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Ways To Upgrade Your Engagement Ring!

Starting a life with the love of your life brings tremendous joy, love, and hope. Although most of us tend to think of the wedding day as the start of a new life, we have a different opinion. Before your beautiful wedding day, you will have your lovely engagement and it will set the stage for your life as a married couple. To us, right after the proposal, and after them asking you, “will you marry me?” and after you say yes, the moment signifies the beginning of a lifetime of happiness, and this is where we feel your new chapter in life begins! And one of the key markers during this time will be your engagement ring. We don’t mean to say that your engagement ring is more important than your wedding ring. But to be honest, to us, both of these rings are symbols of love, happiness, and a commitment to love. And since your engagement ring is so significant, it only makes sense for you to love it. However, as time goes by, you may want to upgrade your ring, not because you’re not happy with it, but because of other reasons. If you’re thinking of engagement ring upgrades, when should you think about it, or even, is an engagement ring upgrade for me, then we have just the thing for you! This blog will dive into a variety of things you may think of and ask yourself when it comes to engagement ring upgrades. From why may you need an engagement ring to upgrade to what kind of upgrades will work for you, we have it all! So, without much further ado, let’s dive in!

Why do you need an engagement upgrade?

To be honest, most couples consider an engagement ring upgrade because they feel that it is time to switch it up. One of the most common reasons to have an engagement ring upgrade is that your style, personal style has changed. It is a common reason because as we grow, our lifestyles change and so do our preferences. Since your engagement is a sign of your love, it only makes sense for you to improve it and make it a part of your life by adding some more details to it. Apart from this, sometimes, some couples buy an engagement ring as per the budget they have, at the moment. However, this could also mean that some couples may have to buy a ring they are not really happy with only because they are on a budget. So, if you have some cash to spend and you’re sure of the ring you need, then you may want to upgrade your engagement ring as well! Other than this, whether your engagement ring needs upgrades (because of repairs and such) or you just want to, you should not stress yourself out. If your budget and lifestyle allow you to get an upgrade, go ahead and get it. It is your ring, and you get to decide what works for you, and if you need an upgrade to it.

When is the right time to think about upgrading your engagement ring?

Your engagement ring becomes a part of your life, and rightfully so. The ring on your finger signifies the beginning of a journey in your life, and your love blossoming from lovers to life partners. And because of this, your ring will not only be important to you but also become priceless. However, being priceless does not mean it cannot be beautiful, intricately designed, and expensive! An engagement ring can be anything, for you and your partner. However, if your life changes, your tastes change, or if you decide to renew your vows because you felt like it, then you should know that you can upgrade your engagement ring to make it look like your dream engagement ring. If you’re confused about when to upgrade your engagement ring, but you know you want to, then here are some moments you can choose to switch up the style and upgrade it!

  1. On an anniversary. Our personal favorite is a decade, two decades, or a number that is significant to you.
  2. On your or on your partner’s birthday.
  3. As a celebration of a milestone.
  4. And as we said earlier, during a vow renewal ceremony!

Well, apart from these points above, we’d like to tell you something more. In our opinion, anytime you feel like you need an upgrade to your ring is a good time to do it! You’re most likely to be happier than ever with your partner, and you’ll most probably want to celebrate your love for each other when you start thinking about an upgrade! We listed out some key moments to help you choose a great time. However, that does not mean you have to wait for a moment to upgrade it! You can upgrade your engagement ring, and celebrate that moment as well! The choice is yours because it is your ring, and it signifies the love you and your partner share!

Ways to Upgrade your Engagement Ring 

Now that we have discussed briefly when you can upgrade your engagement ring, let’s talk about how to go about it. There are many ways to upgrade your engagement ring, and we’re here to discuss only the ones that are doable and just amazing! Consider the following points as your stepping stones to a better engagement ring, or as a set of ideas to help you find your “perfect” ring!

Before you start, know this first… 

One of the first things to remember is that when you decide to upgrade your engagement ring, you should know “why” you’re doing it. For example, you could decide to renew your vows and want your engagement ring to look different, or you could choose to switch up the style because your style preferences have changed over the years. In all of these cases, the ideas and the decision to change some elemental parts of your engagement ring will be different. Hence, you should think about why you want to upgrade it. This will help you make better decisions and allow you to choose lovely designs for your ring.

And the second thing we want you to remember before upgrading your engagement ring is to get an appraisal for your engagement ring. An appraisal will help clarify a lot of doubts for you. This should be done before you decide to hop into a store and upgrade the ring. The reason why we recommend getting an appraisal for your engagement ring is to help you understand the “current” value of your ring, along with helping you figure out what can be done. Because, see, sometimes the ideas of amazing details that you will add to your ring may look impressive on paper and sound amazing in theory, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these ideas will materialize the way you want them to. Sometimes, no matter how many elements and designs you add, along with the stones you want to add, the ring does not look as you expect it to. And then, you will need to get a new one; for that, you will need an appraisal. So, getting your ring appraised first will help you to know how much your ring will fetch you, which will help you understand how much you can spend just in case you need to get a new ring instead of the old one.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s talk about the different ways you can have your ring upgraded!

  1. Design a Few Elements for the Ring

One of the best ideas in the book is to design some amazing designs for your old ring! A great way to upgrade is to use some more gemstones, diamonds, or even metal to add new charms to the ring. Of course, your engagement ring is going to be essentially the same, but you can always add new elements to make it look absolutely different. One of the ideas that we absolutely love is to merge your wedding ring with the engagement ring! This way, you can have one ring that signifies both of the days to you. However, that’s not all, you can choose to add metals or pieces of other jewelry to make your ring perfect. For example, if you have wedding earrings, smaller ones, and you don’t intend to wear them again, you can have the earrings dismembered and use the prettiest pieces for your ring! Using different jewelry pieces and adding some parts to your engagement ring not only helps you keep the bits that you love from an old piece of jewelry but also helps you create something new! We’d like to remind you that the reason this point takes the first spot is to help you understand the different options. Most of the next options will be standalone options, with some ideas to help you achieve the effect or the idea for your engagement ring upgrade.

  1. Replace the Diamond 

If you’re simply looking to increase the value of your engagement ring, whether it is due to more money in the bank or for other reasons, then you can consider getting a new diamond! Instead of purchasing a new ring, you can simply have the diamond replaced. You can look into the kind of diamond you want for your ring, it will depend on the budget and the cut you’d prefer. Remember, the cut, however, will depend on the kind of diamond your ring can house. However, in some cases, if the jeweler is skilled enough, they can change the kind of cut of diamond you can use by changing some elements of the ring! That said, if you’re looking to replace the diamond on your engagement ring, then make sure that you understand how to purchase new diamonds. Additionally, the diamond you have removed can either be used to pay for a part of your new diamond’s price or can be brought back, stored, and used whenever you want to.

  1. Use more Diamonds or Gemstones 

This idea goes hand-in-hand with the idea we mentioned before! Now, the thing is, you can either use this ring upgrade idea as a standalone idea or use it to improve a new ring with the ideas we mention! So, now that we have that said, let’s talk about the ideas, shall we? One of the best ideas that we have is to use gemstones! Now, you can use clear gemstones, pearls, or even colored gemstones to add more colors and details to your ring! Now, the clear gemstone idea is a great one if you’re looking to make your ring look better, but your budget is a little tight making buying more diamonds for your ring a little difficult. If you’re careful with buying the gemstones, you can even get your hands on gems that look like diamonds in the light! However, for those who are either pro diamonds or no diamonds, we have more ideas! Gemstones, especially colored diamonds are one of our favorites! You can choose a color scheme for your engagement ring upgrade or maybe, even look for a couple of colors that you love and look for gemstones in those colors! You can have an upgrade with a new ring of gemstones around the diamond of your engagement ring!

  1. Using Old Jewelry! 

One of the best ideas that we love is to use some of your old jewelry for your engagement ring upgrade idea! A great way to get your ring upgrade right is to use some interesting touches by using old jewelry. We love old jewelry pieces, simply because they are extremely beautiful. Old jewelry pieces have an interesting regal-Esque aesthetic to them, which always adds a beautiful touch to your modernistic engagement ring! If you have some family heirloom jewelry pieces at hand, you can probably have a jeweler look at them and ask for their help to improve your engagement ring! Apart from this, you can also use some of the jewelry pieces that you do not use anymore. For example, if you have a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or even another ring that you do not use anymore, then you can use these to add more details to your engagement ring. Another reason to love this idea is that you don’t have to spend money apart from the making charges your jeweler will use!

  1. Choose to have a Surprise Diamond Ring

One of the best ways to accentuate the beauty of your engagement ring and have fun with an upgrade is to come up with an interesting “surprise diamond ring idea. Now, surprise diamond rings are exceptionally beautiful, there are no two ways about it. One of the most interesting bits about these rings is that they can be designed with one extra diamond and can have multiple gemstones, or one, single diamond, the choice will depend on the design you like and choose. Now, the allure of these surprise diamond rings is that these rings have extra diamonds, or one (depending on the design) and these diamonds are visible only from a particular angle! That being said, you can have the ring designed however you want, you can choose to have the diamond vaulted below the primary diamond, or have multiple gemstones positioned on the side of the setting space of the diamond. Another lovely idea that we love is to place small gemstones, or even diamonds, on the sides of the ring, this will give you a diamond in the center and a diamond or gemstone-encrusted band!

  1. Add a Halo, or Double! 

Another way to add charms to your engagement ring is to add a halo to it. Now, you may have a ring with a gemstone or a diamond in the center, or you may have a ring with a single halo. In both of these cases, you can add a halo to the mix to make your diamond ring look better and more beautiful. If you already have a halo, then you can add one more to add some extra charms. However, if you don’t have a ring with a halo, you can add a couple of halos to make it look perfect. Additionally, you can choose to play around with colors. For example, if you can draw inspiration from some of your fondest memories with your partner. You can choose your wedding day’s color scheme, you could choose some colors from your favorites, or use a single color that means something to you. The reason why we love adding halos as an idea for engagement ring upgrades is that the options are truly limitless. You can use some of the wedding elements or decor ideas to draw some inspiration for your engagement ring upgrades.

Bonus: Add Some Script, Impressive Details, or Both! 

Now, we love a good ring, be it an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or just a piece of jewelry. However, we know that if you’re looking for an upgrade apart from the ring being something similar to the original or a new one, you will want it to be meaningful. Now, there are two ideas that we love, obviously apart from the ones we have mentioned above. The ideas mentioned above are more of what you can do to the ring. The two ideas that we will discuss now are something that you can add to your rings along with using one of the ideas above, or you can use these ideas simply as standalone ideas. That said, a meaningful upgrade in our books does not discount the others above, they are lovely and impressive in their own right. However, for you to add some personal touches to the ring that you have, we have something more! Firstly, you can add some script to your rings, or use some gemstones, jewels, or stones you find while you’re on your honeymoon.

Well, if you’re adding some script to your engagement ring, you can choose to use important dates that signify something to you. We love engraved rings, and when you add dates or choose a date that is close to your heart, it makes your engagement ring upgrade even lovelier! But the date is not all that you can add to the ring, you can also choose to add a few lines, short ones of course, to the inside of your ring’s band. These could be short Latin phrases that signify a day or symbolize your love for your partner. Apart from this, you can also use some symbols. For example, if you love the symbol of peace, or have something in mind which is close to your heart, you can have that engraved too! As for something from your honeymoon, this idea works only when you buy some pretty gemstone, a diamond, or any other precious stone from your honeymoon destination. If you’ve been shopping on your honeymoon, or a precious gemstone caught your eye on your honeymoon, and you bought it without knowing what to do with it, you can use that stone or a few precious stones for your engagement ring upgrade! This will not only serve as an element for your ring upgrade but will also give you something with a memory attached to it! Both of these ideas can be paired with the other ideas on our list.

The Takeaway 

The engagement ring upgrade discussion is quite simple. If you feel that your ring needs an upgrade, because of general wear and tear of the ring or because you feel like it, remember that it is a good enough reason. Always remember, your ring is a symbol of your love and your commitment, and just like everything else in your life as partners, the decision falls on you! You can use the ideas above as inspiration, or use these ideas to upgrade your engagement ring to make it look like a beauty! There is no limit to what you can do to your engagement ring! And if you want, you can have a designer help you pick out the right diamonds for your ring and help you design the best possible type of ring for you!

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