of honor. The girls posed for a photo with their backs turned to the camera so that our photographer could capture the lovely cursive lettering on the robes. The flower basket was a simple, yet lovely, one. The wicker basket had flowers, which were similar to that of the wedding’s decor, white flowers with some greenery along with white satin ribbons. The bride and groom’s names were put on small white hearts on the wicker basket. The girls put on their makeup first and then helped the bride with her dress and final touch-ups. As Erica was posing for a few solo bridal portraits, the bridesmaids and the maid of honor brought her beige shoes.

After Erica posed for some amazing photos with her bridal bouquet made out of peach blooms with some white and blue blooms here and there, she looked mesmerizing and exceptionally happy. The bridesmaids and the maid of honor were out in coral bridesmaid dresses. The groom on the other hand was dressing up with the boys. The groomsmen’s outfits were planned to be three-piece blue suits, while the groom donned a monochromatic look with pops of colors. The groom had a gray three-piece suit, the vest was blue, which was his groomsmen’s outfit color, and the bow tie for his suit was similar to his soulmate’s wedding bouquet. The groomsmen, too, had peach bow ties. Once the boys were dressed up, and the girls were dressed up, the couple was visibly excited. The couple had decided to have a first look photo session, which happened in an outdoor setting with the two surrounded by lovely lush green trees. Gabriel made his way to the spot he and Erica had decided to have their first look and patiently waited with his eyes closed. The area was dreamy and lovely, with a small waterfall in the background. As the air was filled with a brisk breeze, the leaves rustled and the water trickled in the background, Erica emerged with the treeline to softly tap on Gabriel’s shoulder. A soft sigh escaped his lips, as he prepared himself to see his soon-to-be bride in her complete look, he turned, slowly, still with his eyes closed, and smiled before he even looked at her. And when he opened his eyes, his shoulders relaxed, and his smile grew broader. Erica smiled back at him, gently tucking her hair behind her ear. The two of them stood in silence, enjoying nature’s sounds and each other’s presence. The two posed for some amazingly sweet couple portraits, with happy smiles playing on their lips. And then it was time for their wedding ceremony.

Quickly making their way to the outdoor wedding ceremony venue, Gabriel left his soulmate only to see her at the altar in a few minutes. He walked down the aisle briskly with his groomsmen, happy and ecstatic. Erica hugged her parents and smiled. As the wedding guests were seated, the ceremony space quietened. The altar looked mesmerizing under the open sky, the sun had come out to play by now. The wedding arbor was decorated with white drapes and bustling floral decor. The white, peach, and greenery foliage stood out. The bride made her wedding ceremony entry flanked by both of her parents, smiling and happy, just like the groom standing in wait at the altar. The aisle was simply decorated with white petals lining it. The wedding guests gasped in awe as Erica walked down the aisle and Gabriel, from the altar, could not keep his eyes off her. When Erica reached the altar, the groom extended his arm to help her up. Standing side by side, the two went through the ceremony, stealing a few soft glances and smiles. Their tear-jerking wedding vows aroused an emotional response from the wedding guests and the bridesmaids smiled, and the groomsmen stood softly smiling at their friends tying the knot. And just like that, the wedding ceremony was over when the couple kissed in front of their loved ones. As the two walked down the aisle together, the guests clapped and cheered.

As the wedding guests separated for a short break, the couple took the time to pose for some wedding photos. The lovely flower girl took the opportunity to pose for a natural photo with the couple. Her delicate white dress with a peach belt made their photo look harmoniously syntonized. Then the couple posed for a few solo portraits as a couple. Their family and friends stood by them to cheer them on and make the moments even more memorable. As the reception party was right around the corner, the groomsmen, the bridesmaids, the bride, and the groom quickly posed for a few more photos. They found a spot in the massive gardens of the venue. The trees and the sunlight filtering through the leaves gave the couple and their friends a great spot to take some amazing photos. The groom and groomsmen cheered as our photographer took a photo of them, and the photo turned out to be exceptionally natural. The bride and the bridesmaids posed for a few photos together, grouping together and smiling, the one with their bouquets, the bridal and the bridesmaid bouquets, swinging in the air. Before heading back to the reception party venue, the bride posed for a photo with her maid of honor. As the bridesmaids and the maid of honor started walking back to the reception venue, the bride posed for an adorable photo next to the arbor. Our photographer helped her compose a photo with the floral details of the arbor and her bridal bouquet in such a way that it looked as though the flowers enveloped the beautiful bride!

As the wedding reception party started, the bride and the groom entered in style and all excitement. To kick start the wedding day celebrations, the two took the dance floor and had their first dance, enjoying and twirling around. And then the floor was open for the wedding guests to enjoy the night. Erica had decided to change into another dress, so before she went back to change into another amazing look, she posed for a few more photos. Going back to the ceremony venue, the couple posed with their parents, and then took a photo with the best man and the maid of honor! After that, the bride dressed in a traditional red dress and posed in front of the signage with her lovely bridesmaids. The wedding reception party was going in full swing. The wedding dinner tables were decorated in a beautiful white tablescape with a wooden centerpiece that had greenery and some flowers spilling out from the bottom. The wedding guestbook matched the couple’s chosen decor. The acrylic place cards had the name of the couple engraved on them in white and had a wooden piece with the table number placed on the table so that the guests could find their tables easily. The sweetheart table was dressed in a simple yet extremely elegant decor. The sweetheart table was white, with white chairs, the table was draped with satin white and had a floral arrangement at the bottom. The floral arrangement took the theme of the wedding floral decor and was in peach, blue, white, and green. Before the couple sat down for dinner, the couple decided to have the wedding cake-cutting ceremony. The wedding cake was lovely and was in line with the simplistic theme of the wedding. Three-tiered, the white cake was decorated with peach edible flowers! As the couple cut the cake, the wedding guests cheered once more, and the couple smiled broadly. And as the night was coming to a close, Erica disappeared to put on another beautiful white dress with blue details. The sequinned dress was as pretty as the other two wedding day outfits! She changed into a new outfit for her wedding exit and looked absolutely mesmerizing. Shining bright, the couple walked out of the wedding venue, arm-in-arm, eyes on each other and surrounded by their loved ones.

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