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Beautiful, Airy, And Dreamy, That’s How Brian And Kaitlin Tied The Knot In NYC

Paris has been long-touted as the city of love. But, recently, not only us but also the world has been talking about how New York has become one of the best places to fall in love, become the world’s most romantic city and New York City has become the soulmate capital of the world. That said, New York has become home to many romantic getaways and is home to exceptional experiences. And that is where our couple, Brian and Kaitlin tied the knot. The two lovebirds could not wait for their wedding day to unfold. After planning and working with multiple wedding vendors, the couple finally had their dream wedding on April 23rd, 2022. Their wedding date had been decided on and they started to iron out their wedding details so that their day would turn out as they wanted it to. And when we saw the wedding photos of the two, we could not agree more. When we saw their wedding photos, we saw the meticulous details the two had planned, the two-venue wedding, and the pretty wedding details that matched the couple’s personalities. For the day of the wedding, Brian and Kaitlin had a beautiful traditional wedding ceremony at a church, and then the couple followed that up with a beautiful wedding reception party. The two different wedding venues for the wedding were St Lucy’s for the wedding ceremony and the beautiful The Park Savoy. The couple had made sure to book the wedding venue options to ensure time-saving, both of these venues were only a short drive away.

New York’s history is long and significant. From the earliest Dutch settlement along the Hudson River in the early 1600s, to the English taking over and renaming the area as New York. The place, along with the city, dubbed as Big Applehas had a colorful history too. New York, in general, has been home to many historical events and has a long history of political significance. An interesting nugget about New York is that when the Dutch occupied it, it was called New Amsterdam, and when the English took over the city, they called it New York. For the wedding, we are going to New York City, so think of a magical city, a city made of multiple events and relics of the past. The city wears many crowns, has been touted as an epicenter of arts, beautiful architectural examples, monumental statutes (some of which are gothic), shopping capital and has been dubbed as a trendsetter too. A lot happens in the Big Apple, and there’s a lot to see. From the Liberty Statue to the beautiful museums and art galleries, the city has an eclectic vibe, a grunge aesthetic, and a beautiful, serene vibe to it as well. The city is beautiful in just about any season, and is perfect for a tour! Some of the best places to visit in the city are the Madame Tussauds Museum, the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, the Rockefeller Center Tour, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral Tour, the American Museum of Natural History, and Central Park. For better experiences, the places to be are the bustling Chinatown, explore the Whitney Museum of American Art, the intricate Morgan Library & Museum, and marvel at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. It was in this city that our couple tied the knot with happy smiles and multitudes of emotions running through them.

For the first part of their wedding itinerary, the couple had their wedding ceremony. The indoor wedding ceremony was to take place in the pretty Roman Catholic Church, St. Lucy’s Roman Catholic Church. The church is under the authority of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, in the Bronx. This parish was established back in 1927. This church was established to serve the Italian and English-speaking Catholics in the nearby areas. The church is exactly what you’d expect of a Roman Catholic Church. The church is complete with a lovely grotto and Roman details. The moment you step into the church, you’re engulfed by paintings, artistic representations, glass windows painted, and many beautiful arches. This was the venue where the two, Brian and Kaitlin tied the knot. Before the two were married in front of their wedding guests, the couple decided to get dressed separately. The lovebirds decided not to have a first-look photo session and decided to keep everything traditional. For their wedding ceremony, the couple decided to keep the church as it is. For wedding ceremony decor, all they used was what the church had, and to be honest, the minimal decor details were just perfect! The wedding theme for the day was a pretty blue and white theme. The color combination was perfect for the season and added beauty to the already beautiful venue choices of the couple. Our wedding photographer met the couple before the two made their way, separately, to the church to tie the knot.

The early summer wedding was perfect, the day that day was cloudy and the sun was busy playing hide and seek with the clouds, giving the day amazing weather. The bride and the groom had decided to get ready separately. The bride and groom, after seeing their getting-ready photos, could see how happy they were and how they could not wait to start their lives together. The groom had decided to have a stylish two-piece suit for the wedding. The color of the groom’s wedding suit was close to the wedding theme the two had chosen together. His midnight blue wedding suit was complete with a black bow tie, and a lovely rosebud as a boutonnière. And when the groom and his groomsmen were dressed, they decided to make their way to the wedding ceremony venue. Then our New York City wedding photographer decided to take some bridal photos and to have the bride and bridesmaids pose for some amazing getting-ready photos. Kaitlin had been excited to get the day’s celebrations started, she had everything planned down to the T. She knew exactly what to do, and when to do it. Her bridesmaids, the maid of honor, and the mothers of the couple were more than excited to give her a hand. For the day, the bride-to-be had picked out her wedding dress a long time back. The wedding dress was a lovely mermaid-like wedding dress with ornate lace details. Kaitalin had bought her beautiful wedding dress from Castle Couture, and she paired it with a wedding veil. As the bridesmaids were getting ready, and the mother of the bride as well as the mother of the groom were getting dressed, our bride started doing her bridal makeup. And in the meantime, our wedding photographer started taking bridal detail photos. Our photographer took photos of Kaitlin’s blue shoes, and her wedding ring, which was placed in a beautiful geometric box! Then our photographer also took photos of the wedding stationery. The wedding invitation set was a three-piece set with pretty navy blue details. As the bride was getting dressed, our photographer also took a photo of the wedding ring and her engagement ring. The photo turned out well, our photographer placed the rings on a blue ribbon with a white background, which made the photo look stunning.

For the dressing part, the bride was quick to get dressed quickly so that she could do her bridal hair and add the finishing touches to her bridal makeup. Her bridesmaids were dressed in their satin light blue getting-ready robes and were quick to help Kaitlin when she was getting dressed. Kaitlin put on her wedding dress quickly, with the help of her bridesmaids, and then started adding the finishing touches to her wedding day look. This was when the bridesmaids quickly got dressed for the wedding in blush blue stain slip dresses for the day. The bride decided to go for simple make-up instead of glam bridal makeup. The bridesmaids followed suit. As the bridesmaids were getting ready for the day, Kaitlin needed some help, and the mother of the bride stepped in. The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom had decided to dress up in different outfits, setting them aside from other bridal party members and the wedding guests. They were dressed in beautiful light blue pant-suit sets, and they looked fantastic! As the bridesmaids were getting ready, the mother of the groom and the bride helped Kaitlin, fixed her dress for her, and helped her fix the wedding veil. As everybody got dressed, Kaitlin put on her wedding jewelry and was handed her wedding bouquet, and just like that, everyone was dressed. Before leaving for the wedding ceremony venue, our pretty, pretty bride posed for a few photos. She posed for a solo bridal photo with the veil falling on her face. Then she also posed for a photo sideways, which showed the beautiful lace details on her wedding dress. And then, the bride, her bridesmaids, and the mothers of the couple made their way to the church for the wedding day! Her choice of transport for the day was a beautiful white retro car. As the girls reached the church, our photographer took a lovely photo of Kaitlin before she stepped out of the car to enter the church.

As Kaitlin was getting ready to enter the church, the groom was already at the altar. Standing next to the priest, it was easy to see that Brian could not stop smiling, and couldn’t wait to be married to the love of his life. And then, the doors of the church opened, and in came the bride! The wedding guests looked up at the bride and smiled at her. Kaitlin carefully walked to the altar and took her spot next to her soon-to-be-husband. The ceremony went along, and the priest announced the couple as married by the end of the ceremony, and the wedding guests smiled. Sealing their marriage with a kiss, the couple looked absolutely stunning. And then, the two turned around and walked down the aisle hand-in-hand with bright smiles on their faces. Then the couple posed for a few wedding photos as the wedding guests made their way to the wedding reception venue. The couple stood in front of the altar for a great photo. The beautiful arches of the church added brilliant detail to the photo. Then our photographer took a few more photos in the church, our favorite is the one where the couple is walking out of the church, hand-in-hand, with Kaitlin holding her hand-tied white wedding bouquet in the other hand. Before the couple made their way to their wedding reception party, they were handed a drink, and our photographer took a beautiful candid photo of the two!

Then the couple got in their car and made their way to the beautiful wedding reception venueThe Park Savoy. As the couple arrived at the wedding reception venue, the sun was already dipping, and the time was perfect to take more photos of the couple. Kaitlin and Brian posed for a few outdoor wedding photos. The pretty outdoors of the reception venue gave the couple a beautiful backdrop, one of our favorite photos from the reception venue was the lovely photo of the two, where Kaitlin had stood on the stairs, and Brian was standing a little further off, on the ground and the background had a brilliant tree, with big and stringy branches. Then the couple posed for photos with their family and took a few photos with the bridesmaids and friends. The wedding guests had already piled into the reception venue and clapped as the couple made their reception entry. Brian and Kaitlin took the floor and twirled around for their first dance. The wedding guests clapped and smiled watching the beautiful couple enjoy their first dance. And then, the couple took turns dancing with their parents, before opening the wedding dance floor to their wedding guests. As the couple was enjoying their time, our wedding photographer took wedding detail photos, to immortalize the day for the couple. Starting with the lovely little decor items that the couple chose for their wedding, our photographer took photos of every wedding detail. The tablescape for the wedding tables was simple, with a white tablecloth and pretty white centerpieces that had blush pink roses and flowers and simplistic dinner settings. Every plate had the wedding menu, which the couple had chosen to let their wedding guests choose between three different choices of meals. Also, every dinner setting was paired with a choice of two wedding dessert options. Additionally, the wedding also had small signage, at the bar, where the couple had chosen to put out the details of their signature cocktails for the wedding guests to find and enjoy on a wooden-trimmed signage board. For the wedding sweetheart table, the wedding centerpiece was similar but was placed without a vase and the floral arrangement was larger. The table was just under the massive, tired chandelier, making the couple look brighter in the reception, befitting the day’s celebrations. The couple had also chosen a table with a geometric transparent box, with gold details for “cards” so that the wedding guests could leave their messages for them. And the table for cards was decorated with white flower petals. Then, our photographer took photos of the wedding cake. The wedding cake had four tiers, a beautiful cake topper, and ornate details. As the reception party continued, our couple sat down to enjoy their time. After the cake-cutting ceremony, the couple sat down at their sweetheart’s table, enjoying the day. Around the same time, the couple’s friends took the spot to make speeches, including the maid of honor. And just like that, the wedding party continued as the lovely couple smiled and enjoyed their time. And then, it was time for their wedding exit. The wedding guests gathered around the exit of the venue, and the couple walked out of the venue, hand-in-hand, smiling softly at each other. The wedding guests clapped and yelled out congratulations, to the recently married couple. They took their retro car to make their getaway. Our photographer took the photos of the wedding exit and smiled, they were happy for the couple. The couple looked more than happy to start a fresh chapter in their lives together.


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