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How To Dress Up Your Outdoor Wedding Venue This Spring


Your wedding is one of the single most important things in your life. And that means when you’re planning your wedding, you will want everything to be absolutely perfect. From the wedding colors to the wedding menu, you will plan everything out. However, regardless of the season that you tie the knot in, you will want to make your wedding look perfect in every way. Of course, seasonal charms are amazing and ideas are plenty for summer weddingswinter weddings, or even late fall weddings. But there are times when we want to have a wedding in a different season regardless of the season we’re in. That being said, there’s a chance that you may want to tie the knot with your partner with the colors and the aesthetic of a spring wedding. If that sounds like you, then we have news for you! We have ideas and some tips for you to choose from!

The Essence of Spring Weddings 

When we say spring wedding, we mean a specific kind of setting. Although spring weddings can be different for everyone. Although we have a list of suggestions for you to go through and choose from, we would like to get something out of our way first. When it comes to your wedding decor, remember to select the ideas that make sense to you the most. Just because we suggest something does not mean that you have to absolutely choose it. Now, to us, the idea of a spring wedding means an airy and vibrant wedding! From cute pastel colors to massive floral decorations. The essence of a spring wedding is always bright, airy, and lovely. From bunting lines to streamers, one look at the venue and you should be able to smell the pretty flowers. To sum up, what we mean is a wedding venue with lovely and bright details and decor ideas are all that we mean! We love big overhanging details along with the perfect colors that bring in the season’s best to your wedding!

Spring, usually is described as a season of blooms, which is typically what should be expected of a “spring wedding decor” for your venue as well. The most common idea to dress up your wedding venue is with blooms, fresh from the season, and going heavy with floral decor. If you’re looking to throw a luxurious wedding, then swap the floral details for paper flowers for an eco-friendly wedding or simple colorful drapes with lovely greenery runners, sprinkled with some seasonal blooms for a minimal wedding. The reason why we’re getting into this discussion before we talk about ideas is to help you understand the “theme” of our blog. The ideas we list below are options, but there are many different ways of doing things, we hope that you use the ideas to inspire your own and allow your creative juices to flow! Next, pay attention to the color scheme. We will discuss that later as well, but we want to point out that darker shades, hues, and combinations, as beautiful as they are, those wedding color combinations are better suited for winter weddings or even fall weddings.

The Details to Add for a Spring-esque Wedding Venue Decor

Now that you know what counts as a spring wedding to us, let’s talk about the details that will help you bring the best charms of a lovely spring wedding for your big day!

  1. Floral Prints and Floral Details 

One of the best things about spring weddings is that these weddings have a lot of floral details! From floral decor to wedding invitations, from unique wedding accents to lovely arches, flowers become heavy themes in spring weddings. We feel that weddings with floral details look dreamier and better, for some reason. That said, when it comes to wedding ideas, a great way to incorporate the essence of spring into your wedding is to use some details, from hanging flowers and floral chandeliers to flower walls. We don’t want to state the obvious, but we also want to remind you that your wedding theme colors should be used for your wedding’s floral details. Now, you can do two things with the wedding theme colors, one of the ideas is to use the exact same wedding theme colors. And the second idea is to use a variant of the same wedding theme colors. For example, if you have bright yellow and deep red as the primary colors for your wedding theme, then the best way to do it would be to use muted shades of the same colors. In this way, you will be able to add colors to your wedding without making these colors too bright. If you use the same “depth” of the colors as your wedding theme then your wedding theme will become too bright for your wedding and may mar your wedding’s look. Apart from this, to have a spring-esque wedding look, a great way to decorate the wedding venue is to use big blooms paired with clusters of smaller blooms. This will help you create the perfect ambiance for a spring wedding.

Another thing that we would like to add to the floral details of a wedding to make it look like spring is to incorporate creative floral decor. One of our greatest dreams is to see a wedding venue filled and surrounded by marvelous flowers, which to us, to be honest, is a great way to make your wedding dress up in spring qualities! Apart from this, we would like to remind you that for your wedding bouquet, you can use a pretty cascading bouquet. You can use similar colors to your wedding theme or you can choose an all-white bouquet. We settled on a cascading bouquet because it looks flowery and ethereal, just like spring. Another impressive idea that we want to leave you with is to use hanging floral decorations. We know overhanging greenery has been trending and so have floral walls with neon signs, but a dreamy wedding deserves a dreamy wedding idea, and we just happen to have the perfect fit for you. So, instead of using just plain wedding details like the ones we have just listed out, you can try using an amazing idea of invisible hanging flowers, which is actually called “floating flowers.” So the flowers won’t be invisible, the thread by which they will hang will be. This kind of decor idea is perfect for the lobbies, outdoor spaces, or even the ceremony venue’s arch. To make your overhanging wedding decor ideas, we’d like to add detail! You can also use bunting strings to add to your wedding decor, especially for your overhead decor. The pretty colors of your bunting strings will add more color to your wedding!

  1. Color Palettes  

The next idea to use for a wedding to making it look like a spring wedding is to use the right colors. Yes, the idea of using bright and flowery colors like red, yellow, and shades of blue is just perfect. However, the idea has been around so long that we feel like suggesting something even better. How about we move away from the traditional spring colors and do something creative and fun? Well, use colors like pastel shades of the colors that scream spring to you, and next use blush and baby shades of these colors too. See, the lighter shades paired with one or two bright shades will make your wedding look stylish. Additionally, it will help you choose a color that works just fine for your wedding along with making it look absolutely stunning. The reason why we are inclining towards the pastel colors and lighter hues of the spring colors is that these colors lead to better photos! We absolutely love the fact that the flowers, the decor, and the drapes do not take away from the people in wedding photos.

That said, we love light blue, blush pink, lilac, taupe, burnt orange, steel gray-blue, and burgundy are our top choices. However, that’s not all, you can mix and match a variety of shades to make them look as though pieces of the same puzzle. For example, we feel that spring weddings are the perfect opportunity to use black. Now, black and burgundy are the perfect go-to option for a moody wedding, even though it gives most people a fall-esque aesthetic. But the reason why we say that this is an opportunity is that you can use black and red with splashes of blush pink, powder blue, and even lilac to make it look dazzling and perfect. That said, another idea that we have is that you can use the pretty blush and pink shades for your wedding, the lighter shades that we mentioned, and use the pretty shades with gold or silver! Gold and silver are two such shades that will make your wedding’s color scheme come to life, which is why we suggest using them. Apart from this, we also suggest that you use only one glittering shade, for example, if you like gold then use only gold, don’t mix and match with silver. And if you ask us, a spring wedding looks perfect with a gold undertone. So, using gold ribbonsgold candles and even gold color blocks for your wedding will add tremendous amounts of charms and style.


We can’t go into another idea without telling you of a great idea that should be on your list! Well, apart from the pretty ideas above, let’s talk about one of the best spring color ideas, and that is as simple as white and red for your wedding. The reason why we love this idea is as simple as using deep red hues with some lighter red shades with a pearl white and ivory color palette. This color combination for your wedding venue will make it come alive, look beautiful, and help you create a dreamy look. What’s more, you can use the ivory and white shades as primary colors with deep red and light shades of red for your wedding dinner settings.


A wedding decor plan should include checking your wedding color palette. Get some swatches and create a board to check if the colors sit well together. This board will act as though it is your “vision” board for your wedding. From the colorful ribbons to the napkins, make sure that you have a swatch of every shade you intend to make [part of your wedding. This will be integral for the wedding color scheme to work in the end.

  1. Drape in Fashion

When it comes to dressing your wedding venue, you should know that your wedding venue will be a little prettier if it has some drapes on. Well, one of our favorite ideas to create the perfect wedding venue is to use lovely drapes. Although satin drapes are our favorites, for a spring-like charm, we recommend using a net or sheer drapes. The reason is, spring to us is an airy and wonderful time, which means that something soft and pretty will be perfect for your wedding. The color of these drapes need not be in sync with the wedding color theme. However, the color of the drapes should complement the color scheme of your wedding.

But if you’re not a fan of sheer or net drapes, you can easily switch it up with floral drapes, or even create a curtain out of your wedding! You can choose string lights and have them decorate the entrances of your wedding’s decor. However, you can also choose to use other ideas like a floral curtain. The floral curtain can be created like thick braids with large blooms and greenery. This woven piece of wedding drape can go along with the lovely string lights. You can have the wedding decor crew wrap a string of lights to make the floral curtain come to life. A great way to bring your spring-like wedding decor to life is to come up with an idea that brings both ideas to a close. Like, you can have a drape cover different areas of your wedding venue and add faux flowers to it. Or you can even have tent-like structures for your outdoor setting and pair the supports in the front with greenery and wedding floral details to the supports of the tent-like structures.

Important things to note 

When you’re deciding to use wedding drapes, it is important for you to understand what kind of fabric you want to use or what kind of colors you need for your wedding decor. These two points will make or break your wedding decor if you’re not careful. Remember that if you’re using drapes for your wedding reception venue or area, the tablescape of your wedding tables should complement the drapes. Opposing colors are a good idea, for example, if you use contrasting color combinations for wedding guest tables and drapes, it will look amazing. However, using any random color will make your entire wedding decor look out of place. Remember, the drape’s color should match that of your wedding reception venue decor, not the other way around. However, you can choose to flip the process of choosing the colors, if that works for you. We recommend choosing the fabric and the color of your wedding drape decor last because it is really one of the easiest ways to get it done.

  1. Arches are Love 

If you’re not sure of what more to add to your wedding venue’s look, then how about arches? Yes, we know, we mentioned it earlier in the first point. However, apart from floral arches, you have a lot of different ways of using this idea for your wedding. First of all, you can use wedding arches wherever at your wedding. There is no written rule to have arches only at entrances of your wedding’s events. You can use these wherever you like and please. What’s more, you can use pretty much anything. We recommend using floral arches for a spring-like aesthetic because that’s what we love. However, we have a few more ideas for you. One of the grandest ways of bringing the colors of spring and the love of the season is to use lovely greenery for your wedding. And what better way than to use greenery arches for your wedding? You can use this with neon lights as well, especially if you’re using a greenery arch for your evening reception party. You can also use elaborate neon welcome signage and place it on a greenery wall to make it look perfectly in sync.

Apart from this, another idea that we love is a balloon arch. Simply put, balloon arches look fun and airy, no pun intended! These arches inject a fun vibe into your wedding and make it look perfect! To add charms to your wedding arch you can add some ribbons, trinkets, and pretty bells for charms. That said, you can also switch out the balloons and use some dried flowers and leaves, this will look just perfect because of the live greenery and floral details in your wedding ceremony.

Additional Tip: 

If you love your wedding arch and want it to be a part of your wedding reception as well, you can simply have it moved to the reception venue! Your guests will move to the cocktail party right after the wedding ceremony, so that would mean you’ll have time to have the wedding welcome arch transported to your reception venue! However, this only works if your wedding ceremony and reception party are being held at the same venue, in different locations. For a 10 to 15-minute drive, it would be difficult. Another nifty idea is to use the wedding welcome arch as a photo backdrop at your wedding reception. Finding a backdrop that is cool, fun, and interesting for your wedding guests can be challenging. But if you have already invested in a beautiful wedding entry arch, why not use that as your wedding photo backdrop?

  1. Wedding Arbors, But With a Twist!

We all love wedding arbors, and honestly, there’s so much to love in them. However, today, we will like to tell you that wedding arbors can be used as simple decor ideas! For example, you do not want a wedding arbor because your outdoor wedding ceremony has a pretty altar. But you do want decor, which is ethereal and perfect. In that case, we suggest using wedding arbors instead of something more. Now, the thing about wedding arbors is that they are delicate and classy. Whether you use them as decor ideas or as your wedding altar, they will look simply mesmerizing. So, what you need to do is, settle on a type of wedding arbor, and then simply choose the decor of the arbor. Once you have all of that, all you need to do is place it all around your wedding venue. Now, we’d like to point out that this obviously looks better when you have an expansive wedding venue with gardens. However, even if you don’t have access to many open areas, you can simply use the space indoors and outdoors. Additionally, the reason why we suggest using this idea is that it has two benefits. One is that you get pretty wedding venue decor. And the other is that you also get a wedding photo backdrop. Whether it helps your wedding guests, or it helps you and your partner to take some amazing wedding photos, the arbor will look just perfect.

Now that we have pointed out why you should use a wedding arbor as your wedding decor idea, let’s talk about what to decorate it with! You can use multiple elements. The first thing to remember is that if you’re choosing an arbor for your wedding ceremony, then it should be different, in terms of decor, when compared to the other arbors you’ll use for decor. Both of these arbors are to be different in looks and essence. Additionally, you should also consider the kind of things you will add to the decorative arbors, which will separate your ceremony arbor from the decorative ones. That said, you can choose from some amazing ideas. One of the ideas that we love the most from the others we want to let you know of is to create a few of the arbors in the center of your venue into a place to hang your photos. You can also use photos of the memories you’ve had with your partner. Other than this, you can create a curtain of beaded strings, woven floral garlands, or even ribbons; such arbors can be used as lovely backdrops for your wedding guest photos! What’s more, you can also dress these arbors in drapes.

  1. Balloons Decor Ideas and Some Colors 

We absolutely love spring, colors, and balloons, which is why we think it will be a great idea for you to choose these three for your wedding venue! One of the best ideas for your wedding with inspiration from the wonderful season of spring is to use clear balloons with pops of colors! We have a few creative decor ideas for your wedding. Remember that your “pop of color” will depend on the color palette of your wedding. That said, you can also use a brighter shade of the colors from your wedding. For example, if you have an ivory and red theme for your wedding, using a brighter shade of red for balloons will be a good idea. And if you’re looking for a complementary color, then using a bright yellow or even black will work for you! Now that we have that settled, let’s talk about what you can achieve with balloons, shall we? Well, the first thing to point out is that there’s a reason why we choose clear balloons for your wedding decor. When you have a clear balloon, you can fill in the balloon with water mixed with the color you want to add to it. Another idea is that you can fill the balloons with glitter! You can ask your wedding planner to have the clear balloons filled with glitter dust, that too in the color you want the balloons to look like. To add more drama to your wedding, and some synchrony, you can plan for the bride to carry a train of balloons as well.

Bonus: Tweak It a Little!

Another idea that you can use for your wedding ideas is to use a balloon installation for your dinner settings. Whether you’re going for a longer table setting or smaller tables for your wedding guests, you can use balloon installations, instead of flower installations or even greenery installations. You can let your creativity out with colors and additions to the installation to make it a part of your wedding and setting. That said, you can also add gold or silver streamers to add some sparkle to your decor idea. Another idea that we will leave you with is using big lights that look like balloons along with balloons. Now, you can find some table lamps that look like small balloons, place them on the dinner tables, and add the balloon decor to make it look just right.

  1. Bring in the Wood Furniture 

Alright, this section will be shorter than the others we have had so far, simply because this idea includes only the use of wood furniture. All you need is to use some stylish furniture to set up a space where your wedding guests can sit down and enjoy your wedding day! For example, if you’re throwing a spring-inspired wedding in the winter season, then you can have fire pits for your wedding guests to sit around and enjoy. To inject the idea of “spring” into your wedding decor, wooden furniture will be enough. However, to make the outdoor wooden furniture setting look perfect, you can decorate it with some lovely greenery wrapped around the backs of the chairs or arms. This will help you add synchronicity to your wedding details. That said, you can also, for sure, include wooden furniture ideas even if you’re throwing an indoor wedding. You can have vintage wooden furniture for your reception party! Apart from this, you can also choose to have a lovely selection of wooden chairs for your wedding ceremony! The wedding ceremony chairs you can add balloons to each chair, maybe use ribbons or even some string lights to make it look absolutely stunning. You can also add candles on the aisle instead of an aisle runner to draw attention to your lovely vintage furniture!

  1. Bring in the Lights 

The last idea that we have for you on our list is as simple as lovely light decor ideas! However, before we move forward with our ideas, we want to remind you that for the perfect spring wedding look, you will need to remember that your wedding light decor will be a complementing element to the other decor ideas. That said, you can use dainty candles, vintage candlesticks, and string lights to add a warm glow to your wedding. What’s more, you can also include string lights in your overhead installations. Other than this, you can also use some more things, like some lovely lanterns with candles in them or a bundle of string lights. If you love the idea of floating flowers for your wedding ceremony, then you can also pair it with a ceiling of lights, which is pretty easy to create with string lights to amp up your wedding ceremony decor. Another idea that you can use for your wedding is to use string lights with the lovely drapes you’d have for your wedding as well! What’s more, to build upon your wedding’s colors, themes, and decor, you can use different colors. String lights come in a variety of colors, you can choose the type that is perfect for your wedding theme.

One More Idea Before We Go 

Now that we have listed out all the ideas that we feel are great for you, let’s talk about one more idea which is not really a “spring” type of idea, but we love it regardless. And call us optimistic or even ambitious for trying to make it work for a spring wedding, but we will like to tell you that it is possible! Now, the idea that we have can be tweaked, we’ll get into that a little later. So, the idea involves an outdoor space in your wedding venue, some empty frames, and a large space to showcase it! You can choose frames in only two colors and create a wall out of these by placing them on a string wall. The reason why we suggest a string wall is that it allows you to incorporate some of the beauty of nature. Or you can use colors that complement your wedding colors and are brighter as well. To add more charms to the wall of empty frames, you can add some lovely decorative paper decor. Apart from this, you can also use vintage frames or even vintage mirrors for your wedding decor! This will help you to improve your wedding’s look. Lastly, as we had suggested with the arbors, you can also use a few of your photos in the frames or just add a bunting string and clip some of your photos with it. Another idea is to use drapes in an outdoor space and hang empty frames to add a whimsical touch to your wedding ideas.

With that, we have come to an end with our wedding ideas for today! We hope that these ideas help you to choose the kind of wedding decor that works for you. The ideas we mentioned above are good as stand-alone ideas and can also be used by using all or some of the ideas you love from our list together. That said, if you’re looking to throw a minimal wedding with spring colors, then you can use a white and ivory color scheme with a pop color, and add more color to your minimal wedding with the help of cocktail drinks and the food you have at your wedding. Sure enough, it may sound like a big task, but after the first few ideas, you will see that planning a wedding like that is going to be a blast. You can infuse colors with foods and drinks to amplify your wedding decor. What’s more, the color of Halloween cocktail drinks along with the color of your wedding menu will help you get there. We hope our blog post helps you dress up your wedding venue in the colors and decor ideas you’d love. We will also like to remind you that when you’re planning your wedding, remember to pay attention to the entire look, instead of just a few aspects. Additionally, we hope our blog and ideas help you inspire your own ideas for amazing decor ideas!

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