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Things to Keep in Mind to Create a Perfect Wedding Timeline

Everything starts to get a little more real when you start building your wedding day timeline. Your timeline is important to keep in mind so each must-have moment is captured and everything runs smoothly on the day of. 

Of course, every wedding is one-of-a-kind, and yours will have specific elements that are unique and special. Start by building a general timeline and keep adding details as you go. If you need assistance creating your specific timeline, here are some suggestions to help you get started:


GETTING READY/ DETAIL SHOTS (30-45 or 60-90 minutes) 

Your time with your photographer and cinematographer starts when they arrive at the first location and must be used consecutively from there! Most couples have their talent arrive when hair and makeup is nearly done. From there, your team can take fun photos of you with your crew in the bridal suite, capture the finishing touches on hair and makeup, and the moment that you get into your dress or tux! While you are getting ready, this is also a great opportunity for your photographer to snap flat lay and detail shots of your dress, shoes, rings, invitation suite, cufflinks, and other sweet details. 



If you are planning on having a first look, directly after getting ready is a perfect time for this private moment together. Scheduling some extra time for portraits with you and your soon-to-be spouse is also perfect before the festivities begin. If you are not having a first look, these photos typically happen during your cocktail hour directly after the ceremony.



Wedding party formals are great to do after portraits with your new spouse! Create a detailed shot list ahead of time with the configurations you’d like captured (just the bridal party, just the groomsmen, one-on-ones with the maid of honor and best man, etc!). 


FAMILY PHOTOS (30-45 Minutes)

Designate a family member or member of your bridal party to help coordinate the formal portraits with key family members and friends. This is also where having a detailed shot list will be key. 



Timing for this will vary based on your unique plans! If you have a cinematographer, be sure to schedule them 45 minutes of time prior to the ceremony for set up. 


RECEPTION DETAILS (30 minutes before guests arrive) 

Allowing your photographer a bit of time before guests enter your reception space is perfect for making sure that all of the details and decor you’ve spent so much time selecting are captured before everything starts getting moved around! 


RECEPTION (time will vary) 

The time for your reception will depend on how much time you have left with your talent team based on the consecutive amount of hours in your collection. Many couples try to arrange their timeline so that the entrance, first dance, cake cutting, and key speeches are captured on photo and film. 

This guide should help you kickstart your timeline planning for your talent team. If you have any questions, your Project Manager team is always available to help customize your plan to your needs.

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