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Classy Ways To Honor Your Dad On Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days for the years to come in your life. From the moment you put on your wedding outfit to the time you look into your partner’s eyes after you get dressed, to the beautiful wedding vows you will take to your amazing wedding photos, a lot of planning goes into your wedding day. For you to have the perfect and dreamy wedding, you and your partner will spend a lot of time ironing out the wrinkles. With all of your wedding details and ideas in mind, you will want to honor your bridesmaids and groomsmen and also want to use this opportunity to include and honor those who are near and dearest to you. And that includes your mother and father. For today’s topic, however, we only want to talk about a variety of ideas that you can use to make your father smile ear to ear, have impressive photos with him, and make him feel uber-special. Let’s get into the different ideas that you can use to honor your fathers at your wedding!

  1. First Dance

Is there something better than joining your father for a dance? You can use your wedding’s first dance to honor your father. Instead of using the first dance as we know traditionally, you can have your reception entry with your partner, and then take the floor with your father. This will make your father feel important and happy. For the dance, you can use the opportunity to personalize the moment for your father. Before you take the dance floor with your father, you decide on the music for the dance. To inject emotion and make your father exceptionally happy, you can choose a song that either reminds you of him, or something that expresses exactly what you feel for your father. This will help you to improve the vibe of the moment and help you express exactly what you want to. Apart from this, you can also choose to give a short heartfelt speech for your father before you have him join you for your first dance!

  1. Give him a Meaningful Gift 

This idea can be clubbed with the first idea on our list. Gift-giving is one of the best ways to show your parents or your friends or anyone how you feel about them. One of the best ways to leave an impact with a gift is to ensure that the gift you choose for them is not only functional but also something that they will love. A gift should be well-thought, useful, and meaningful. When we say meaningful, we mean to say that you can go book hunting in those old vintage bookstores for a special edition that your father has been looking for, or find something rare that he has been looking for. And if you don’t have that, don’t worry we have you covered. You can look for something that your father can use and will cherish. Once you have the gift for your father, you can try and come up with a way to make it a surprise for your father. You can give the gift to your father when you’re done getting ready. You can also choose to give your father the gift before the wedding dinner or before the wedding ceremony. This will help you have a short and personal time with your father, despite being surrounded by people.

  1. A Father-Daughter/Son First Look 

One of the best ways to make your father feel important on the day is to ensure that your first look is with your father. The reason why we’re big-time fans of this is that fathers are happy, shocked, and become emotional during this moment, and we love seeing the sentiments. Although most people think that a first look with your father is just for the brides, we feel that the first look can be done with grooms as well! A great way to make this time special is to have the first look as you’d have it with your partner and have your father turn his back toward you. You can have your wedding photographer cover the first look between you and your dad. This is a great way to see your father’s expressions. If you’re thinking of getting your father a heartfelt gift, then you can also use this moment to give it to him!

  1. Sentimental Gestures! 

Although the ideas above are stand-alone ideas, we have a few more ideas that you can use to honor your father. Apart from the bigger things, you can do some smaller things that will help you to make your father feel amazing and all fuzzy on the inside. You can have your father give a speech during the wedding before the wedding dinner starts. You can talk to your father, obviously before the wedding day, so that your father has some time to prepare the wedding day speech. Another way to make your father feel happy and valued and honored is to have your father by your side as you greet the wedding guests! Also, instead of a sweetheart table, you can choose to have your wedding dinner table a big, and long one with the families sitting down for dinner, on both sides. That said, you can also ask your maid of honor and the best man to join the dinner table as well. Another way to make your father a part of your wedding day is to make your father comfortable and have your father involved in everything.

Beautiful Ways to Honor Your Father If He Has Passed On

One of the best ways to show your love for your father is to have him next to you or have him walk you down the aisle. But if he has passed on, you can still honor his memory and show your love. If you’re wondering how, then here are some ideas that we feel will help you!

  1. Something Blue, Something Borrowed

Although something blue and something borrowed is technically from another bride in the past, you can put a new twist to the tradition. If your father has passed on, and you want to honor his memory, then you can simply choose to borrow one of his things, blue in color, and make it a part of your wedding day. It could be something as small as a cuff link, or it could be a beautiful blue handkerchief, the choice is yours. This will help you honor your father even if he has passed on.

  1. The Walk Down the Aisle

One of the best ways to honor your father is to have your father walk down the aisle with you. However, if your father has passed on, as per tradition, you walk down the aisle with your friend, mother, uncle, or anyone else. However, in such cases, you can also walk down the aisle by yourself. Although these are good ideas and options, you can still walk down the aisle with your father, even though he is not present there. You can choose a person to walk down the aisle with you, this can be your mother, uncle, maid of honor, or anyone you’re close to, and have them hold a photo of your father in their arms. This way you can still have your father walk you down the aisle.

  1. Have His Favorite Things 

One of the best ways to incorporate your father’s essence into your wedding is to add some details that remind you of your father. A great way to do this is to think back on the kind of songs he liked to listen to, and have that on your playlist for the wedding. You can also use one of his favorite songs as your wedding ceremony entry song. Other than this, you can also use one of his favorite songs as your wedding exit song. More way to honor your father, if he has passed on, is to have some of his favorite food and snacks on your wedding menu. You can also have his favorite drink as the base for your wedding signature cocktails. Or you can have his favorite colors as your wedding color scheme. The idea is to have your father’s favorite things as a part of your wedding day, this will help you not only feel close to him but also give you memorable ideas.

Other Ways to Honor Your Father 

Apart from these ideas, you can use a few more ideas. We understand that not every wedding budget has the option of tying in everything, and we would love to offer you some more ideas to honor your father. You can use simpler, yet heartfelt ways of honoring your father if the ideas above seem over the top to you. For fathers who are at the wedding, you can have them be a part of the groomsmen, or have your father wait near your dressing room. You can also sneak away during the wedding day, to participate in a fun activity. If your father has passed on and you’re looking for more ways to include his memory in your wedding, then you can have a memory table for them. Of course, you can add the photos of other close people who’ve passed on to make your memory table complete. You can choose a pretty white and olive branch wedding decor for the memory table. Another way to honor your father at your wedding is to have a moment of silence before the wedding ceremony or at the wedding reception. Before you pause for a moment, make sure that you announce the importance and the reason for such a pause. Apart from this, you can also have a set empty for your father at the ceremony and the reception. If you want, you can place a photo of your father on the chair. You can use a plush cushion to prop your father’s photo up. Apart from this, you can also choose to write a beautiful poem or letter to your father. You can choose to read these out as per your wishes or have them on the wedding program, the choice is yours. This way, you will be able to feel closer to your father, even if he is not present at the wedding. Also, this idea works even if your father is a part of the wedding. After all, you can make your father giddy with words face to face or when he’s passed on at the wedding, there are no rules to that. Lastly, in memory of your loved ones who’ve passed on, you can release lanterns in the air before your wedding exit. You can keep some pretty paper lanterns handy and light them up in a way to honor everyone who has passed on and could not be there. This way you not only have a fun activity to participate in, but something pretty that your wedding guests will truly enjoy as well.

Honoring fathers at weddings is not just a way to recognize their role in the wedding but also to show appreciation for their ongoing support and love. Weddings can be emotional and overwhelming, and fathers are often a source of comfort and strength for their children during these times. By honoring them at the wedding, couples can express their gratitude and love for their fathers and make the day even more memorable for everyone involved. You can use the ideas that we have listed above to help you make your father happy and give them amazing memories. Also, not just this, you can also use the ideas above, some of those, to honor your mother as well. You can also tweak these ideas to personalize these ideas as per your father’s (or mother’s) preferences! We hope that you can use this blog to come up with some ideas that will help you honor your parents. Also, you can mix and match these ideas to your preferences!

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